Fake News -- Alt-Media is Working!

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Out of nowhere everyone is talking about Fake News! Why would anyone spend their own time and money to make us aware of Fake News? Do they really care about our well-being enough to give up resources to do this?

Let's take a quick look at our corporate media, much of the same media that is running the Fake News campaign. Clearly, they are being told what to say. If they are warning of Fake News, that must make this the real news right?

Media is Scripted ( the so called "Real News" )

This is serious stuff

Fake News

One Fake News story tactic is as follows: a reporter admits they make a lot of money selling fake news as real facts, that news story is probably very truthful and verifiable. A Fake News story will probably be well done, well funded, professional, and likely truthful, verifiable, and believable. However, in light of the big picture this is very deceitful. It conditions us to generalize this uncertainty and doubt and apply it to our other news sources. It works really well unless the victims know how they are being tricked; they will be tricked.

Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)

The essence of the Fake News campaign is FUD (fear uncertainty doubt). Alt-Media is often the one to blow the whistle on high-profit illegal or unethical corporate and government agendas. Unlike corporate media, Alt-Media reporters are less likely to have their jobs threatened by topics that are considered carrier-suicide. It makes since, Alt-Media is more independent these individuals are working directly for their audience. Their audience decides if they will be successful and there is little outside of that to silence them. So, this FUD campaign should target the Alt-Media.

Tail tail signs

This well-funded publicity stunt was easy to spot even if you already unplugged from the cable. This is easy to spot because everyone just started talking about it at the same time without any unusual event taking place. Sometimes these campaigns come out after an event takes place (it may have been staged) but the event does not hold up scientifically (Zika virus for example). It can be really easy to see these things if you're looking for them. If it takes a lot of money and propaganda to spread the message then it is highly suspect.. It becomes really clear what types of topics are subject to the Fake News attacks too. The same things come up over and over just with some re-branding.


Be brave and explore alt-media news sources. Learn how to filter the news yourself. This still is essential to our survival, our environment, and our health. In my experience this is the best way to get real news. These small news sources don't have millions of dollars to flood us with the same story over and over (thankfully!). But we do need to learn to: pick up on things, verify them, and decide if it should or not should not be viral. The process gets easier as one develops trusted news sources. This can't be done for us though, we must do this ourselfs and the highest point of decentralization (everyone participates).

Always give this special attention: Loose the Fear. That should be the priority, being free from unreasonable fear empowers us to do what needs to be done.

Share what you have learned in a positive light. It is really positive to clean up and gain freedom even if the message contains an unfortunate event. If you hear people talking about Fake News they might change their mind if approached in the right way. Always treat someone who was tricked with lots of respect, we all get tricked and your basically treating them like you will treat yourself.

And Beyond

I use patients and remain professional when I see someone inadvertently spreading the propaganda side of the campaign but I always say something. Just warning someone about their cable TV is not enough. It basically takes a village. So, I'm going to offer suggestions and continue to watch out for those that may have gotten side-tracked and I'm going to keep trying to reach them. If nothing else I will learn something from them doing this. I do this out of necessity though, it really does fall on me to do this.

Realize it is often a life-time of programming one must overcome so we must be patient but also be persistent. People will lash out, they need to go through stages of grief in order to really get it. The world may not be what they thought it was. Priorities have to change, assumptions are destroyed and new ones must develop. This can take 6 months for a hard-worker or this can take 10 years or more; we can't know. Many times we move on and pick new friends giving the old friends time and space and free up our attention to someone that is showing progress.

A healthy mind is a mind that accepts all evidence regardless of how unpleasant it may be.


Media is Scripted

The above video was removed. Here is a more recent clip:

DTube Version and Dan Dicks' Report

Quick YouTube Version

It is amazing how bad government and the media truly are. Zero concern for truth, just self interest and power. What makes matters worse is that the majority of people blindly accept the news as truth. Cheers for the update

Yes, media is always was scripted, is scripted and possibly will be scripted in future also but in my opinion we should use our common sense because if we carefully watch then most of the news channels sing the same lines in one way or other way or sometimes it reflects as everyone is by hearted the same lines and they easily influence common people and they feed all the fake news of politics and they never show any topic towards the betterment of common people, so we have to understand one thing the biggest media is every individual and listen to your innerself because your innerself know what is right and what is wrong, and always stand for fellow human beings because we all belongs to one tribe and that is "Humanity". Thanks for sharing and keep doing great work. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

It is really freaky how these different news agencies say the exact same thing, and not only the subject matter but the words used too.

