Selling Children Are A Lucrative Business.

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Let me start this post off by saying that even though I have been going down this path that would possibly eventually lead me to doing this research I decided to take the plunge after reading a recent post by andrewgenaille. He got me thinking about how agencies battle over who is taking more children. And based on their numbers they get more money. If you wish to read his post you can do so by clicking on this link:

So lets dig deeper. I live in Florida so this information is based on stats for Florida. Each state has different stats. So if you wish to know what they are in your state please go to your local DCF website and look for their Lead Agency Websites. So lets get started.

There are 18 different agencies that are listed for Florida. It is broken down into regions.

fldcfcircuitmap (1).jpg

You see the people that are actually taking our children are NOT the state. They are working for businesses that are contracted through the state. Yes they are employed NOT by the state but employed by these companies. And it is not uncommon for them to trade employees between agencies. As they need to have a degree to be a "social worker". And any business NEEDS to make money. So lets take a closer look at Who these people really are.

Most of these BUSINESS are listed as 501c3 so they are listed as NON Profit. Some Non Profit businesses are truly doing good for the people they are helping. While most are just lining up their pockets with higher wages and inflated costs. And costs for services claimed but not given.

In this article Governor Rick Scott announced he will propose nearly $200 million for families who adopt children from foster care. This funding will continue critical post adoption services for more than 37,000 children.

I chose this for 1 reason. Lets follow this for a second. 200,000,000/37,000= $5405.41 per family that adopts a child. Now this is not money that goes to the family. In Florida foster children that have been adopted still get around $400 a month plus the first year they get almost $10,000 back on their taxes. This is known as an adoption subsidy. Not to mention the additional tax credits they get per child. No this money goes to the agency overseeing the extended care the child gets after being adopted.

What is post adoptive services you ask?
I will tell you what it is NOT. It is NOT for the medical care the child will need as they automatically maintain their Medicaid until they reach adulthood. It is NOT for any therapeutic care the child needs like physical or occupation therapy. It is NOT for the psychological care they need. As these are also covered under Medicaid. It is NOT for their basic care as the family still gets around $400 a month to care for the child.

So what is it for?
It IS for post adoptive check ins. So basically it is for the state to come in and make sure the child and family are adjusting well. We all know from my previous post that records have been found to be falsified about the case workers visiting. So it IS money that just vanishes. It is not providing actual services or care for the children.

So with all businesses the end goal is to make money and each agency gets paid per child. This is very true and they will go to no end to maintain their budget and make threats when their budgets are cut. Remember this is a hungry beast that needs a consent flow of resources (children) in order to stay alive.
Sorry for the gross visual but I really needed this point to get across.

So with this new increase in budget it stands to reason that agencies will push more for adopting out our children rather than returning them to their rightful families. As now they have even more insentive. This is rather scary if you ever get that knock on the door.

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As always Thank you for taking the time to read this post. It means the world to me to finally have a place where I can speak openly and without fear or repercussion.

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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @curlfamilyvlog for supporting @familyprotection

Thank-you for breaking down this info.
Now I understand better how they make money by kidnapping babies and adopting them out to other families. I did not know the details, but it all makes sense now.

I now also understand, as long as this kidnapping child is a business for them, I have long follow @familyprotection to find out the problem about kidnapping children or children taken by force from his family. Thank you very much.

I know if more people saw the truth it would not only bring this to light but we as a whole society would put an end to this.

"The wicked flee when no man pursues: but the righteous are BOLD as a LION!" - Proverbs 28:1

Thank you for shining a light on this horrific evil being done upon our children. You are fighting the good fight! Not many people are aware because almost 100% of the media does not cover it (they are so corrupt and infiltrated by pedophiles) but the month of January was mandated as "Human Trafficking Awareness Month" by an Executive Order straight from the White House:

The Administration recognizes the World wide evil being done and has taken a stand against it! There are over 40 billion human trafficking victims globally. It is a $150 Billion... yes BILLION dollar industry! At the moment we have over 58,000 children enslaved in the United States of America... home of the free? I beg to differ. Makes me sick.

