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RE: Become part of the @familyprotection team. We need your stories, your expertise and support.

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I have donated my time to the @familyprotection project by writing this post, after upvoting the family protection post you are welcome to tip the writer (me) by upvoting this comment.

Thank you.


You are doing great work mate, was great listening to you and @canadian-cocobut yesterday on the whaletank! You can always count on me as support for this great project!
Wish you all the best and thanks so much for setting up this project!

Well done Mark... Linda mentioned to me that @FamilyProtection was starting up.

I think it's Great You Both are raising awareness & actually doing something to resolve the issues !!

Cheers !!

It's my pleasure, @markwhittam. Keep up the good work! @ironshield