Be Careful Who You Believe: Mom Arrested at Playground Has A History

Be Careful Who and What We Believe

When I heard of a mother being arrested at a playground in Idaho for breaking the "stay at home" orders, I saw this woman as a bit of a hero, standing up for her rights. When I watched the video something didn't sit right with me, but I didn't have any real reason to think it was staged.

Here's the reason to think it might be staged. This "just a mother" has had some close connections to anti-family campaigns, posing as a "concerned mom" or "concerned family member", while actually promoting a campaign of fear - showing what will happen when people resist.

Sara Walton is more than "just a mother", she's an actor, playing the opposition. She's labeled as "anti-vaccine", but she's not really fighting the vaccine war, she's playing a part.

2016: The Face of "Faith Healing" Laws

Under Idaho law, parents are protected from prosecution if they refuse medical care because of their faith. Mariah Walton, Sara's sister, campaigned to change the law, allowing prosecution of the parent if the child was in imminent risk of physical harm.

Sara Walton played the role of a supporter for her mother, saying she was not "faith healing", but using essential oils and holistic healing. While insisting that her mother was innocent of "faith healing", the undertones support her sister as a part of the "let them live" media campaign. The goal is to manipulate public opinion using a false narrative, Sara playing the role of opposition to the bill.

Their political campaign “Let Them Live” is supported by Merck-funded vaccine advocate Paul Offit. Their intent is to change public opinion using nuggets of truth surrounded by a web of half-truths and lies, innuendos and assumptions. They are well-funded and skilled in using media-manipulation to create drama in order to elicit emotion and move legislative policy towards a preconceived goal. That goal? The forced compliance of government mandated treatments by CPS and the State Health and Welfare Department.

Recently the director of the organization Protect Idaho Kids stated on his website that due to the fact they were unsuccessful in the Legislature to pass laws, they should manipulate public opinion. They mixed together a recipe for fake news, using a false narrative and unsubstantiated statistics. They are then funding advertisements designed to look like news reports in the media outlets to sway public opinion.

In 2016 – 2017, the “Let Them Live” media campaign was driven by a false narrative of an Idaho woman who claims her rare heart condition was not treated by her parent’s involvement in a religious sect that refuses all medical treatment for their children. Mariah Walton’s mother has refuted the claim that she was trying to treat her daughter’s health condition with prayer. Mariah’s parents were UNAWARE of the rare heart defect. They used holistic care, chiropractic care as well as prayer to provide for their daughter’s asthmatic childhood symptoms. Bruce Wingate, April Hoy and other leaders of the campaign were been made aware that Mariah’s condition should not be construed as ‘faith healing’, yet they continued to promote the false narrative for political gain. See Sara Walton Brady’s testimony at Child At Risk:Faith Healing Exemption Workgroup

2017: "Protesting" For Not Filling out Vaccination Forms

This is a noble cause: standing up to unjust requirements (vaccinations) for enrolling in public school - but watching the interview of her "protest", it's really an ADVERTISEMENT informing the public what has to be done to complete the form.

It's getting the attention of parents who may not have full immunization for their children, showing them all the steps to complete the form to avoid having their child not allowed in.


2020: Arrested for Her Children Playing at a Park

Somehow, Sara Walton Brady appeared in the spotlight again recently, with a confrontation with a police officer at a playground.

Meridian Police Arrest Woman for Violating City Orders After receiving several calls to Ada County Dispatch, Meridian Police responded to Kleiner Park on April 21 2020 at around 3:50PM. Upon arrival, officers saw that metal signage and caution tape announcing the playground closure due to COVID-19, was removed. Additionally, officers observed numerous individuals gathered on the closed playground area. Officers informed those gathered several times that the play structure was closed, and that they were welcome to utilize other areas of the park if they chose. After being told to leave the playground multiple times, forty (40) year old Sarah BRADY of Meridian refused to leave and was arrested for one (1) count misdemeanor trespassing. Meridian officers made several attempts to help BRADY adhere to the rules. She was non-compliant and forced officers to place her under arrest to resolve the issue. She was arrested for trespassing. These are very trying times and the Meridian Police Department supports the public’s right to assemble for peaceful protest, however the right does not include damaging public property or ignoring closures of City property and facilities.

‘Arrest me for being difficult. Do it.’

This was a provocation to cause an arrest. She later apologized to the police officer, since it spurred a protest outside of the police officer's private home.

Why Is It Always Her?

What's strange for all her "anti-vax", "pro-religious freedom" and "anti-authority" stances, she has strong connections to the police department. Her husband is Tim Brady a decorated Boise Police Detective.


I believe that she's the "straw man". She's the one who fills the stereotype, given national media attention, so that can be knocked down easily. Meanwhile, is it possible she has her philosophical allegiance to the police state?


If Anyone Reading Has More Information...

I'd like to hear about it. Is she the real deal? Are these all coincidences? Does her belief system compatible with the anti-vaccination movement? Is she pro-freedom? Does she support the police state? Is she controlled opposition? A crises actor?

Curious to hear your thoughts.

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