If this doesn't prove that the mainstream media is scripted, then I don't know what does. It is just a tool used by the establishment to brainwash the public and steer public opinion.

But all is not gloom and doom as alternative media is getting more recognition and credibility and people are 'waking up' and becoming more aware of what is really going on. I hope sites like Steemit will be able to help in that regards.

I suggest you look up gamergate, because that is actually a classic example of how this sort of thing works. They are absolutely colluding with each other, I think this is less about them genuinely 'caring' about fake news and people being mislead and more angry that they're being outwitted by a bunch of internet trolls like 4chan.

I was studying gamergate because it's part of my work as I'm close to becoming a games developer with my first game release and it was actually remarkable seeing how co-ordinated they were. Even the 'mainstream' news sites in the games industry do this.

There was an infamous article called "Gamers are dead" that was posted up awhile back, it basically used flimsy data to claim that the stereotype of your average white male playing games was over when in reality they were simply inflating their numbers by using 40 year old women who played candy crush in their statistics to try and make their claims.

Lots of people pointed this out and started fighting back and one of the primary groups who did so was gamergate, this is why when SJWs and Feminists rant on about gamergate and how horrible they are it's really all about the fact that they were exposed for the fraudsters and propagandists they really were.

This I believe is what is happening now, the same sort of people are standing up to the media and I am convinced that they will start targeting everyone on the internet and claiming generically that 'internet trolls' are responsible for making them look bad therefore all posted content and so on should be regulated or perhaps some more extreme morons might suggest people face jail time for posting fake news.

This is why by the way, I get into fights with people who try to dictate was is a 'valuable' post and what is not, that's the first step towards moronic censorship attempts like what we're seeing and it is a form censorship no matter how you look at it, especially if it's one person deciding what posts can even be seen or not.

Oh trust me I know a lot about the workings of the mainstream media. I have known this for years now. And I always manage to see through their veil of deception.
I am also aware of the people behind this. It is sad that such things are usually put under the conspiracy umbrella and its believers 'conspiracy nuts'. I am not saying all conspiracies are true but a lot of them are. They point to the reality we are actually living. It is like living in the matrix and not being aware of it.

What's funny is more recently, the SJWs and journalists tried claiming people were just being conspiracy theorists about this and then somebody actually went and found a bunch of chat logs and emails of these very people actually colluding with each other in a chat room.

That was pretty damn funny.

I just thought I'd mention things as well for those who don't know much about this. Yes, it's getting to the point now where you can't help but be suspicious of these cunts because they not only lie constantly but they act in such shady ways it's impossible not to come up with conspiracy theories about them.

The big thing is simply just making sure there's real evidence and not just somebody babbling in a corner about it and we'll be credible even with the media acting in denial.

I like the strategy of planting seeds of truth in people's minds. Most will never sprout but if the economy collapses or a new 9/11 happens maybe those seeds will sprout in some people. Hopefully they will remember you for planting them and be more open to the truth.

Excellent article. +1 upvote, resteem and follow.

The level of hypocrisy in the mainstream media's accusations of 'fake news' is beyond laughable.
Where do you think this is going? I wrote an article about my thoughts on where it may be leading, but it is merely speculation. I'd love to know what you guys think.

Smart to think ahead. I didn't think of this.

...make it illegal for anyone to report the news without a special license
My Thoughts On Where The 'Fake News' Narrative May Be Heading

I have seen this tactic play out though on other propaganda campaigns. Your probably on to something. I left a comment on your post.

Yes, I noticed the comment. Thank you for that btw, I have had a lot of upvotes for the posts I have written today, but all of my comments were copy and paste jobs or bots. It can begin to feel like no one is actually taking the time to read what you're writing when that happens. lol.

As I stated in the article, I really hope this doesn't happen. I just don't see where else it could be going at the moment. I have an elevated distrust for government when compared to your average "citizen" though, so perhaps I have a limited perspective.

