What Is @familyprotection? What Are The Rules? How Do I Donate?

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@familyprotection is a group of people who have come together to support and protect families from the ever increasing threat of having their children taken by The CPS, (Child Protection Services) An organisation whose only goal seems to be keeping foster homes and group homes full to the brim for maximum profit.

@familyprotection is an open group for anybody to join, and if you feel you have something to bring to @familyprotection in the way of support, guidance or any other way in which you think you can help us then please join up.

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How Do I join?

At the moment it's very easy to join, you just start by writing a relevant post and tagging it with #familyprotection, if your post was recognized by the community as being a genuine #familyprotection post then it will receive support from the community and a few Whale Votes!

What is a relevant post?

We are trying to focus on one issue here, but we also understand that this one issue can have many different effects on such a huge part of our society.

For me, a relevant post should include something about the CPS or the foster care system or at least have a connection in some way to the problem at hand.

We would love to solve all the problems in the world but we are also realistic, which is why we CAN NOT be supporting posts that have no actual relevance to this problem but are equally disturbing, such as:

  • Domestic violence

  • Drug addiction

  • rape

  • Homelessness, etc.

Although these are all horrific problems that need addressing, and I am aware that most of these problems are outcomes from children being put through this system, but we really have to focus on the root cause, which in my eyes is the separation of families and the profit that is made by these destructive institutions that none of us want, or need around our families.

What Happens Next?

So you have written a post and tagged it with the #familyprotection tag, What Next?

We understand that a lot of new people are joining and they probably don't have a great understanding of how everything works.

We are trying to raise AWARENESS and FUNDS to help families stay together, for this reason, most members who write posts for @familyprotection are also donating back some of their rewards to help us achieve this uphill struggle.

To Donate back to the @familyprotection is easy!

Just go to your wallet, Click on the arrow next to the STEEM DOLLARS or STEEM and press TRANSFER.




Then enter familyprotection and how much you would like to donate. remember to press submit, and then enter your password (active key) to complete the transaction.


If However you are reaping the rewards of being in this community but fail to show any sign of giving back then I personally will not be upvoting any future posts from such authors, and I suspect the rest of the community will follow suit, unless of course their circumstances prevent them from donating and they have made Me, Linda or the community aware of their situation.

Ok, I see it like this! we should all be equal, which means if I, @markwhittam, @canadian-coconut, @kryptocoin, @crosheille, @eco-alex, @healingherb, @thethreehugs, @curlfamilyvlog, @openparadigm, @likedeeler, @mountainjewel, @fon, @tonyr, @chron, @richq11, @joalvarez, @steeminganarchy, @progressivechef, @tecnosgirl, @madlenfox, @fishyculture, @azizbd, @daudimitch, @life-relearnt, @apanamamama, @em3, @asaj, @marionjoe, @nainaztengra, @misslasvegas, @honeydue, @dbroze, @article61, @lturner, @gardensquared, @ladyrebecca, @trucklife-family, @vickiebarker, are all donating a proportion of the rewards back into @familyprotection, but you are not donating! then this can lead to bad feelings within the community, so keep this in mind.

We are all doing this because we really care about the way things are and we really want to see change.

we are all doing this because we have seen enough destruction at the hands of these government agencies.

We are all doing this because we see a real opportunity to actually make a difference with the help of the steem blockchain combined and the generosity of this amazing community.

Communities Are The Future of Steemit!

@familyprotection is a growing community, and as with anything, we will have some teething problems along the way, it's natural. The way in which we deal with these problems will determine the future off this community.

We are a community, and we should all have a say, which is why your feedback is essential to the survival of this community. If you see something you don't like then SPEAK UP! just like I am doing now.

We will also need your help with what to do with all this money:

  • Who to help?

  • How to help?

  • Do We Buy Lawyers or Guns? (joke, NO guns!)

  • How Do We Best Disrupt And Put An End To The Suffering?

