The Steem FIFA Fantasy League starts in 17 hours!

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Reminder that the first game starts on Thursday, June 14th between Russia and Saudi Arabia!

You still have time to create your Fantasy Team by clicking here and join the Steem Fantasy League under this code:

8NSPI9QC or this address!

This is also a last reminder to join the @blocktrades World Cup Tournament!

The announcement post can be found here and an example on how to write the post to enter it!

So far 139 Steemians have joined the Fantasy League!

This is how the rewards are divided among the top 10 Winners!

All SBD earned from the posts about the Fantasy League will be collected in the pool!

1st place receives 40% of the prize pool
2nd place receives 15%
3rd place receives 10%
4th place receives 8%
5th place receives 7%
6th place receives 6%
7th place receives 5%
8th place receives 4%
9th place receives 3%
10th place receives 2%

Good luck to all participants and may the best managers win! Let's hope it will be an amazing World Cup!

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Registration closed for the League at 213 Managers!


2 Managers have snuck in in the meantime, this is why it was important to leave a comment with your team name in this or the previous post. Managers that have not done so won't be eligible for rewards if they are placed in the top 10 and the rewards will instead go for the next player in line.


Ohhh man don't tell my I'm too late ! That's why you check Steemit daily !!
After a poor finish in the EPL Fantasy , I do hope I can do a better showing here :D

Hi @acidyo, still waiting for you to join “SBC Fantasy League”

And everyone is welcome to join.
Don't forget to comment your fantasy team name in the main post so that I can track you, and reward you.


Joined! Thanks for the reminder!


Thank you and cheerrs.......


Most welcome to@acidyo sir..


Thank you very interesting post boss..


This is for everyone or SBC members only?


This is for everyone.

Cannot wait until tomorrow. While the opening game isn't so appealing I will still watch it! As football fans we are a little bit obliged to do this!
I do expect the first surprise of the tournament and I don't see Russia winning!

Let the best team win!


Yeah I'm planning on watching it as well. :D


Thank for you and most welcome@acidyo sir.
Good morning boss...

The moment that we all having been waiting for is here, football is one of the best thing that has ever happen to the world. Am so happy that my country made it to the world #nigeria 🇳🇬 We are going for the glory! Congratulations to you guys if your country made it to Russia!
For the World Cup #fantasy am coming for you!!! Great post @acidyo

this is going to be good! I have no clue what I am doing, I hardly know any of the names of these guys :) #goingforthewin

my teamname americangoal

Nice, I'm in. My team is "full-measure".

I re-steemed to try to help a little. Thanks for running this, should be fun!

it is so beautiful it sounds convincing to me.

Yeah we ready to go. Just joined

Thank you Acid!

Wow.... This is a nice development. I love fantasy football and I'll try as much as possible to enter the tournament. Thanks for the opportunity

You are really so great man@acidyo sir.
Thank for sharing this blog.
Best of luck..

This post is very fantasy.i like it post.
Best of luck..

seems interesting ..gonna join it

Still tweaking my team, it's usually so hard to pick 15 players.

Cavani Lewandowski and Lukaku make up my front 3 for now.
Cavani has some good fixtures but might have to share points with Suarez, Lewandowski has been lethal in front of goal for his country so should do great with some kind fixtures too. Belgium is dark horses with loads of talent and with Hazard playing from the wings but classified as a forward, going with Lukaku in the first 2 rounds of fixtures is a no-brainer.

I can still make some more adjustments though, James Rodrigues of Colombia, Erickson of Denmark and Meza of Brazil are my popular midfield picks for now.

I might bring in Willian from Brazil as he plays on the right hand of Brazil's 3 man attack and much cheaper than Coutinho who has been pushed deeper due to Neymar's return to the starting 11. Arhhhhhh one just cant have them all...i also want Messi and Ronaldo, i heard there is a cheat that enables one own 25 players lol?

My fantasy team username luisveco88


Yay. This is so exciting.
Been waiting for this for so long.
Thanks @acidyo and @blocktrades for making these awesome contests.

Quick question @acidyo do we pick a different roster for every round of round robin so 3 different times? Or is it the same team throughout the round robin?

Checkout the announcement post

Definitely one of the coolest competitions on Steemit!

This is my first time playing Fantasy league. Once I selected players, I can't change them? BTW Did I registered properly? My team name: Wizards

Sounds interesting, well what is the total amount of Rewards pool buddy ?


Ah, edited that in, its all the SBD that is collected from these posts.


Ohk, thanks for clearing my doubt.

Excelente idea @acidyo, listo mi fantasy, nombre de usuario: vikinga10

Best of luck to you with your entry! I know this has serious interest among the Steemian population.

hola excelente idea ya cree mi fantasy, nombre:teamica

i joined and its looking amazing open my place in top 10 thanks xD

already joined the league with team name “Nepal”, waiting eagerly for the world cup.
GO France Go....

I just joined under 'howtostartateam'

Thank you for the contest! Are you ready to lose? Cuz my Dream Team is in Smash mode!


Also, my team name is "The Dream Team"

@acidyo Which team is your ultimate champion?

An endless summer with Worldcup2018 ...
4 years we have been living in the biggest tournament atmosphere in the world

So excited to be a part of it this time. Do i need to do anything extra or just to sit and watch as things unfold?


After you have entered the league and written down your team name in the post, you just wait. :)


Owk i thought as much...


Hope you're using to playing fantasy football. Don't abandon your players after the first round lol.


This is my first time, but i think @acidyo will put me through


I'll be sitting on the corner to give you a helping hand too.

Finally I figured out how to participate. I hope in the top 10 I'll get :) Good luck to you and Love.

Наконец-то я разобрался, как принять участие. Надеюсь, в топ 10 попаду:) Удачи Вам и Любви.

My Fantasy team: HD-picks

Joined, team "Go'n'Fight!"

My Fantasy team: Cromaniacs

Hey @Acidyo, I just joined in last night. You probably noticed that already but just in case, my username over there is GuyFawkes420 and the team is called Anarchy. Cheers for the league, this is fun. ;)

One of the most awaited match will be among spain and portugal! Ronaldo vs Ramos

just joined with name ... polorace

joined with the name americangoal

hey this is my entery name uskickers

If only I could find my way to Russia

I have been dreaming nigeria would come first....Please I said dream, don't eat me

@acidyo thanks for the idea of the blocktrade contest... Hoping to be part of those that will swing on the pool 2000sbd.


Thank for sharing..

I am looking forward to it. I hope more people will participate. There are two more hours. I resteemed this article. Thank you.

Awesome! :D my team is "Thousand Sunny".

I'm participating My team: "AutInf_Team". Resteem so that more participate.

Congratulations @acidyo!
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Hi @acidyo ,, Why after entering the verification code sent to email, I can not login too ,?
Please explain, but I really hope to join in this contest ..

Love this fantasy game... Very interesting one, I spent hours due to net Problem... Before I could Finally got my submission saved . ... I learn one things in this game, use what you have currently to get the best of your want... It's fantasy but make sense... I just did post my team selection now... Thx for this game @acidyo

Brazil will be the 2018 world champion in Russia according to my prediction.

I sneaked in... mmmh... I'm late... no price for me, but it's ok.
Ciao ciao