S-teem is a censor-shi-p chain, informationwar lost most of its support on Ste-em

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For those who are wondering where we have went and why the IW isn't really curating on Steem or have lost a lot of its delegation.... It is because we moved over to a place that won't cen-s-or us. The people who were delegating to us also moved, so we have that delegation over on the OTHER PLACE. ThreeSpeak and many others in the truth movement have moved over to OTHER PLACE. Our account will continue to power down and sell of Steem for ETH/OTHER COIN I can't mention or some stable coins. @aagabriel and other curators may continue to curate on Steem if they want to. At some point we will probabyl stop curating due to the huge loss of support(poeple powering down and heading over to the OTHER PLACE where censorship doesn't rule with an iron fist...

Myself(@truthforce) and other longstanding contributors and founders of IW like @ausbitbank are being censored and our our stake frozen. I have at least 3 posts that are banned from the stee--m-it fron-end done by stee-mi-ts cen-so-rs. I am typing like this to avoid automatic cen--sor-ing of this post. FUCK Jushten Shun!!!! He is a CCP Operative looking to centralize blockchains and buying out decentralized tech for CCP monitoring.

Mentiong h--(i)-v(e) where we are now at will also get posts sens-ored and potentially completely censored by your account name as some are currently... Be careful what you psot on here lest you be removed by J-Su-nz and his psycho boot licking communists.

So come j-oin us over on that other place I can't mention!!! Called H--(I)V-E(DOT)blog

;0 Called H--(I)V-E(DOT)blog



Thank you for continuing the fight on that OTHER chain.

I am a proud member of the informationwar community and will continue to use the tag even if I am the only one. I don't care about the crypto, it's the idea. I am not convinced THE OTHER PLACE will be a good one. I have concerns given all the bad actors went there especially the bad witnesses. I am not interested in all their nonsense and drama. If I am censored here then so be it. I have other platforms I use. If I leave then I just leave and I am done. No more nonsense. No more games. There are other platforms to use.

In the meantime I am and have been a proud member of this community since I first came to steemit. I remember how excited I was and how hopeful I was that we could do great things together here on the internet. I am a proud infowarrior and nothing is going to change that. I'm gonna open the eyes of our new users if I can.

Be blessed my friend and I wish you the best no matter where you are. Seriously, much love. Do what ya have to do just keep on telling the truth.

Steem is becoming less functional every day.


We're watching STEEM die on the vine. So grateful for H-VE, continuing giving us a voice and preserving a lot of hard work.

Been hoping, but powering down...nothing works well here.

How do I convert to hive crypto?


some of us are not permitted to comment on the hive front end!
Steem will grow and hive will die because the same people who are attempting to kill steem are now running hive into the ground. Its the same team that screwed Steem over who now have even more power over the Hive Platform lol

Disappointing, I will keep posting, but may move to other crypto entirely. A non censored platform seems like a simple thing, but man's evil nature continues to be a problem!

I guess I need to rush my blog setup, and forget these platforms....


I think having two chains may be a positive thing for both.
There seems to be a lot less Flag abuse here on the Steem after the HF and a little less on Hive.

I am thinking that users can use this as leverage to make both chains better and less restrictive.
I notice that Steem has lost the ability to send private encrypted memos while Hive still has that function.

Maybe if people start talking to the witnesses here we can get back that function. It seems important to me.
Maybe if people are not happy about the dust tax on small accounts we could get that changed on one or both chains. I think that would be huge for new users who are unable to invest. what do you think ?

I will wait and see, but I am being censored on steemit now. That is usually fatal, much worse than just flagging.

I notice that my palnet links are severed too, making me manually post here.

Steemit also no longer runs on my Linex desktop, so I am reduced to a smartphone.

Weku, uptennd, and palnet are my primary blogpost. Mind and hive seem to run okay, with steem on life support. But I still post what I can here.


You can use Ionomy, easy to signup for a wallet, anonymous and they trade in both h*ve and steem, as well as bitcoin and most other cryptos as well!

Thanks, I will look at it. In the intrim, I will keep posting on pslnet, weku, uptennd, and mind.


LOL I love the effort you put in to avoiding detection by bot scanners.

What say you in re.;

It seems to make sense to me that you should go to proof of work chain coins.

POW has an inherent problem with always leading to miner centralization, whereas DPOS overtime become less centralized.

POW = whoever has the cheapest and most updated software and hardware wins. They end up becoming ultra efficient which raises the hashing power needed to perform the same number of actions. To compete with them over a long span of time you won't be able to. One single entity that is the most efficient in doing so emerges and it is happening already. The highest hashrate mining operations are in China... Which is what Justin Sun is owned by. JS bought steemit to censor it and ruin it for the CHinese government.

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