Rastaban Dragon Skull Resin cast- Cleanup and paint

in fantasy •  7 months ago

These beauties are available for order- Check out my post here or skip straight to the order form

Today I'm going to share my process of cleaning and painting Rastaban's skull.
I've been livestreaming this process of Instagram lyntonlevengood and you can keep up with the latest there.

I skulpted the skull in 3D using Zbrush: my most favourite program of all time!

I also did a paint- over to show what he would have looked like.

The 3d Model was printed by Jarryd Muir of Polymuir, go check out his Instagram
He did a 3D print, moulded and then cast the skull in resin.
Photo by Polymuir- The 3d Print

Photo by Polymuir- The resin cast.

My cast cleaned up and ready to go. There are often little seams and flakes of resin overspill but it its very easy to clean off. You can use sand paper, a toothbrush, or even an exacto knife to remove and smooth down ridges. I used my wife @simplylizelle's Dremel tool. The horn was glued on using an epoxy glue but normal craft glue/ crazy glue/ quickstet glue/ glue-yourself-together-glue also works. I tooled down the area around the horn to get it to fit just perfectly.

The pure resin absorbs a lot of paint. For this reason I coated it with a base coat of Multisurface Primer.

The undercoat is also a well known method of hiding any remaining seams.

I then proceeded to paint it with a light brown color moving to darker colors to mimic what a fossil would look like.

And there you have it

Here is the link again to the order form should you like ot have a look. The skulls sell for $55 each with different shipping options available.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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This is so EPIC! It reminds me of the monsters on the new Monster hunter, World game.
The pain job look super realistic as well! You have quite the talent!


Thanks very much! A few people have said that it reminds them of Monster Hunter. Maybe I will get to play it some day, sounds like my kind of game ;)

Beautiful !

Truly masterfully crafted, my eyes are salivating !


Thanks very much :)

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Wow, really cool shape and amazing paint job. I'm curious, what type of 3D printer was used and what brand of paint? Thanks!


I'm not sure about the printer but the paint was normal Winsor and Newton acrylic paint.

You have such amazing skill.


Dankie Ma :)

the detail on the dragon heads is insane! Gorgeous work :D


Thanks so much :)

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