[GBTTW #6--FamilyProtection] Custody Battles: Refrain From Calling CPS With Hopes Of Getting An Upper Hand

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Moving on to the world of custody battles and the land of divorce lies an ever clamoring evil that could be summoned, an evil so great that the earth begins to tremble at its summon, an evil disguised as a saintly endowed war lord thought by its summoner to be their supporters. What an analogy!, but its so much what is happening in custody battles for Children today in the society.

It should never be a situation of dilemma whether to invite the CPS into your custody battle or not. That shouldn't even be an option in the first place. Refrain!. Couples who are divorced or separated for one reason or the other, even unmarried parents should never consider inviting the CPS because a lot of ill will take place. I have heard and aware of many parents who trying to get sole custody of their children end up calling CPS on the other parent with a "notion that they would end up getting sole custody". In "most cases" doesn't turn as up intended, that parent just summoned great TROUBLE to his/her home and they both might end up losing their Children.

You And Your Children Suffers

Many parents who have summoned this governmental busy bodies fail to recognize that CPS doesn't care about your custody battle, what they do care about the moment you invite them into such matter most of the time(I am inclined to believe all of the time) is the "acquiring" of your Child. Traditionally, when you make a call  to the CPS reporting a partner or an ex over which you have a custody matter, the caseworker works out a case "against" the caller first, unknowing to him or her. 

In most cases you help the caseworker build up a case against your partner or ex with the mindset of showing that he or she is unfit to be a parent. Parent 'A' might end up giving implicating evidence to rule parent 'B' out of the picture, these evidences are compiled by the caseworker who then also pays the other parent a visit. Parent 'B' will very likely bring up reasons why parent 'A' isn't a fit parent either. Who then is a fit parent for your Child, The Government then is!. . Caseworkers play both side against each other meanwhile uprooting evidences that could lead to your child removal.

Do not make a mistake of calling them into your life, summoning this huge children trafficking company into would simply lead to the destruction of your children and a scarred life for you. Lucky at most, your child would be placed with the "worse" parent. Yes!, CPS have a knack for this, this is mostly done so as to create a loophole through which your child might be easily abused or neglected so they can get an easy access to removing them with ease. All these could lead to a TPR hearing and you end up losing your children and your future rights to birth. 

The Route To A Happy Childhood

There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly than our present Family Court System.”- Judge Brian Lindsay Retired Supreme Court Judge

If at all a custody battle ensue, the safer route to take is file a petition in Family Court. For divorced parents, A Divorce court is most applicable, do not involve the CPS!, in doing so you are fanning the fire and coking the burner!. That said, do keep it at heart that you are heading to a den of "Lions". I say this because a lot of things happen in a family court that is beyond believable and the level of corruptions there are also hard to swallow. If the other parent is very very bad as you say, you better prove this beyond every piece of doubt. 

The route to making your children most happy and getting all the love they deserve is to avoid CPS drearily and even family/divorce court. No child deserves to have one of its family tree cut off. Every child would be most happy and deserves loves from both halves. I do know this might be the hardest thing to do, your ex or partner might have offended you greatly, but try as much to keep this faults out of the way for your child to have the most healthy living condition as possible. Put your kids first and every other thing to a secondary background 

There is something bad happening to our children in family courts today that is causing them more harm than drugs, more harm than crime and even more harm than child molestation.” Judge Watson L. White Superior Court Judge, Cobb County, Georgia

A co-parenting strategy/plan is the most safest route for your child, and every side should be ready to comply in keeping their children safe. In situations where the other parent is a bad influence on your child, this shouldn't either warrant a CPS call, a careful and well thought out case should be presented to the judge. Try as much as you can to work out these issues amicably with the other parent first!, it is your responsibility to try with all your might to avoid the family court as much as possible. Remember, the court needs a winner in a custody case, because the federal government do not pay for Equal Custody decisions!. So be guided and be wise!.

Your Responsibility Towards Your Children 

Responsibility are very easy to implement and at the same time very demanding. Children's well-being and right to be loved  and cared for is top priority. Its parents' responsibility to close every loopholes that might summon CPS snooping. Work out all issues as amicably as possible, your Children heart is yours and your everything is theirs. Sacrifice as much as you can to get them to have the life they are entitled to. 

Refrain from summoning CPS with hopes of getting an upper hand, REFRAIN!!


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Keep loving your Kids and fight for their right to be loved by you!

Peace to you all,
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Parents must know that in custody battles that CPS is 100 times more of an enemy than your spouse. At least your husband or wife may have a personal vested interest in your child. Blood is thicker than water. CPS is not blood to you but they want to BLEED you of your children, your parental rights and your home. As bad as your spouse is it is light years better than CPS. Your child's welfare comes above any revenge you may want. Find counseling and work through your emotions before placing them harms way. They do not deserve your emotional cruelty. Thanks for sharing a necessary post.

As bad as your spouse is it is light years better than CPS.

Absolutely correct, emotions should be in check so as to make genuine decisions in favor of your children's well-being. Thank you so much for this great comment.

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Please i"m from Nigeria
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Hello @samiwhyte, you can join the group by following @familyprotection. You can contribute to the struggle by actively participating in the community by creating more awareness on this issue using the #familyprotection tag for related piece, resteeming, contributing sbd voluntarily to the cause and also joining the discord group. The group aims at keeping family and children together while exposing CPS corruption. All the best Buddy.

give me the link to the discord group

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