[RP] The Confidence Of Immunity

There are three things involved when one is breaking or on a walk to breaking the law of a land. First, he weighs the action he is about to perform to know if it is indeed the "breaking of the law". Secondly, after consciously ascertaining this, he ponders on "what if he is caught", and then makes the choice of taking his chances with the said "breaking". Lastly, if he wasn't caught, he steps further to 'constantly' perform such acts as long as he wants. He escapes the radar of the law and perpetrate more crime with some degree of increment. This is the map an ideal* criminal navigates, although he is still always in a state of fear of being caught and prosecuted. The criminal path of the majority caseworkers(social workers) is somewhat on a class of it's own because they are greatly surrounded by privacy stunts and in the cause of their job, they are immune.

Imagine what the above criminal would do if he was in a state of immunity, he will do so much more since he knows he is somewhat untouchable. Lets push the ideal picture of the criminal aside, and translate to the everyday criminal life of the majority of caseworkers(Most). The canopy of impunity shading every loose and corrupt caseworker is strongly founded on their ability to hide beneath the law, and perpetrate so many act that would have been in the first place an act deemed a Crime and punishable to the highest degree. But it doesn't end there, the security of their immunity so built and given in a manner that it is very hard to dis-immunize.

Confidence of immunity lies deep within the elemental structure of the CPS system, empowered (not really) in a manner that their office owes no exact accountability to anyone. They do and undo as they deem fit because realistically, they are JUDGE, JURY and EXECUTIONER. The family court that is supposed to draw the line between what is right and what is not, what point is a CPS worker under immunity and when their immunity seizes is so much in purposeful limbo. They serve a plate of injustice in lieu of fairness, because the family court simply is a carer of the CPS system, yes, the mother of them all, shielding them from the law and bringing in more children as fast as they can.

The confidence of immunity and protection of CPS workers while they practice under fraud, has made them so buoyant in criminal activities and output an ever growing level of corruption and dismantling of families. A System where a case of "Perjury" had to get to the 9th Circuit Court before being pronounced a Crime is a pitiful system(fogarty hardwick vs orange county). In the Forgatry case, she argued that she was not aware that caseworkers can not lie, because it is not letter-headed-ly written in the constitution"!, you heard that right. Caseworkers have been and are still pulling the strings of lies, they practically lie through their teeth just to get the case all sorted out quickly and the Family Court is ever ready to help them out accomplish that. Most caseworkers are not qualified for the position they hold, they naturally do not have the skills to work with children, all they need to have is "skill to lie successfully", are you a good lair? CPS has a good rank for you.

The case of criminality and unlawfulness in the CPS system is very much, but what punishment do caseworkers get when they break the law?. some get promoted!, some fired and a tiny little few go for probation. It is so rare to see a caseworker being sent to jail for an act that have destroyed thousands of lives, families and more. Below is one of the little tiny few occasions where a caseworker was imprisoned.

If you saw the video, you would understand the extent of their confidence. Magaret Geri Murphy was deeply involved in numerous criminal act for years(view the counts against her HERE, more than 4 counts), if you listened more carefully as you watched, "Everyone was SURPRISED that she was sentenced to jail for a 5yr duration". Everyone was surprised, she was also surprised, because at most only a probation was previously and usually is the sentence, the worst that can happen to these caseworkers is very mild, now they feel comfortable breaking the law whenever they want. They don't fear consequences(the consequences are favorable)!. I picked this very case for its portrayal of Surprise of Sentence! and justice!.(though 5yrs seem too little to me). More than 4 counts were leveled against her in the court of appeal.
The fact that these children could possibly be left in the hands of possible abusers is particularly disturbing to the court.

To grant probation would to diminish the serious nature of theses offenses and I'm going to deny the motion for probation_ Judge
The confidence of immunity is such a factor that these workers think they can always get away with it. Thousands have gone away with it, hundreds of thousands are constantly still involved. To fight and win against a social worker in a family court is very very slim if you don't have the money to do all that needs to be done. So move away from the civil world and sue them for every harm they have done as long as you have plain evidence to back yourself up. Move to court of appeal, and make this criminals hiding under their protective walls pay for their perjury, threats, deceits, deprivation of rights, abuse, and all corruption. If these people get sued often and often, they will begin to think twice before acting. I sincerely wished every parent who had been hurt and oppressed by these plain criminals could sue them!, but justice is not Cheap, sadly it is in fact a LUXURY.
Humanity Needs You

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