Visiting Our Amish Farmers

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Just as we did last year, today we visited those who grow the food we eat. We're part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) and once a year they invite all the members to join them to tour the farm, eat some veggies and pie, and hang out. The kids love it and today was no exception. They got to play on the hay bails, ride in a buggy cart pulled by ponies, and ride a pony as well.

They had all kinds of peppers.

Surprisingly, Devon actually took a few bites of a Jalapeño!

I was eating while picking. So good!

It's all organic. All natural.

One of these horses was huge!

Edit: I forgot to add this to the original post, but I took a quick video of my daughter Aria riding a pony as well. :)

Action shot with Devon jumping!

I wish I could describe just how juciy the raddishes and turnips were as part of the lunch we had. It almost seemed like a fruit! Fresh food is the best food. They had been harvested about an hour before we ate them.

This year it was COLD, but we still had a great time. I hope you're enjoying the weekend with loved ones as well and you enjoy these pictures.

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Haha, actually, we can sell these food in steemit, pay with sbd. This will become steem ecommerce platform.


Ive thought the same for products i intend to create. Steemit for farmers ftw!

Mad respect for the Amish. It's really awesome to be able to meet the people that sustain your life! I thought about doing the same for a quarter cow we would like to buy.

Great to introduce your kids as well

That is awesome, gotta eat the real deal food as much as possible. My parents live in an Amishy area in SW WI. I can't remember when I've had a turnip.

It takes work to find real deal food, but well worth the effort. It has become much easier to do so here in Utah over the last few years. Well done with the report. :)

Awesome stuff, Im in Georgia and we don't have many Amish here. But we have the next best thing Mennonites. We go to the U pick farms as much as we can, specially during Strawberry time.

Guau wonderfull place for buy your vegetables and for took a smile from our big cities i think if you visited this place your life change completely, i love the peppers harvest.
As an lovely foraging, i love get and harvest the food.
Best regard @galberto

Good farm good luck sir

How absolutely incredible, wonderful to see people with great family values - truly excellent post. That made my night!

family and mental tranquility are things that have to be in the first place. I congratulate you friend, excellent post.

You always do a good job, my friend, I congratulate you.

Siempre haces un buen trabajo amigo, te felicito.

Taking a trip back to the early settler times must be terrific, That is how food tasted before exhaust gas poluted the atmosphere. Problem is, how long would iit take to go to the boardwalk, mud streeted, town for shopping? How could the kids survive without phones and the web, how would we communicate without steemit?

amigo @lukestokes, me alegra que hayan disfrutado su dia en esas tierras, creo que vi por alli berenjenas, mi post de hoy fue sobre la berenjena, te invito a visitar mi blog. Gracias por compartir tus experiencias. saludos y bendiciones...


Lo siento, en realidad no soy fanático de la berenjena. :)


jajaja, yo tampoco lo era hasta que aprendí a prepararla y que ricas me quedan. Gracias por el apoyo!

Great thing to do with the kids Luke! Love your website too about understanding blockchain freedom. Taking the kids to the farm is such a special experience. Hopefully the got tired out and slept like logs!!

nice picture thank for sharing you were really enjoyed your moment

Heaven on earth does exist.

Man all that looks delicious and like a lot of fun! Makes me want to run to the grocery store, but know it wont taste the same as when it is that fresh.

If one more person tells me I look Amish I'm going to get down off this horse and buggy and kick their pictures please


All jokes aside......this is pretty cool! Upvoted!!!

Good photos, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Looks like you guys had a great time. Food looks delicious. Thanks for the post. 🐓🐓

it seems like such a fun day out in the farm! those peppers and radish look so fresh and like u say juicy!

I went to a strawberry garden in Mahabaleshwar. It was amazing to be eating fresh berries :)

I just love to see posts like this. People need to get more involved with what they eat. Support local farmers and plant a garden if you have the room.

“Create a world we all want to live in.” That’s a great sentiment.

All photos are awesome, its really a nice step to meet the farmers.

Cheers Luke! I envy you and your country once more. Here nobody knows how their food is produced, and everybody hopes it is at least okay and in safe conditions, but on yourr side it seems really healthy. You are doing such a nice thing going with your kids too at the farm and in such interesting places, this helps them develop. I just wait for your next post. Have a nice day!

My heartiest thanks to those farmers... Farming using scientific method and using organic manuare are really appreciable.... Thanks for giving the chance to view such a attractive cultivation...

They got to play on the hay bails, ride in a buggy cart pulled by ponies, and ride a pony as well.

The life...😊😊

Nice photos you gat here
You took them with your phone or a camera?

this is cool are those tomatoes in the green house?

the horses look muscular, is it the breed or the way are fed.

here almost everybody have a farm or a small garden except in cities that are filled with industries and houses

these are beautiful pictures.

:) really good posting !!!

LOVE seeing posts like this!

The simple sustainable life really is a good one. Thanks for sharing this.

Are you coming to SteemFest? Would love to meet you!


I sure am! I'm looking forward to connecting.

I can eat the grown vegetables right away and I think children will learn a lot in that environment.

and that is amish area? Do they welcome visitors? and are they theirselves in sight than. May be silly questions, but here we do not have amish at all, and i really admire their lifestyle, i do not like the way they believe , but the way of living is outstanding. What a lovely day you must have had, and your food looks indeed very juicy. Nothing as nice as just harvest veges . :-) Made me think about my granddads tomatoes, not ever one tomato tasted like the ones from my granddad. Just ate them like apples, ohw man hmmmmmm

What an amazing community initiative.
I try to accept any invitation that involves the promise of pie 😋