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It's been super hectic days lately but I am enjoying it and loving it because this it is with my family. My Sister and her family has come down to Muscat to spend 2 weeks with me. It's just been 2 days that they have arrived and since they are here for a short period we are trying to make the most of it so that they can see as much as possible in this time and also that the kids can have some good time for their holidays.

Once a year we make it a point that the whole family meets up, that is my Sister, her Husband and 2 Children and My family and our Mom. My Mom and Son had arrived much before and now it's a house full. Thankfully my Sister is as particular as me when it comes to having things in place at home, so I am little relaxed on that front as there is not that mess around when you have guest at home.

My Happy Small Family

Me and my Sister, we have a love, hate relationship...hehehe. She is elder to me and like most of the elder sisters she also believes that I know nothing. Sometimes I just feel it is worthless to argue with her, as I know she will keep going on and on and never accept that she can be wrong in her thoughts as well, So I just say OK and move on. We are both poles apart when it comes to our personalities. It is said that the biggest critics in our life are our family members and that goes very apt with me in my family. My sister does not believe in my work, that is the Crystal and the Alternative Healing therapies that I work with. She believes all this is fake. Though many times her beliefs has been challenged but the ego is so high with her that she does not want to surrender and accept it. So now I have left it to nature that when the right time will come she will get her lessons.

Anyways now is the time for fun and enjoyment with the family. It's just 10 more days and then everyone will be gone. Though now I am looking forward to my quiet time. Since the last 5 months it's been a guest rally for me and I am feeling a little exhausted now attending everyone. More than anything I am missing my quiet time and my regular practices which is going all haywire. Also I have enrolled for some online healing programs which I am waiting to start. So once I get free by the end of this month my complete focus is just going to be on my work and the new learning's that I want to do. Till then the next few days is all just fun and play, travelling and exploring.

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I've been focusing on spending time with family and self-care a lot lately. It's a good thing, though sometimes family can be frustrating too. ;) I've been enjoying my children, so much. I'm infinitely grateful for my twins, and that they're best friends. They fight, but they're so close and there's so much love between us all. It's wonderful. Blessings to you and your family. :)


Oh you bet, at times even my Son gets on my nerves and I tell them openly now I need my space so everyone just be away from me...hehehe, but nowadays I hardly get to see them so I try to keep up to everyone's fuss ;-)

Your sister is born perfect hehe

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There is nothing like spending time with family on earth. God bless everyone

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That's true, being with your family is priceless. Thank you my dear for your good wishes.

And where is mom? Has she left already?
You look different with your sister, but native blood is priceless:)
I have an elder brother, but we never compete, he is much elder, 11 years, and he is a man:) women will always compete:)


No, she is here still with us. They all leave together on 22nd. This place had a climb so she did not come up.
Yes everyone says we look different, it's may be just because she is little over weight. These days I just keep quiet so no scope of arguments...hehehe
11 Years is a long gap I guess then the connection is at a different level, they start acting more as parents then sibling. In my case in 2 years gap also my sister behaves like she is my mom :-)

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It is awesome to spend some time with our family or even relatives so that we can know more about each other @nainaztengra and check each other if there is a problem that needs to be solved.