If you don't think this happens in your city, town or neighborhood, you are wrong. It is happening and everyone needs to become aware of the signs. Seek out a local organization working to end this crime in your city and make yourself aware.

My husband and I serve on the board of our local organization in Gainesville, FL, Created Gainesville. We thank you for shining the light into the darkness. The darkness cannot comprehend it when we do. Be BOLD... arrows to the enemy!

I have a story that I will share one day. It is my story.

We would love to hear it one day when you are ready to share. Thank you for your fight. My best friend also has a story. We walked her through some very dark times when her memories began to come flooding back after she wanted to turn her life around and walk in God's ways. It's been amazing seeing her deal with the past ritual abuse memories. Only through the blood of Jesus Christ do we EVER have healing. Have a blessed day.

it is funny that you say that. Most of my memories have been forgotten and as I am writing about this and talking to others more and more memories are coming back. I have to stop every once in a while and just take a breath as it is getting very emotional for me to continue to talk.

It is not easy to remember. The enemy will use those thoughts to eat away at you so be prepared. He always tries to seek us out when we are vulnerable. Be strong and remember where your strength comes from. I'll pray for you this week. Your story will one day touch the life of someone who desperately needs to hear it.

It is hard. I was once told that my mind has blocked it out to protect me. But right now I want to let it all out.

Children who are abused naturally "fracture" their thoughts and memories in order to survive. Thus, those who have been abused young will have multiple personalities and such, but in actuality it really is the fracturing personality being displayed. These precious people grow up to become medicated and labeled as "crazy." What truly heals them each and every time is the work of God in their lives. I see it time and time again with the people we work with. If you are interested, I am reading a book about a personal testimony of a man who was a former occult practitioner, but what drove him into that was his childhood schizophrenic double life, loving parents at home - and satanic and sexual abuse outside their care. It's his testimony to the power of God to deliver and heal even the most shattered of lives. The book has helped hundreds of people to understand both the struggle of those who are wounded and abused and the depth of God's love for every hurting heart. The book is: "Nobody's Angel" by Gregory R. Reid.

thank you I will have to check it out. And yes I have a few different personalities.

Thank you @curlfamilyvlog for piecing this together.

The picture becomes clearer, with each post, story and piece of evidence we are building a treasure trove full of undeniable reasons to reform the CPS.

the goal is to one day these agencies will be made to face their many crimes. As it stands now many still believe they are doing good for the society. They do not understand the true cost.

Damn that is quite the racket. I should have made money off kids too. I would be richer today. But I believe in freedom rather than slavery. Kid selling is an injustice. You cannot put a price on a child or an adult. God wanted families be tight and close knit. I am not into destroying families. I am about defending families and freedoms. These contracted kid companies need to be drained of their money and resources. Perhaps I will die poor but my heart and conscience will be rich.

The support they get is insane as most still believe they are there to help. If more knew the truth they would be putting a stop to it.

Why they want to sell children? whether they have no heart that the children have their families.

money is a powerful motivator.

That’s bad part parents need to be more watchful especially babies. I heard some cases recently

that is a good post. Before someone give some money for an non Profit Organisation, please check always the cost of the organization inside them. If they pay themselves correct and not to much and make no higher unnesary cost , than you can give your money to them. other wise your money will only fill the pocket from them manager ect.....

Most are frauds.

Selling children is just terrible.
It shouldnt be condoled

most of the people do not know they truth. They are lied to and think that the parents of these children are horrible people. Some even tell the children that their parents did not want them and stop the parents from seeing their children. This is what was done to me.

those who have been separated from our family because of social service, we know that we never receive psychological or medical check-ups and that in many opportunities the substitute families are not subjected to exams to know if they are suitable

The last time I was seen by a doctor was when I was living with my family. I mean yearly check ups not because I was sick. I had gotten chicken pocks when I was a foster child and instead of putting me in a bedroom or the hospital they put me in juvenile detention because there I could be in isolation. than after I recovered they still kept me there for another 3 months. I spent a ton of my teenager years in and out of hospitals, group homes and juvenile detention even though I did not commit crimes. I did commit one crime when I was 15 but that is a different story.

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