We had better start brainstorming because soon we will have the POWER to REALLY start annoying the legal kidnappers!



I would like to thank everyone who supports this project, together we have proven that a problem exists and needs to be addressed, fixed, and returned to its natural state!




Oh! and one last thing! just to clear things up!

This is NOT a vote buying service!

Thank you, enjoy your day :)


My vote on what to do with the money is to aim for lawyers... a lot of people have already tried the lobby route and it's not doing much.
Cindy Blackstock is doing a lot of good work in forcing the government to change funding and the route she took was using lawyers and taking the government to the Human Rights Tribunal.

I've been following the work of the BCALU who just won a major victory over solitary confinement in prisons; and how they work is going to court on an issue that changes things for overall... in that case "solitary confinement is inhumane treatment." Now it changes the rules on how we treat people across Canada.

It's the same with Foster Care... some of the things they do to the kids can't be legal... leaving them unattended in motels for months at a time.
Aside from individual cases, suppose a lawyer picks that as something to attack in court and get a ruling that it's inhuman, or against their charter rights... it changes the rules across Canada.

One piece at a time chip away at the system until it gets fixed and protects families.

That's my two cents. :-)

Yes! I agree!

Bit by bit, piece by piece,
If enough of us make a noise, they will have no option but to listen!

Thanks for sharing this information

Actually I've been thinking about how to find the success stories, where people have managed to change things for the better, in fact these are the stories we should focus on as they bring hope, and they are proof that it's possible to beat the system or change it.

Thanks for your 2 cents!

Totally agree with this statement. Success stories are empowering and hopeful.
It might also be necessary to work one county or authority at a time.
It’s, in my experience (home schooling context in the UK), a good idea to find authorities that have a good rep for good/fair practice.
We’ve used them in the past in a process where we consulted with our own authority to improve their practice. Often they will listen best to their own people, initially.

We’ve done this in the UK with authority services dealing with home schooled kids. We (@helensoutar & I) got copies of our authority’s contracts with subcontractors who provide the services to home educators. These kinds of contracts often exist and where they do you can be sure they are conferring ‘statutory duties’ the authority doesn’t actually have by law. That was our foot in the door to start cleanup in the authority. We made lots of people aware of the unlawful nature of their contracts. Much of the infringement of rights was taking place based on dodgy contracts.

Thank you for your input @sallylloyd

It appears we have some homework to do, but reading comments like this gives me hope that we can really start to get a clear vision of the path ahead!

We just have to learn how to play their game before we can become victors!

It's funny! This all started because they told me If I homeschool my children, CPS will take them from us!

Big Mistake!

I remember way back when you posted that @markwhittam.
We were not quite dealing with this level of severity here in Staffordshire, UK but we were definitely building up to it. Thankfully, though our home ed service were certainly on the witch hunt, child protection were not playing ball. So the home ed team stooped to issuing fake school orders and making multiple protection reports.

Here is one breaking success story that may help shine the light on steps that some will be able to take. This John Doe, who recently turned 18 was a "Foster Child" put into a Child Porn Ring who is now suing CPS for $15 million in Arizona. https://thegoldwater.com/news/17498-Foster-Child-put-into-Child-Porn-Ring-Suing-Child-Protective-Services-for-15-Million-in-Arizona

Hi. I am VERY new to Steemit. That story is such a heartbreaking story. That young man was placed in a home with a horrible man. Even though Arizona DCS KNEW that there were issues with this home, they placed little Devani with him. How many children did this foster parent destroy, and how many people within DCS were aware of what he was doing to innocent children. I pray that this young man wins that lawsuit. We are still advocating for Devani to be returned to her REAL family.
Here is more on that lawsuit from Health Impact News: http://medicalkidnap.com/2018/02/06/arizona-foster-care-system-revealed-as-pedophile-ring-former-foster-child-tortured-for-years-sues-for-15-million/

I sent you 3 sbd to help the community.@markwhittam


and here is a small token of appreciation, Thank you, Sir!


