Children Being Taken In Record Numbers

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Tens of thousands of parents are reported to have had their children taken away from them via secret court orders thanks to social services agencies.

It's alleged that councils have been busy removing children from their families in record numbers and many of these families aren't equipped to deal with the costly and lengthy battle it will require to try and get their loved ones back.

One mother, Jill Goss, admits that her daughter was taken away at only 10 weeks old, after she made a routine appointment with her GP, which resulted in the worst of circumstances in feeling as though she's had her child essentially kidnapped. Her daughter has since allegedly been adopted and Goss admits that there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't think about her.

In one year alone, it's estimated that social services will check up on millions of children. Several years ago it was estimated that roughly 415,129 children in the U.S. were in foster care.

In the UK, there are thousands of mothers who have had multiple children taken away from them via family courts.

Tens of thousands of children have been removed; court records from 2014 revealed that more than 22k children had been taken away from 7,143 mothers.

Often, there will be two or three children who are removed from a home at one time.

Even if you agree with the general premise of what these agencies are supposedly seeking to accomplish, at the rate that they are operating they are bound to make a few mistakes eventually and no doubt they certainly have.

They inflict unimaginable pain and suffering upon families and individuals when they intervene unjustly to remove their children from them, which has fueled growing criticism against these agencies and their tactics over the years.

Some have created petitions that have called for federal funding to be abolished for child protective services as a potential solution to the problem.

It isn't only victims who have had their loved ones taken from them who have spoken out against this system and the agencies involved in this work either.

One prominent senior family judge in England and Wales, has been quite aggressive and outspoken in calling for more transparency in family courts.

That judge, Sir J. Munby, has previously asserted that the public has a right to know what is taking place in their name, being carried out by public officials.

The secrecy could be allowing judges and other authority figures to get away with making countless wide-reaching mistakes. Opening up the process to the public, Munby suggests, would invite more public criticism of their decisions-- too which he says judges shouldn't be immune.

The rate that children are being taken away from their families in the UK has reportedly grown dramatically, more than 34 percent, with over 10,000 allegedly being taken last year through forced court care orders.

In one instance, it's alleged that a child had been taken away because they were deemed to be too fat, others because they failed to brush their teeth.

Is this what you want your money funding? Going toward fueling the sort of injustice that breaks apart a mother and their child because the child neglected to brush their teeth at such a rate that satisfied the government? Unfortunately, we find that when you ship these children off away from their families, you can easily be sending them to a much worse situation.

The family court system in the UK has been described by some to be the most secretive court in the region.

On one occasion it's reported that a 72-year-old grandmother had been imprisoned via this system, because she was caught on CCTV footage giving her granddaughter a hug in a park after the courts had prohibited them from meeting.

Quite often these horrors are taking place in the shadows, but thankfully in recent years with the help of technology and social media (groups like @familyprotection etc), there has been growing awareness of and criticism for these agencies and their seemingly corrupt tactics.


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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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My dad's girlfriend's son is a social worker, he is looking to leave the profession because he is mortified by this trend. They are being instructed to remove children on any whim, they have huuuuge lists of family's lined up ready for adoption and there are lots of backhanders involved so people with money can get what they want. It's a dire situation, to the point where people who took on such roles because they truly wanted to make a difference are turning away from their passion and calling because of mass scale corruption!

Very informative post!


It would be great if you could write a post about this social worker and what he has shared with you. When/if you do, please tag it #familyprotection so that we will be sure to see it and upvote and resteem it to our followers. Thanks,


I am sorry to disappoint, but i have no met him, and only met the g.f twice! He's told his mother, who's told my father, who told me so this is literally all of the input I had. And I am not going to bullshit my way around a topic for the sake of a potential blog that may do well. If we do get to know each other however ill pick his brains and be sure to blog about it if i have any substantial info. :)


Sounds good. Thanks for responding.


that's just terrible, thank you for sharing though!, I agree you should write a post and share more


