Benefits of Eating Together With Family

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I have countless memories from growing up of sitting around the table and eating many meals with my grandparents.

If I was lucky then usually when I would sit down it would be fish sticks on the plate, with some carrots, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. Sometimes grandma would get fancy and make a roast or cabbage rolls, maybe the occasional mac and cheese or meatloaf. Usually, I was looking forward to those fish sticks with veggies. I also wasn't allowed to leave the table until I drank my one glass of milk.

I have many good memories from sitting around that table, each of us sharing about our day together.

This was the norm for many families back in the day, sitting around the table and eating together was a common pastime and for some families it still is today.

There are millions of people today who don't sit down to eat dinner with their family regularly and researchers have suggested they could be missing out on some potential benefits aside from the valuable time with loved ones.

Research has shown that kids who spend time eating together with the family often have better diets, they're better able to foster healthier relationships with their family members, and it could hemp to promote improved academic performance.

Spending time eating together regularly with family can also leave the children feeling better both physically and mentally.

In 2007 it was estimated that less than half of Americans spent time eating with their families regularly.

For most, it's all about convenience and it's much easier to grab something quick at a fast food restaurant then to prepare something at home--at least that's what you might assume.

Previous research has shown that parents often assume that the time it will take them to prepare a meal at home is going to take more time than it would for them to get in the car, drive somewhere, and buy something else. Parents have also previously been found to overestimate the cost that it would take to prepare meals at home, they might think that eating out regularly is the cheaper option. But that is how many people have quickly driven themselves into debt, they've also likely consumed a generous variety of food that's largely void of quality nutrition.

The number of families sitting down to dinner might be on the rise...

A recent poll from 2016 found that at least 87 percent or more of Americacns will sit down at least once a week with their family to consume a meal. This was based on a survey that had 2,236 participants.

Earlier research has also discovered that for those families who are earning more money that they are more likely to make the time to sit down together and eat at least once a week (families earning $75k or more).

It's understandable why it might be hard for families to coordinate getting together for a daily meal or two, especially if it's a larger family with several individuals working or going to school etc.

One main reason that many families can't make the time today is because juggling multiple schedules so that everyone can be there at the same time is too difficult.

Despite the fact that many people are opting for some take-out and can't make time home to sit at the table with the family doesn't mean that they don't want to.

One previous national survey determined that as much as 80 percent or more of families said that they would like to increase that time spent with family eating together dinner at the table.

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I love to eat in family 🙌👍

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This is big. Something I totally agree should be important in most peoples lives.

I sit and have a meal with my love @kelsnm everyday. But not so much my other family members and the tension shows.


@doitvoluntarily excellent report, here in my country the same thing happens and began to occur after the deaths of the grandparents and when the mothers had to go to work.
Thank you very much dear friend for sharing this news I wish you a wonderful weekend

I would say that modern families share very little at the table when it comes to eating, with all the social networks and technology today prefer to be everyone in their world and miss a magical moment, eat together at the table creates a unique connection with your family.

Hello, your article is very interesting. I think that apart from the time and the different occupations that each member of the family has, it is a question of value, of habit. Today many young people eat in the room connected to the television or computer, under the indifference of parents. The training comes from home. Nice to read you, use the google translator. Good night


translator ? awesome!:) thanks for stopping by