Edited: I will forward that 3 SBD to @familyprotection account, @markwhittam is my personal account. Linda, @canadian-coconut is in charge of all funds that @familyprotection accumulates and all funds should be sent there to @familyprotection.

Thank you

Really important to get all this information out here, and yes now is the time to come up with some ways to help the families and children affected by CPS, @wwf wrote a great post recently with regards to communication via a letter. As a community we need to take back our power from government agencies, be informed and let them know right off that we know our rights and have support around us. Keep up the great work.

Before Steemit and discovering @familyprotection, I had no idea about CPS abuse and the tragedies so many families have gone through. It still is something my mind has a difficult time processing and I know I'm not the only one. The way I see it, this account is already doing a great job waking up people and exposing a merciless system bent on destroying families. Hopefully, we can find ways of helping the families separated by the so-called child protective services of the world.
One thing that is bothering me right now - why is it that most of these cases seem to be happening in rich countries, North America and Europe especially?! Is it because the richer a country the more money can be made by removing children from their families? Just a thought...

i Think perhaps it happens in America and Europe because we’ve moved to a system where hand to mouth needs are generally resolved and part of looking ‘civilised’ is addressing rights of children. Any system that monetises the protection of the rights of children is going to be open to corruption for sure.
In India it’s cheaper not to protect children. In the US for example, they have to be doing so.

Also, as a libertarian I strongly believe any system that starts to ‘nanny’ the people will become progressively more controlling and more arrogant. It’s group polarisation that happens within authorities. They come to justify their actions with their prejudices. It’s a kind of mind state Freud (hate the man!) called ‘camouflage’. We will do a lot of things that suit us by covering them (even to ourselves) with the ‘needs’ of another (for protection, ‘because they don’t know what’s best for them’ etc).
Even quite moral people can get wrapped up in corrupting a system this way.

I learned how their heads work whilst working with our local authority to deal with their awful treatment of home educators and in the UK education and welfare are dealt with by the same department and there’s frequently a conflation of education and welfare. We were flagged as an ‘at risk’ group without any cause and it was causing a lot of problems.

Do you mean when like when liberals hide their fear of radicals by making out they don't challenge them as they are "tollerant"?
The people who work for social services are as you mention. often. i find working class kids who go to university often end up looking down on and patronizing the communities they come from. Social services employ a lot of this type of person..

I think it's happening world wide. However, I suspect that in the less wealthy countries it's only a small amount of their worries so it doesn't really make it into the top list of problems to be dealt with and children are probably more easily then without anyone noticing.

Yeah! It is happening mostly in 'rich' countries, which proves that money is the root of pretty much all of our problems in this world.

Thanks for the feedback @ladyrebecca

It's so exciting that you/we (I feel proud to be included), are getting so close to the next step of being able to physically help families. I believe lawyers, especially those well versed in common law (although every country is different), would be the way forward. If @familyprotection could amass a trustworthy army who can help, that would be amazing.

Have you heard of Karl Lentz? He has been on quite the crusade in the US helping families get their children back. I don't know how active he still is though.

Great! This is just the sort of brainstorming we need.

I will look up Karl Lentz, I also heard of Tracey Morris in England who is helping people get their kids back.

These are the people we shall need on our team when we have the funds!

That's heart warming to hear there are people like that out there. I hadn't heard of Tracey Morris.

Hopefully this will continue to grow and those funds will be there.

@familyprotection is such an amazing initiative and great community. I wish I could contribute more to the cause, because it's such an excellent one - to help children in danger and in need of a friend is one of the noblest things that I can think of.

soon we will have the POWER to REALLY start annoying the legal kidnappers!

I hope this happens real soon. These monsters need to be brought to justice (and I mean real justice, not the charade they do in most courts), or at the very least, they must be shown that's it's not an effortless attack, that other human beings will stand up to them and will confront them. Because I think this is a real issue with these people - the power goes to their heads and they think they're untouchable.
But they're not.

