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15/2/2018 - SOURCE - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/parliament-sex-ring-accuser-nick-faces-child-abuse-charges-sgnl0lh8q

All of the actors come out to play. I said yesterday that Mr Janner is part of a scripted deception. He was the first to slap the phrase "fantasist" on to all of the victims at a recent hearing and now it has come out that the main witness(vetted and chosen by the inquiry, no less), Nick, is being accused of child abuse himself(Viewing and downloading by the sounds of thing but details are not being released).

Mr Janner's words were then echoed when the report about Nic came out from the Daily Mail. This time the phrase, fantasist, was tagged to someone one may actually be guilty. Ergo the term fantasist takes on a new meaning and anyone BEFORE of after who is labelled with this title, they will instantly be seen as being as guilty as Nick, through affiliation.

Now just to confirm my suspicions I see that Mr Janner has now crawled out from his swamp to tell us all that he is pressing charges against Nick.

The MSM are all too happy to report the words of all major players in this incredulous inquiry.

I do hope I am getting this point across coherently. I am typing this with fury in my heart and it may cause me to make mistakes. Please let me know if you have any questions about this inquiry or the accusations I am making.

Here is today's update:

Screenshot-2018-2-7 Janner’s son threatens to sue parliament sex ring accuser ‘Nick’.png

"Lord Janner’s son said today that he would bring a private prosecution against the man who sparked the Westminster sex abuse inquiry after it emerged that he has been charged with paedophile offences."

"The charges include allegations which relate to Category A images, the most serious level."

"Nick has pleaded not guilty and will face a trial in the crown court."

"Nick’s alleged offending dates to around the same time that detectives publicly declared that his allegations of historical abuse and murder were “credible and true”.

"Lord Bramall, 94, a former chief of defence staff, and Harvey Proctor, a former Tory MP, were interviewed under caution during the 18-month inquiry before they were exonerated in 2016."

"The Crown Prosecution Service is considering whether Nick should be charged with perverting the course of justice after each of his allegations was debunked in an independent inquiry by a retired high court judge. Prosecutors have had a file of evidence from Northumbria police since September but are not expected to make a decision for several months."

His son Daniel Janner, QC, said: “Nick accused my late father of raping him — he must now be prosecuted for his lies. If the CPS refuse, I will bring a private prosecution.”

He also called on the public inquiry into child abuse to drop the strand into Janner.

Mr Proctor has called for an independent inquiry into the anonymity given to sex abuse victims.

“I have now come to the conclusion that the whole question of anonymity needs a complete review, investigation and overhaul,” he said.

“I believe the home secretary, if not the prime minister, should set up an independent inquiry into the issue of anonymity.

“We can’t rely upon the police to police themselves on this matter.”

As some of you will know, I have made it a personal mission to report on the UK Child abuse inquiry. The BBC and the rest of team-mainstream have been doing their best to smother any kind of truths from making it to ground. This is had been a great disappointment to me but not a surprise. There would be no need for me doing this if the reporters at bullshit HQ turned around and told their editors to bollocks.

There can be no war if no soldiers turn up to fight and the same sentiments should be offered to the press. Not that they deserve anymore chances and to be honest my patients has long since worn through.

So my suspicions were raised only 20 minutes ago when I went into the kitchen to make a brew. With the Kettle boiling I stood leaning on the counter half-listening to the radio in the background. Then the phrase "breaking news" followed swiftly by "UK Abuse inquiry".....

All I managed to hear were the words "key wittness", "Nick" and "Indecent material"

WTF has happened here, I thought.

The do-do has certainly hit the fan.

I have maintained throughout this whole inquiry that we should always consider this to be the Mafia putting themselves on trial. Nothing good was ever going to come of this inquiry but I never saw this one coming.

This whole operation has been set up to fail. From countless heads of inquiry relieving themselves of command or else being forced out for doing too good a job, this inquiry has been a mockery of justice from day one.

I find it no more a coincidence that Nick has been found out to be a pawn, no more than I think it a coincidence that the outing of sleazy-celebs has come just as we approach the centenary of the women's right to vote.

This is all a very well orchestrated play and we are merely spectators.

I will of coarse continue to cover this fascicle piece of theatre but do not be under any false hope of a worthy outcome. Nick has destroyed what little hope this inquiry did have. Because he is no longer a trustworthy witness, all of his accused abusers will be seen as innocent and probably receive a huge compensation payout via the tax-payer( Yes they sure do know how to twist the knife, don't they)

Here is part of the script that was reported by the Daily mail at 23:30, 7/2/2018.

