McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy | Join "SBC Fantasy League" to Win upto 13SBD

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A most awaited sporting event: Fifa World Cup is just 6 days away as I write this post. And it was after a long wait, McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy has been launched. Make your WorldFantasy Team now, and join "SBC Fantasy" league today.

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The World Cup is the most celebrated sporting event, and World Cup fantasy adds more fun to it. If you have previously played any of World Cup, Euro Cup, FPL, etc, you must be familiar with how it works. Even if you are a beginner, it's very easy, and you will learn very quickly. All you need is a passion towards football. I will review briefly how you can make a team. To know more in details, please check in official page.

Team Selection:

Get ready for your team selection. You need to have 15 players on your team: 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. You can only have 3 players from a single national team.


For each round, your team will have 11 players to start with 1 goalkeeper, 4 bench player(including 1 GK), and a captain whose points will be doubled.

Following are the valid formation for playing 11.


Breakdown by position

PositionNo of players in 15No of Players in Playing 11
Defender5minimum 3 to max 5
Midfielder5minimum 3 to max 5
Striker3minimum 1 to max 3


You will start with an initial budget of €100 million. For knockout stages or after round of 16, the budget will increase to €105 million.

Player Pricing

The players are priced based on their position, and their expected performance. The player price won't change during the group stages but will change before the knock out stage.


There are 2 kinds of substitution: Manager substitution, and automatic substitution.

  1. Manager substitution:
    Before the round is over, and after matches for a day is played, you can make substitute your player (Unless sent off) in playing 11 with a bench player who is yet to play. Also, you can change your captain(Unless sent off) with a player who hasn't played. An unlimited number of manager substitution can be made.

  2. Automatic substitution:
    If you haven't made any "Manager Substitution/ Captain change", automatic substitutions will take place at the end of the Round. A nonplaying player in your playing 11 will be substituted with a player from the bench, while captain with vice-captain.


Following is the breakdown of the number of transfers you can make in different rounds. You will be deducted 4 points for each additional transfer than below. The final includes the final and the third-place match.

RoundNumber of transfer
Before group stageUnlimited
group stage1 Per Round
Between-group stage and Round of 16Unlimited
Before Quarter-finals3
Before semi-finals5
Before finals5


If you play Fantasy Premier League(FPL), you might be aware of different chips that were introduced a couple seasons ago, and these chips are a game changer if you use it wisely. McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy includes following chips excluding wildcard.

  1. Maximum Captain: The highest scoring player from your final XI becomes the captain
  2. Bench Boost: You get the points for all 15 players, not just your starting XI


There are different ways, players in your team will score for your fantasy team. It is pretty same as FPL.

Playing in a game(less than 60 mins)1
Playing at least 60 minutes in a game2
Goal scored by a GK or defender6
Goal scored by a Mid5
Goal scored by a Striker4
For each assist3
Cleansheet-Goalkepper (must play at least 60 minutes)4
Cleansheet-Defender (must play at least 60 minutes)4
Cleansheet-Midfielder(must play at least 60 minutes)1
Earning a penalty**2
Conceding a penalty**-1
Penalty miss-2
Penalty save by Goalkepper5
For every two goals conceded( for a goalkeeper or defender)-1
Yellow card-1
Red card (includes yellow card deduction)-3
Every three saves made by a goalkeeper1
Own goal scored-2

McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy Prizes

Besides the fun, there are big prizes to win. The best finisher in the overall leaderboard and each round will win the prizes.

Overall Leaderboard

Global PositionPrizes
First Place1 brand new Kia Sportage, Captain's armband from World Cup winning team, 1 copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 18 for PS4.
Second Place1 Hisense television, Captain's armband from World Cup runner-up team, 1 copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 18 for PS4
Third Place1 Fully completed Panini sticker album, Captain's armband from World Cup runner-up team, 1 copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 18 for PS4

SBC Fantasy Prizes:

13 SBD is up for grab. 5 SBD is sponsored by SBC. 8 SBD is from my side. Out of 13 SBD, 10 SBD will be divided among the top 3 Fantasy Manager in overall leaderboard. 3 SBD will be distributed to 2 SBC whitelisted managers who finish top of the overall table. The prize is subject to change if I could get more sponsors.

Overall SBC Fantasy PositionPrizes
First Place5 SBD
Second Place3 SBD
Third Place2 SBD

SBC Fantasy Special Prize for whitelisted members

SBC Whitelisted Manager PositionPrizes
First Place2 SBD
Second Place1 SBD


  1. One Fantasy Team per person is allowed in the league.
  2. Your Steemit Account must have reputation of 40.
  3. Create you Fantasy Team going to this link:
  4. Join the "SBC Fantasy" league using this link:CLOSED
  5. You must comment you World Cup Fantasy Team Name for the valid entry. If you are SBC whitelisted member, please mention it.
  6. If you don't fulfill any of above requirements, I won't consider you in overall standing of[SBC Fantasy League.
  7. Upvote and resteem is optional but much appreciated.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

Call For Sponsor

If you like what I am doing, please help me increase the prize SBD. Please up vote the post with maximum voting power. Also if you are interested in being a sponsor, simply comment below or discord me (lawlees#6547).

Introducing SBC

SBC is the sports betting community in Steemit. If you want to become part of the SBC community, feel free to visit the discord channel:


Team name : Foot-Abix

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I'm in!!! team name: full-measure

Good luck to everyone and I plan to keep my eyes glued to the competition! 👀😎👀👀

Thank you for joining the league, and good luck to you. Hoping for the great competition.