Ah I am afraid that was all the info i have, i have not met him myself, he's told his mother, who told my father, who told me. And i won't bullshit around a topic for the sake of a blog that could do well. If i get to know him i will pick his brains some more :)

I've been following a story today about a couple in the UK - police launched a massive hunt for the parents who ran away yesterday with their two kids as they had reasons to believe their children will be put in foster care. They were discovered earlier and arrested on 'suspicion of child neglect'. That's what it says - 'suspicion'. I have no idea who these people are, but the practice of launcing a massive operation with news alerts and words like 'growing fears for the children' to be abhorrent. They were treated like criminals.
The only good thing is that judging by the comments on these stories, people are starting to question the system and side with the parents.

Sadly the system is broken and it encourages the breakup of families. The family is a major force that stands in the way of evil. Much of the social services has been overtaken with the greed of money. If they can profit by breaking up families and legally kidnapping children they will. It is up to us to fight this was truth. It is up to us to keep Mama Bear and papa bear with their cubs. Thanks for sharing my friend.

Sad news. It's great that we can spread this news far and wide in the hopes that enough people will stop this insanity from continuing. Laws are only as good as the people that enforce them. Protecting the children should be our highest priority as well as getting these psychopaths out of public office.

Make a bad decision that endangers a child? Fired!

God bless and keep up the good fight!

Separating children from their environment is not the solution to the problem, they are creating in this child an indelible mark for the rest of their lives

My eyes were bigger and bigger line after line while I was reading your post.

This is a long way to make these kind of things to change. But it's a way a lot of people will agree to support in order to obtain a better world.





It's ironic how these agencies think taking children from their loved ones will really do any good, it's family separation for God sake, it will always bring heart ache to the parents

this is sad sadness to separate children from their parents and their whole family without knowing where they are going and how they will treat them is unforgivable, another thing is that the child is in a street situation and adopted by a good family that you have to applaud what happens

@doitvoluntarily in many countries of the world things like this happen, I recently wrote a story about a family that has kidnapped all their children, a very popular case in Norway. The same thing is happening at the border of the United States.
It is sad to read this news, thank you very much for spreading them
I wish you a beautiful weekend


Seriously, was your main/only take away from that whole story that a family kidnapped their own children? That's it? Selective reading much?

You just completely glossed over Child Protective Services kidnapping tens if not hundreds of thousands of children every year. Sure there would be some bad parents in there, and children should absolutely be protected from bad people, but CPS does not only protect children from bad parents, they also steal children from good parents at an alarmingly high rate. And what's not mentioned in the article is foster care children are at a much higher rate of being drugged up to the eyeballs on multiple psychiatric drugs so they're easier to manage (most aren't mentally ill, they've been torn from their home or bounced between multiple homes and foster families that only want the government paycheck).

Do you think letting a 10 year old child walking to school or playing alone, or skipping brushing their teeth a few nights, and many more other weak and pathetic reasons, is grounds for the government to steal children and break apart loving families?

If you think all those children are being protected just because the agencies name is Child Protective Services, you are dead wrong. But hey, I've got a torture chamber called the Happy Fun Zone that you might enjoy.

Nice post great work brother

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It is very complicated, because we dont know whats really happening. In some cases the parent arent taking care about their children and they take them away from them. In other cases one of the parents does a small mistake the loose the child. I dont know if it is good or bad, but we cant do much. In my country they dont really do it, but sometimes when I see children suffering in their family home, I wish someone could interfere and help them :(

Good = Respecting and protecting innocent life.
Evil = Hurting, oppressing, or killing for fun or for profit.
Status quo = Power, profit, and control.

Does Child Protective Services (a government agency) respect and protect innocent life? Or do they hurt, oppress, or kill for fun or for profit?

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I was sexual abused by my father, yet to this day, I would never wish to have been removed from my family. Judging by the abuse that occurs in foster care, I was unquestionably better off where I was.


im sorry you had to go through that ✌