Frustration dealing with the Social Security office

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I have family members on SSI

They are required to have a payee. I am the payee to not just one but two family members. But the second family member is a minor and his mother who doesn't have custody keeps going into the Social Security Office interferring with court orders and stopping the kid's check. She lost custody of him over a year ago and his check has been held for over a year.

We thought we finally had this taken care of with a court order

But somehow the bitch woman has done it again. I am so livid that this boy doesn't have all he needs because of this. And on top of it his dad, step mom and him live in income based housing and the SS office has released he is getting his income when he is not. So once again for the 14 month in a row I am sitting at the SS office trying to get this fixed and a letter stating he has not recieved his monies yet. Cause the place they live says they owe more because of the kids check that I have not recieved yet to be able to pay the increase in rent.

This kid has been through too damn much

This kid has been mental and physically abused. He is finally in a safe place but is still being abused by the system. Withholding the kid's monies because of the mother who no longer has custody is allowing his mother to still abuse him. She placed this kid in a mental health place and had him drug for autism. There are no drugs for autism this in and of itself was abuse. When they wouldn't keep him she got complete strangers to take him in promising them the kid's money but then never gave them a dime. They would tell her no you gotta take him back since we are not being paid. When she couldn't find anyone else she finally abandoned him with his father.

It is how he got custody

Mom of said kid was getting his check and not giving it to Dad for their child. So we got a court order to make sure he gets his money. But here we are 14 months after the fact and we are still trying to get the kid his money. I am writing about this because abuses like this happen to families every day their situations could be similar or different but it happens daily. And it is wrong. This is a slightly different family protection post. Half the SBD will go to @familyprotection the other half if this isn't taken care of today will go to offset an attorney for this family. Sometime family protection involves more than protection from CPS.


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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Before my brother passed away a few weeks ago he received SSI also, our family was like just let a court appointed payee handle it. She got like forty dollars a month for doing it but it was a lot less headache.


I don't get anything for it. And the reason I became payee is because the place we hired to do it was only giving her $20 a month to live on. And was billing her services she wasn't getting from them at all. It was horrible. She was dumpster diving for food and hitting all the food banks she could. So when the kid came to live with them it was a no brainer I do for him what I do for her. As you can't trust governmemt agency tasked with it they steal off of those who unless they have family watching they get away with it.


Our experience wasn't like that, if he asked for a statement of his account she would send it. Everything was always in order, they have to file reports with social security on the money and get audited to make sure their books are in line. After he paid his rent he was left with between 30 to 45 dollars a week to spend depending on the number of weeks in a month and his other expenses like his cell phone being paid. He also lived in adult foster care for the most part, sometimes he stayed with me if he had trouble staying in adult foster care so all his food and utilities were included in his rent. When he stayed in adult foster care though he only did get twenty dollars a month because they charge above what SSI pays them.

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