(source - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5357951/VIP-sex-abuse-accuser-stand-trial-child-sex-claims.html)
Screenshot-2018-2-7 VIP sex abuse 'fantasist' is HIMSELF accused of child sex offences(1).png

Screenshot-2018-2-7 VIP sex abuse 'fantasist' is HIMSELF accused of child sex offences(2).png
Screenshot-2018-2-7 VIP sex abuse 'fantasist' is HIMSELF accused of child sex offences(4).png
Screenshot-2018-2-7 VIP sex abuse 'fantasist' is HIMSELF accused of child sex offences(5).png
Screenshot-2018-2-7 VIP sex abuse 'fantasist' is HIMSELF accused of child sex offences(6).png
Screenshot-2018-2-7 VIP sex abuse 'fantasist' is HIMSELF accused of child sex offences(7).png

Oh and if you don't believe this inquiry is being controlled by the abusers themselves, just listen to this reading from one of the recent hearing, where the son of prolific pedophile Lord Janner was allowed to take the stand and have free reign to intimidate and ridicule the victims, whilst they were in the court-room! No Mr Janner. Jr. has no more right to speak at this hearing than you or I. So why has this been allowed?

Well that has only become apparent after reading tonight breaking news and more importantly, the terminology used within it.

At the hearing where Mr Janner was allowed to spew his toxic opinions, it stuck out to me how nasty he was being in defense of his dad. It could have been done in a much more respectful way but he chose to single out the witnesses and brand them with the title "Fantasists".

This word was repeated in his pre-written statement and emphasized in his speech. As you will read from this breaking report, THE EXACT SAME PHRASE IS BEING USED!!


Say it enough times and it will burrow it way into your sub-conscience, that is it's preordained destiny and the only defense we have against it, is our common sense.

We are approaching a time where they are going to twist this beyond recognition. The black-dress brigade and #neveragain has done its job of hi-jacking this scandal and now we are all concentrating our gaze on Hollywood, they are busy swapping decks under the table.

"No all our politicians are innocent. It was all just one big fantasy"

No people! Do not swallow this poison, please.
Ted Heath is most certainly a child abuser.
Lord Janner, although never tried, is definitely a child abuser
This changes nothing and this inquiry will only get worse.
But stay wise and read between the lines.

One day we will get our justice and see their house burn.

Until that day.


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Most welcome @familyprotection. Thank you for giving me a platform to get this vital information out there (with the correct narrative).


Post updated.

Excelente actitud de protección a los más vulnerables, acciones como esta deben ser multiplicadas y estos esfuerzos sumar para salvaguardar lo mas frágil, lo más importante, nada mas y nada menos que nuestro futuro LOS NIÑOS!!!! cuenten con mi apoyo!!


Thanks for the support, I think.

this inquiry is being controlled by the abusers themselves

The most upsetting thing about those in power. When scandal hits, just set up an 'inquiry' to show that it's all unsubstantiated claims. The media dismisses it and everyone moves on. Until the next scandal hits. Eventually something must give. @ironshield


Agree completely. Totally self serving.
Thanks for the comment and support. Much appreciated


post has been updated please share

Wish I could say "unbelievable" but I can't :(


Such a terrible turn for this inquiry. Should have known. It all seems obvious now. Especially when they state that the BBC gave this guy priority to have a platform to speak from. The BBC helping an abuse victim....I should have known better, no wonder they gave him such exposure.
Makes your heart sink.


You won't believe the latest update! Said this was going to get worse.


Just read your update. Appears they are using the same tactics they do here in the U.S. . Many times the accuser will end up being the accused and the first story breaks. Then when all is said and done they find that the charges are not valid but that never hits the news as a rebuttal. Even if it did, what they have learned is that the "first impression" of a breaking news flash is permanently ingrained in the minds of the viewers so even a retraction carries little weight to change their minds. I see it happen far too often here in the states.

I'm fairly certain there is a "term" for this tactic in marketing, just not sure what it is. :(


Thank you very much for stating that observation. You are a wide-eyed Owl for sure :)
I hadn't even considered that they may later drop the charges and that is very likely too.
They just keep using the old tricks. 1st plane to hit the tower, gets every bodies attention and the 2nd is done to traumatize us. Absolute demons and you are probably right about the marketing ref. I'm glad you have made this link to general industry as it is a preferred method of social conditioning.

On a lighter note, I am thankful to be healthy today. :) Big love Vickie. Keep on keepin on

Nothing to say but good I like it your post so please visit in my blog 👉


Thank you

Excellent article @article61 - thanks for keeping this SOLDIER informed on this extremely important situation.


This is going to be a live post I think. Seems there will be more to come.
Thanks for the support/comment @healingherb, nice to know the post hasn't been buried.

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I wish I could say this surprised me. Thank you for staying on this taboo topic, we MUST get the truth out.


I will definitely keep on this and you won't miss a thing I promise. When the hearing comes to Nottingham in march I will be attending and reporting back to steemit. Just hope I can keep my cool and not strangle the panel. Disgraceful inquiry and I am glad to see people are starting to pay attention to these updates.
Your encouragement to carry on means a lot, thank you.