Team Name: TheAustrianGuysSquad

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-14 um 06.59.35.png

Good luck to everybody :)

Thanks for entering into the contest, and good luck. I hope Austria qualifies for 2022.

@lawlees i have submitted. My Team is Enya

Great contest.

Thank you @edgarf1979. I hope you would consider entering into the contest.

Submitted! My team name is "Probisvjeti"

Thanks for joining "SBC Fantasy League", and good luck with the contest. If anyone you know will be interested in joining, please spread this messages

I can't see you in league. Please click this link to join: SBC Fantasy League"

Done! My username of SBC Fantasy League is "stalexmkl" and my Fantasy team name is "Probisvjeti". Here is a snapshot of my user account:

Fantasy Team is JMehta

Thanks for joining "SBC Fantasy League", and good luck with the contest. If anyone you know will be interested in joining, please spread this messages

Great contest! I have subscribed with team name 'Il Victum'

Thanks for joining "SBC Fantasy League", and good luck with the contest. If anyone you know will be interested in joining, please spread this messages

I can't see you in league. Please use this lilnk to join SBC Fantasy League"

Resteemed upvoted

My team is: appleteam

Thanks @apple96 for joining "SBC Fantasy League", and good luck with the contest. If anyone you know will be interested in joining, please spread this messages

just join!! Team name is The Nation Of StepBi

Thank you @stepbie for joining "SBC Fantasy League", and good luck with the contest. If anyone you know will be interested in joining, please spread this messages

for sure man!

Oh wow.
I am going to create my fantasy team soon.
I am a huge football fan :)

Thank you @aniketmore1925, and looking forward to see you in the contest. Also, I would appreciate if you could spread the message to anyone you know who will be interested in joining.

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excellent tournament, vey good

Love to see this kinda thing on steemit. I joined the league (Ljetne Ralice). Looking forward to competing with you guys

I have created my fantasy team.
I have joned the SBC league using league code.

resteemed to all followers
i like what you are ofering here for the football matches
thumps up


Great idea, making sure Steemians are everywhere, especially football lovers. I´m in, my team has no big stars, but is very well balanced for the entire competition.
Join the league guys! You can even win SBD´s!!

I think that Yugoslavia would be the top team on this World Cup. But Yugoslavia is gone in real life, so in Fantasy league my team's name is YUGOSLAVIA ;-)

btw, I'm on the SBC whitelist...

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck managing Yugoslavia. Cheers

Joined, kd troopers is the team name.

Just joined! My team is called IT'S COMING HOME and my username is the same as my Steem username - amosbastian.

Thanks for organising this!

My Team name is "Nepal" thank you

Hello guys !!
i join the league My team name is : Dippa
Thnx for this great contest

My fifa fantasy team name is doctorchungs

Hey I have joined your league. My username is Omstavan and the team name is "Omstavan Man Utd"!

Joined League

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My team is: FC Venezuela

My league name is econom1st.

It looks like there are now 55 participants on the fifa website. But I only see 48 comments for this post. Did not everyone wrote a comment with their name? Or is there another post?

How can I become a white list member?

Yeah there are some people who joined but didn't comment. Those user who didn't comment won't be eligible for the rewards.

visit the discord channel: of SBC, and if you post about sports related post, you will be whitelisted.

Good luck with the contest.

I thought SBC was about Steem betting community?

Anyways in both cases it is kind of an issue because I barely write any posts about these subjects. I do follow at least one of the SBC members.

It is. But lets say that we don't have a real hard requirement!
But currently we do take a look at past blog postings to see, if the blog is at least sports related! We did have to many abusers in the past weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, :)

Yes, as @fullcoverbetting explained, you need to have passion and should post sports related stuff in your blog to be the member of SBC.

Submitted! My team name is "AutInf_Team"

Teamname: Steemyo

Thank you for joining and Good luck :)

Thanks for the reminder in aicdyos post.
I still have to give you the name of my team. It is Fullcover's 11
good luck with the contest!

Cheers @fullcoverbetting, and I believe you gave your team name in another post, and I have noted it.
Thank you and good luck to you too.

Hey there. I saw the link in acidyo's post, so I clicked to join as well. My team name is either Wassup or WassupSM - when I created my team, it said Wassup was taken, but now it shows Wassup as my team name, so I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm in there.


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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Hi. I would really like to join as I'm planning on watching the games with someone from each of the 32 countries.

I'm new to the site so my rep is not yet 40 but as you can see from my output I'm a genuine contributor and would love to join.

I can see that, please join the league. I would consider you as genuine user. Reputation 40 is for discouraging the bots.

Cool. I'm in. "Katie's Quick Hands". Great idea by the way. Bring on the World Cup.

Great contest! My team is ready

Drop you team name for valid entry

The Dream Team

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Joromi's is my fantasy fifa name

Thanks for joining "SBC Fantasy League". If anyone you know will be interested in joining, please spread this messages.

Yes, i will spread the news to all my steemit friend

My team name is "Elektr1ker", good luck everyone!

Team name: Cromaniacs

Can you please check that because this is my first time playing fantasy, so not sure about name. Thanks.

My team name is Lovetaxi005 team.
I am also SBC member, thx!

Team name: Ray147880

i joined with team name SteemManU18

My team and username are both unsungcheese!

Humble apologies for the multiple comments

Humble apologies for the multiple comments

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