Congratulations again to you all, Mark, Linda, this is such a noble, brave cause!

My thought...buy passports!

Keep it up family protection I’m so happy that this group came into being after I join Steemit ;not before so I can see the progress made have a good weekend let’s keep the momentum up

Thank you @bearbear613

There is no stopping us now!

Let me give you some ADDITIONAL news. Not only can parents and minor children be separated but, also, parents and ADULT children can be separated as well.

In 2012, it was decided that I was neglecting my mom and that she needed a court-appointed guardian. This was decided to be true even though there was no evidence that I was.

I lost my rights when it came to making decisions regarding my mom — and the decisions made by the court-appointed guardian and/or those she decided should care for her instead of me actually shortened her earthly life by what I believe would be years.

I could be wrong, but I see her death as an untimely one — and, likely, coming closer to MURDER ONE than simply being medical decisions that were sincerely made to help her to get better.

She passed away at a ripe old age (not even a month after her 91st birthday), but I believe that it's quite likely that, had she been allowed to continue with her preferred path of care and treatment, she'd still be here and heading towards her 96th birthday this coming April 6.

Even before this came to pass, I was very aware that things needed to be improved when it came to decisions re: Child Protective Services and was starting to also become aware of how intrusive Adult Protective Services could be from horror stories I had read about or watched on TV.

My mom and I had also experienced this with my dad several years before when we were told at different times that he needed to be in the "safe" environment of a nursing home due to his Parkinson's.

We agreed at different times that a nursing home would be best for him as a temporary place while he received therapy, but we knew that he wanted to live out the rest of his life in his own home and looking out on our farm; watching TV and eating on his terms; etc.

We tried to make this happen as much as possible.

He was very aware and enjoyed going out on drives to see what all new was going on.

There's so much more that I can say, but I'll just sum things up for now by saying that — unless there actually IS something really bad going on that requires emergency action — APS. CPS, and their ilk need to stay out of the personal lives of families except for offering help when it's asked for.

In the case of my own family, I would come to understand much later that the reason for all of the intrusiveness had to do with greed on the part of several people.

Sorry to hear of your unfortunate circumstance with the Beast. Just to add a little more insight into this travesty I suggest reading this article: How the Elderly Lose Their Rights https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/10/09/how-the-elderly-lose-their-rights

Thanks, @sojourner65! I'm going to go do this right away!

Thank you for sharing this!

I was never aware or did I ever give a thought for these kinds of injustices. However! I am completely aware of how these state run organizations operate.

If there is a buck to made out of tearing families apart, then you can bet you life on the fact that they will whilst claiming to be protecting your family.

All this makes it easy for people with with vendettas to play dirty tricks and use this system to benefit their own greed!

The world's gone money mad!

@markwhittam -- My apologies for waiting so long to get back with you. I've been busy with other parts of Cyberspace and other things (including simply trying to arrange my life so that I can get the most done on budgets of both time and cash) and have barely been here, though this will soon be changing.

Some of the "concerned" people who reported us (while denying that they did) actually were those who definitely had quite a bit to gain from it.

I suspect that there have been cases where money has gotten laundered and redistributed under-the-table as well as blackmail. I suspect that at least one person who has ended up being one of the worst offenders to the point that his reputation is well-known but hard-to-prove has been threatened with deportation if he didn't keep with the program. When I think things over, I believe that there have been several dealing with this same issue.

I'm still trying to figure it all out. I also see signs that there are several people who have been trying to help me. One of those people described it as having to sleep with the enemy.

That is so horrible. I am so sorry. At Health Impact News - the Medical Kidnap division - we have reported several adult protective services medical kidnappings as well. We have reported on 3 such cases in Boston alone, just since the new year. They are truly heartbreaking. I pray for the day that this corruption ends.

Keep fighting the good fight, @terri-lapoint!!!

I think that there are people out there who actually believe that what they do is okay and that they're actually doing the right thing (as in believing that the family isn't capable of making informed decisions and needed to be helped in this area -- make that OVERhelped...

