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RE: Become part of the @familyprotection team. We need your stories, your expertise and support.

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Linda is a very good person, I always looked forward to her articles on vaccines. I will be happy to donate 20 SBD if it will help. I homeschooled my kids in the 90's and no stranger to harassment from CPS. I wrote some articles about CPS involvement in child sex trafficking... the case of the "suicides" of Nancy Schaefer and her husband.


Thank-you! I am glad that you are onboard with this project, and yes, any donation you make will be very much welcomed!

You're one of my first follows here on Steemit. Your posts on vaccines are superb- thorough and well written! I'm happy to help do I send the SBD to you directly or to @familyprotection?

Thank-you! The funds were received.

Thank you... If there's any other way I can help just let me know.

Directly to the @familyprotection account please.