is going to selectively start rolling out advertisements.

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I was happy to read this morning on the @steemitblog that (the oldest app/frontend build on top of the Steem Blockchain) is going to selectively start rolling out advertisements on to improve the sustainability and decentralisation of Steem (the blockchain). Read about it here.

To clarify: is a website run by a private Steem blockchain development company called Steemit inc. is a website that runs at a loss because it generates no revenue and not only that it also put's a lot of traffic on the full nodes that Steemit inc. pays for because it's the most popular front end to access the Steem blockchain.

In other words, Steemit inc. provide a free website that generates loss and the more popular it gets (more traffic) the more loss it generates (increased costs for nodes).

This business model sucks.

In most 'normal' businesses growth should generate more profits not losses.

Finding a business model for I consider a great idea wether it's ads or something else.

ps. The costs of the full nodes are being addressed by MIRA here.

Paying for everything with STEEM.

In the past the website and the full nodes were all paid for by STEEM that was pre-mined. But with the price going down it's all proven not to be a very reliable/sustainable model for growth.

Luckily the mindset for sustainability is changing on Steem.

With Apps finding their own revenue models like Steem Monsters.

Sustainability and revenue is talked about all over the blockchain and I consider it THE topic of 2019.

But other front ends for content still struggle against Which makes sense because it's not that easy to compete with a competitor that is willingly running at a loss.

So I'm glad to see that change.

When rolls out ads that means a more level playing field for the other front-ends to come up with their own business models.

Maybe subscription models for no ads? Or the use of ads themselves.

It's going to be fun to follow!

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Personally I hate ads in this platform! But this is a great approach to build a sustainability of the platform! So this might be a great idea and I wish they will plan well before adding those ads into the platform!


This is great news! I'm glad some positive changes are taking place - maybe they're finally listening to us. :)

I’m pro anything that helps Steem grow!

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I think this is a great step forward for them and while many do not like the idea, the sustainability of the model depends on a change for them to have a path forward. I look forward to see how they roll it out and how I could support by potentially not blocking them if they are not too intrusive. What would be great is if they would create a model where users got get incentives as well for clicking or looking at the ads.

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I look forward to see how they roll it out and how I could support by potentially not blocking them if they are not too intrusive. What would be great is if they would create a model where users got get incentives as well for clicking or looking at the ads.

Yes! That would be cool indeed. Or find a way to get part of the revenue to the content creators that generate the most revenue for the ads.

Well its a proactive step to generate revenue which is always a postive. I think they should really look at not just network ads but selling that space to direct brands which is how you really make money on ads, I've seen this from personal experience

I really think a big opportunity is the promote section of the site it could be revamped to be more intuitive and auction based so it keeps changing based on impressions and users can bid for top spot based on CPM or CPC using SBD/STEEM. While it may serve to recycle steem and SBD back to steemit it may also result in other cryptos being sold to buy steem just for better promo opportunities on the site

I personally wish they could come up with something innovative. It would've been cool is Steemit Inc. got recognition for creating a means of generating revenue (i.e. upvotes and what not) without using ads like almost every other site but I guess not. It just seems a little disappointing if they showcase all this new blockchain technology yet still need to go through the traditional route of earning money.

Hopefully, something innovative with how they will shows ads on their site will prove me wrong and we can all be amazed by their ingenuity.

They have not said how they will go about things so let's see.

Thanks for the info. It only makes sense that they are moving this way. We have discussed in the past the pros and cons of it, and I am continuing to get used to the idea that this is where the future is heading. Hopefully this will help them create a more sustainable model.

I have a good ad blocker lol.
I see Ned is back

Why do you assume it's going to be advertisement in the traditional sense?

I'm pro ads myself just be clear. All i see is unused white space on both sides of this. < >It will be nice to not have to worry that Steemit is going to go under. I also think its crazy to continue with the model of Steem being used to pay expenses. The start ups who thought they could run just with raised ETH are getting hit bad now too. I will feel better about Steem when I know we have a solid plan and are moving forward

It is a proof they want to survive and keep the machine alive. :)

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That by itself is great news!

Finally if everything goes well this could really help a lot :)

Yes!! So glad is adapting to at least a proven businessmodel. They now can have a nice revenue from businesses. Hopefully we'll be presented soon with targeted ads as well!

But on the other hand, it would have also been great to see they could think of finding their own revenue model like @steemmonsters

You can be sarcastic all you like. I don't why you or others automatically assume it's going to be advertisement in the traditional sense.

to see ads you can just open chrome in incognito mode and open any post, its just google adsense.
at bottom of the post


So for now its showing only for not registered/ non logged users.

Thanks for pointing that out!

I don't know where in my reply there is something sarcastic to be found. Is it the targeted ads thing? If ads will be visible I sure do like targeted ads more than random ads.

Also, ads to gain revenue IS a proven way so nothing wrong with that either

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It is good Idea ... Soon we see how this start work :)

They are welcome to run ads along with my content. I put a lot of work into them and would love to contribute to the success of Steemit Inc. and the promotion of STEEM/crypto and blockchain technology.

Thanks sir for give us information .and also happy reading this post .

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I think its a good idea

I am a supporter of this type of mesures, as you mentioned Steemit inc. needs to be sustainable and eventually generate profits if they want to survive on this savage world.

This is not good news... Going to have to smoke a bowl and rant about this later.

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Many cryptocurrencies have their own virtual credit cards or payment system. If we could have that with Steem, many things will change and many new people will join the crowd. I remember Jerry Banfield wrote a post about it last year, but nothing happened yet :(

Happy New Year :D

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