I plan on giving back but I am literally starting this war in the red

Once I get up and running proper I will dedicate a weeks worth of posts as I like what you have done witj the steemit platform

I don't have to ask for donations or pander to the system in the war against CFS in Manitoba.

But I always return the favor.

Expect it

Great article this information needs to get out.

I am also from Canada from Manitoba to be more exact and I used to live with a girl who's Mother was raised on one of the northern reserves.

It was a big family and with lots of children and she would also look after foster children. I had heard her talk lots about the social workers she had to deal with and I do think there are some that really want to help but are confined by rules put in place by the people at that run CPS.

Another thing that I noticed from being in a small town you get to here alot of gossip and one of the problems I seen was people on Social assistance calling CPS on other people on social assistance as a form of revenge.
You would be shocked at how many people will stoop to this level

Hello, I have some days reading several of your publications but, I do not live in the United States, I can also contribute and even tell my experience with social service but from my country of origin?

I salute to your group very helpful to those who are needy especially to those who need protection. You are very Kind and generous people you worth to be given such Big Blessing to each and everyone on this group. I am sorry i cant able to donate because my steem is not as big and not enough to support your organization. Will lucky are those in need to be protected because there are concern citizen like you out there who are wiling to help!! Glad you do exist, although here in our place we have the DSWD who protect family from being abuse most especially children and we also have Women Desk for womens protection.

"Thank you for sharing about your wondrous group may Godbless you and more power to you all!!"

This is a good idea

Hi Mark,

My privacy workshop intersected with familyprotection and I think it would be helpful for the community to consider it.

I find that many americans especially but people in general are being barraged with post-truth(I call it Truth Never) attitudes that convince people that they can't be convinced, or that they can't themselves determine or know whether something is true or not.

So in my blog I have attempted to attack this problem at its root and then demonstrate ways people can derive and otherwise investigate whether or not something is credible or not from aspects of peoples' accounts, writings, and the general layout of popup nooz sites.

In my latest blog, I use all of this to lead into a discussion of Lori Handrahan's story and come to the absolute conclusion that she is credible, that her child was stolen by a horribly abusive father and that there was a huge, well-funded conspiracy to discredit her and make her lose her job. She is also one of the most outspoken investigators into child protective services and a network of child abusers in the american military.

I think this is important information for everyone to have, I noticed it got slid off the new page pretty quickly so I thought I would reach out and make sure you had a chance to check it out. I would appreciate your thoughts, I am of course not entire certain this is the type of content you find appropriate for the channel. But I think you should.

I'm refering to privacy workshop #6 part 2 specifically but parts 1 and 2 kindof go together. If we are not capable of knowing truth ourselves, then we will never be capable witnesses and against the kinds of liars who are abusing the system we will have no chance. They are hard at work to make it so that none of us know anything at all, they are striking at our roots and so we need to strengthen and defend them.

Thanks for your consideration, @mindhawk


Me gusto tu post . es bueno que existan programas como este para ayudar a las familias mas necesitadas aqui en venezuela estamos pasando por una situacion muy dificil en la que el sueldo y la escases de comida han hecho que muchos venezolanos tengan problemas , y la poca ayuda que les dan , no alcanza , tambien esta el problema de la agresion y la violencia entre familia en la que salen muchos jovenes perjudicados algunos mas que otros , se han visto caso en el que se han quitado la vida porque no pueden mas . saludos .

@markwhittam support me in this steemit visit my blog if you have a time please

Thanks for the explanation. I have read the rules of the community and then wrote a post with the tag #familyprotection . But in this post I noticed only my followers. Please tell me, this happened because it does not fit the theme? I'm asking, because I'm interested in this topic, but I don't understand, in the right direction I'm going. In the comments there was no information about the misuse of the tag, I have seen those comments, when the post does not meet the requirements of the community. If you want I can give you a link to my post. Thanks in advance for the answer!

