#fantasystory writing contest - part #2

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Greetings my fellow Steemians!

I am behind schedule with this contest because I was sick as a dog. But, here I am back up and running! Here is part #2. Entry rules are in the end.
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The Idea
Make a fantasy book that is going to be a collaborative effort of willing Steemit authors and not just writers but also illustrators and whatever else type of author that is going to be needed. My idea is that this is going to be a full-blown fantasy book with not just story but also illustrations and maps as every fantasy book should be. Each week I will post at least one contest and the winner work of each contest is going to be incorporated in the book.

So far, I have come up with ways to fund reward pool so each winner will receive a reward of 5 SBD. Also, I would like to sponsor each entry with one @steembasicincome share but that is still in the works ( haven't found yet an optimal way to fund that). In case that I manage to fund higher prizes the already paid winners will get backpays on their prizes because it is only fair.

There is no need to upvote, resteem or anything like that. But never the less, feel free to do it. If you like this idea of mine, I advise you to follow me so you can be up to date with everything that is going on.
Each entry must be made in form of a post, and the first tag on the post must be #fantasystory.
After the post is made you need to put down a comment with the link to it in the contest post.
Winner of each contest will be chosen by engagement on their post and comment and by how much I like their work.
Each contest is going to be open until payout of the contest post.
By entering the contest each author gives me permission to use their work in whichever manner with the obligation that they will be credited for it.

Part #2 contest

Here is the winner of the first contest.Just carry on with the story. Make sure that you are following outlines of character that are set in the first contest winner. Everything else is up to you. Develop the story however you like it. Work needs to be at least 500 words long.

So guys, bust out those quills and inkwells and get this rolling!!


Tnx for your entry!

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My entry. Worked really hard on it. I enjoy participating in this project https://steemit.com/fantasystory/@spalatino/dakkara-future-written-in-blood