Centralized Facebook's Censorship Sucks, and Decentralized Steemit Wins, Big Time!

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Heavily centralized social media is such a disaster. Just a week ago, Edward Snowden was looking for a decentralized social media platform where there won't be any censorship. People immediately tried to bring him to Steemit.

I logged in to Facebook to know that something I had posted more than a year ago has been removed and I have been blocked from any form of communication for 3 complete days.

No communication whatsoever.


That sucks!

I understand that I had posted someone else's material, which by the way is the most common practice on Facebook, but does it mean that I have to be completely disabled from communicating for 72 hours?

  • I cannot post anything for three days, even if is an information of critical nature.
  • I cannot send message to anyone on Facebook no matter what important thing I have to share.
  • There's no way for me to share a post, not even an option to like or react to a post.

No form of communication at all! Such centralization and censorship!

Why Steemit Wins?

Steemit is decentralized. It doesn't have an official team tasked to censor anything. Quite oppositely, it is up to the people and communities to flag/downvote anything that they might not find suitable for the community.

Even if some comment or post is flagged, the author does not lose the right to share his opinion. There's freedom of speech in true sense, unlike Facebook where all that freedom is detained.

If a person decides to absuse his power to downvote, other people can still come to your help by upvoting you and downvoting that bully.

Steemit presents a far better platform for expression of personal opinion.

Facebook, Twitter and all other social media outlets are highly unreliable with an ability to shut you down or take down your content.

Share your thoughts too.

  • What do you say about Facebook?
  • Where do you see Steemit as a tool to express yourself freely?

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Congratulations on your achievement :)

so the police facebook hires is doing some work :D


Police is the right word I think. Haha!

Facebook is more like an aggressively controlling goverment setup which does not want to listen to anything against it.

Soon, Steemit will be mainstream and Facebook will be looking for survival or may be set up a Smart Media Token of its own to remain

FB is getting worse and worse... for my part; I am here on Steemit more often..


Steemit is still in beta and working on a lot of improvements. Once Steemit establishes itself as a complete social interaction platform, I will bring all my friends over here and say goodbye to Facebook probably.


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