Let me clear this things. I'm still new about this one really sorry for that, ayway is all of the donations/supports are distribute to help all the unhapy child ( like a violent victim ) without any distinction of their religions and their past right? ;)

Excuse me, i actually have two things i would want you to help me address;

  1. i would love to join the community to brainstorm on the matter. Is there some kind of platform for this? Or we just do it by means of our posts?

  2. i actually wrote something on #familyprotection a few days back and i dont think anyone viewed it. So will it be ok if i sent you a link to it?

Thank you.

postingan yang bagus sangat bermanfaat
saling berbagi itu lebih baik
good luck

Hello @markwhittam and the entire #familyprotection community, I appreciate the work you have taken upon yourselves to do, and I say more grace.

While there in Europe and other developed parts of the world, you are dealing with CPS, here in Africa, and Nigeria particularly, it is more of a private business thing, and the government is not doing much about it, I will want to bring this to the knowledge of the world and maybe we could fight this together because these children also deserve better.

I get it. it's a great idea. I've been through the care system and now my family are struggling with the attention of social services in UK. My step daughter is terrified they will take her new born daughter as her ex partner and the babies father is violent and has assaulted her. In her experience, she is being treated like a criminal. She's a good mother. maybe a bit lazy at times but the point is, she's just a struggling young mother. Due to her ex partner she is being punished and scared by SS. it's unfair at best. she now has to have a hair strand test yet she's done nothing wrong.......Social services, though i acknowledge they do do a vital job, seem to focus on certain communities and for reasons of PC culture, not others....
That's why this community is a great idea.....

Good to finally see this...thanks Mark! (Also: contributed...more as I grow!

I wholeheartedly support this community and hope we can work closely together in the future as our investigations take shape.

Thanks for the info! Can I ask a question? The community looks at every post with tag familyprotection? Why I ask this, I think, that a post with such tag is written to a specific audience. And if among my followers there are no people, who are interested in this topic, just post no one will read. And when I write this post, I want at least to hear advice from knowledgeable people and to hear their opinion. Thanks in advance for the answer!

I have not written them but, they read most of the publications with the label and even tell you

thank you for this post!
Just right in time) I was going to make it and didn't know how to do it.

I have joined donating and made a post about it to attract followers' attention to this great project


this is a great post and good explaining how we all can help @familyprotection and white this we are helping the children and the parents of course. What if our child is taken away? Then we all are crying. So I hope more people will care about

It is a very good initiative for underprivileged children to support the initiative

I am proud of your post, because you are very concerned with the problems of women and families.

oh my bad, I would say a big sorry to the community for not contributing so far, I must say this was not intentional. Am glad I came across this and hence forth I would be making my contributions for the up keep of this community. I love and would want to continue to speak up for the family and children.

Resteemed and adding link to this post on all my post. Here is a post I just did, give you an idea of what I am doing:

Just want you to check out the links etc regarding @familyprotection

Really important and valuable post... thanks for sharing

Send me spd please to @bassem98

What's the prize?

I didn't know about this community until now..
You are doing a great job and I'd love to join you!
I'm writing my story about suviving domestic violence and drugaddiction, right now in the #monthlyauthorchallenge !
And yes, in a few days I'll write about the INTERFERENCE of CPS!

You're welcome to read my posts. This is the latest one:

Sounds like a very good project, wishing all the members of the family protection all the best :)

This is great idea i am going to join.Keep it up and best of luck

Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, but you behaviors decide who will stay in your life... and very awesome.....

This is such a wonderful initiative! Will be supporting this 101% percent! Cheers!

To be featured today on Jane's CHAOS Show.
I would invite anyone working to raise awareness of the subject to come on the CHAOS Show.

Hmmm... impressive upvote you maam

I made a post with your tag. It seemed to earn me about $15 and on the 7th day I checked the wallet to see how much I get, so as to send back a percentage, as suggested. I have not seen any receipt of funds even close to this (75% should still be over ten dollars). The only receipt of funds in dollars (not cents) was one of about $5.

