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RE: Remember the lady who gave the passionate speech about forced adoption, to the EU committee? Sabine Mceil, but where is she now?

I think the blockchain is going to be our best bet for preservation of information. I posted this yesterday, didn't use the @familyprotection tag because I didn't know if it was appropriate without having a personal story, but it needs to be accessible to the familyprotection team because info is "disappearing" from the internet. Too much work is being lost. Glad you posted this. Here is my article from yesterday:

You may be able to glean some facts and specifics from it too.


That looks a very interesting article and I will find time tonight to have a proper read. Looks like you are enjoying your new lap-top :)

I am enjoying it indeed. Now to catch up on 2 months worth of e-mail that has piled up, but hard to take time from Steemit to do the "boring" stuff. :) I want to put a post together soon on @team-solutions, looks like you are building fast there. Steem on and on and on!!!

I've been very busy lately. Not really getting much sleep these days so may as well do something productive. Please do I have had a couple of folk use the tag and I keep popping onto the profile to find new content to share. Look forward to promoting it :)