This post it the first post I ever resteemed and I read more than 100 Steem article a week for the past 6 months now.

I hope people will inspire themselves from your post or at least its essence.

I'll keep my comment to this. I have much to say. I'll keep this for future post.

Thank you @jamesc.

Fake News is a Perception currency. The more fake news is perceived as real the more it approaches the limit of reality.

Wow great post. I find it interesting that this fake new campaign has started. It is unusual but like you said is a very good tactic as it make them look more reputable to the untrained eye.

The same tacit is used with the phrase terrorist; Find someone or a group (or create) that is causing atrocities in the world to hide the crimes of the people setting a war against these "terrorist".

The real truth is though, that often the person pointing the finger is almost always hypocritical and guilty of the same crimes, possibly even worse.

Great article @jamesc.
You are right, we need to be patient with people. It is often too much for them to take in all at once ... usually people need to hear the same thing from different sources a dozen times of more before they start to be willing to investigate for themselves. We all should do our small part in opening their eyes gently, but not forcing them open if they aren't ready yet.

The beauty of all of this, as you allude to, is that we're talking about it; it's not just something that happens which we all know but accept.

Hopefully platforms like Steemit can contribute in the war against fake news. (I'm using that term somewhat ironically btw :-) )


people are finally getting it

HA! That is the Gandhi quote from my introduction! I see why you agreed with me now lol.

To comment on your post though, I feel the aggression and lashing out is a survival mechanism. When peoples lively hoods and survival depend on believing a certain narrative they will defend it regardless of presented information. The thought of media working with government to control policy is too unsettling for most and would result in their house of cards collapsing. @choreboy and myself have been discussing the person IRL ramifications of pushing both sides of the #pizzagate topic. A friend on facebook posted an NPR article and said everyone was nut jobs. I commented the specific email in question and asked what a "MAP" was. She replied every email where podesta mentioned pizza and said "are all these people pedo's in these?". Obviously not commenting on what MAP might mean.

I replied with the photo of the guy on the floor of comet covered in blood and said "This is what people are asking about". The thread died there and I am a bit worried of her attacking me personally now.

Time will tell I guess...

I've nothing but praise for this post. As for the mainstream media, I've got just one little statement to make:


That's all I got. Great post BTW. Keep up the good work!! You've got yourself a follower!!

Through the election and now even afterwards - much of the stuff FB'd is just fake made up news. I tell people - Google - if you can't find 3 or 4 news sites with it - it's fake. News is not made - it's repeated.

This is a great blog and thanks for sharing. Upvoted and shared on Twitter✔ for my followers to read. Now following and looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Cheers. Stephen


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Hold on everyone. There is actually a logical explanation for this phenomenon. Stay tuned. I'll write up a thing and post it soon.

OK. Here's my post. Feel free to read it. Maybe it answers some questions. Maybe you'll still be at the same conclusion. But at least you'll have a little more logical explanation to the reason for the phenomenon in the first video shown above. https://steemit.com/news/@littlescribe/fake-media-debunking-the-conspiracy-sorry-to-disappoint-you

It is interesting that there are cases of the AP getting news about things before they happen. I am thinking of how they apparently had news about the collapse of WTC 7 before it collapsed. Not sure how that happened.

The Associated Press DOES explain a lot of the scripted near verbatim speech.

It does not explain the instances of people claiming to be reporting from Iraq during the invasion while caught clearly on a set in the U.S. (CNN). Or in New York claiming to be interviewing someone in London to see the same cars pass behind each person at different intervals as though they were simply standing on different street corners of the same block.

Some news is FAKE. That news is generally on the mainstream media and with big networks like CNN.

It is not all FAKE but some of it is. Distinguishing which is fake and which is not becomes a concern.

The issue here is that it was THESE channels as well as the political administration (Obama) that came out attacking FAKE NEWS and making lists.

I did a big report on this in my Masters program as well as multiple posts on discussions on facebook that fell on absolutely deaf ears. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to see this. There is irrefutable evidence of this happening, even people from these agencies have come forward to say this.

Yet people take what they see on the news and facebook as the gospel.

Speaking of fake news, Mr. Gandhi never said that.