Please, if you have the time, check my wallet and let me know if I'm wrong. If I am right, I will return to you the full $5 - with my earlier contribution, it means I will then have given $15 and I will not need to feel I benefitted even one cent.

As you probably realise, I am p*ssed off. I took the trouble to write a post with my idea. If someone had even read it, I maybe would not have been so angry. But to see I am upvoted (so as to give back) but nobody has even opened my post to read it - that is insulting and, for me, casts doubts on the genuiness of this project.

Even if you had read it, I still would have expected that out of common courtesy you would comment and at least explain why my idea is not practical.

From now I am keeping my donations for giving directly to those in need.

Why are you pissed off? Your post received $15 and you should only donate what you think is reasonable. Its not possible for me to read and comment on every post.

Plus, 19 people looked at your post, and u got 19 votes, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!

First of all, I believe that most of the number under 'viewed' were me checking to see how many viewed. That, however, is not the main point.

What you are saying is that the whole point of the post was for making money? I never had any intention of keeping any of it. You did ask for suggestions, ideas.

You write as if we are trying to make legal points. All I am doing is letting you know I feel disappointed that I took the trouble to make a post that I was hoping could be useful, and you don't care to look and comment.

Fine. I received, let's say, 75% of $15. So, let us round it off to $12. I have sent $10, so I will transfer another $2 as I do not want to give anyone the right to say I benefitted .

Done. Returned 3SBD

No your wrong! If you view that post a million times it will still say 1 view.

We are a community, I am just a guy! The community responds to good posts, if you are new then it might take a bit longer to get noticed, I don't know, I don't have all the answers, we are trying to figure this out together!

I don't owe anybody anything but I am TRYING to help as much as I can, it's not about money.

I have put in a lot of time and effort into this, might I add that I am volunteering All my time.

Please! Give me break!

Thanks, I'm glad to learn that about the 'view' statistics. Previous comment has been corrected. Also, it always was my intention to give all earnings back for helping the children, so I've only done what I had intended to do anyway.

I acknowledge I did get carried away - so, my apologies.

Full disclosure – I work in the child protection system. I get paid to help bring families back together so I hope I would be considered one of the good guys. I also have witnessed the dark side of DCFS and could give many horror stories, and I think that what you are doing has value as these horror stories need to be exposed.

At the same time I could also give many stories of success and legitimate reasons why sometimes children need to be separated from their parents - to be safe. I could give you personal experiences of dead babies and children by the hands of family members. I am also quite curious as to why I keep hearing about DCFS (aka CPS) making money off of “kidnapping” children. I am not being argumentative as this could be true in certain areas of the world, but at least where I am from the child welfare system is a governmental agency which is, by its very nature, non-profit. Most of us who work in the child welfare system work for non-profit agencies and get a salary no matter what the outcomes. The foster care system is not an adoption service and agencies do not make money “selling” babies, and most agencies lose funding if they keep cases open for too long. I have seen some for-profit lawyers slow down the process (likely for their own benefit) but this is why we have public defenders.


Well in my city the Child protection workers and the judges and lawyers all got fat or comfy. While families were torn apart and those kids were turned into criminals or child prostitutes.

Family is a human right beyond laws of government.

I would like to know were child welfare workers are paid fairly let alone comfy. Perhaps I should move to that state. Once again, however, I am getting paid to bring the families back together.

Oh, well, perhaps comparing American and Canadian systems is like comparing apples and oranges. I would not be surprised if Canada takes better care of their government workers, and people at large.

No Manitoba has the most kids in care per capita in the western world.


Because elite pedophiles mostly

Yikes!!! So the system has been infiltrated by organized crime? I stand corrected.

I have a friend who can share volumes about these kinds of goings on. He has personally lived through this kind of situation. I hope that he'll accept an invitation from me to join Steemit, and I'll suggest that he gets involved in this thread.