Payouts gone up! A filled to the brim reward pool will start dishing out substantial rewards 3 days from now.

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The payouts are going up while STEEM is going down.

It's a nice little extra that's coming soon for the users that stuck around although I do expect it to be temporary.

The reward pool is extra full because it hasn't paid out any substantial rewards in the last 10 days.

And we still have another 3 days before the real payouts start so it will probably go up a little more.

Here's a small timeline explaining why:

Reward pool timeline.

25th September

HF 20 resulted in 24h of no posts because of RC/Mana bug.

Rewardpool filled up 1 extra day.

26th September

Users can post again but no Voting mana. So basically 5 days of little votes. Many don't post Source. The users that do post will receive very little rewards 7 days later.

Rewardpool fills up 5 extra days.

1st Oktober

Voting Mana is restored and people start posting and voting again (3 days ago). But it takes 7 days to get payouts from these posts.

rewardpool fills up 7 extra days

End result

The reward pool has been filling up more than it could give away over 10 days. It's now filled with 900.000 STEEM (normally around 750.000).

A filled to the brim reward pool will start dishing out substantial rewards 3 days from now.

A nice little extra for the users that kept posting!

Enjoy it!

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Oh no, this extra INFLATION could DESTROY Steem!!!




I made most of my STEEM fortune posting daily in the dark ages of Steemit, back when STEEM was $0.10. I didn’t know anything about blockchain. As far as I understood, Steemit gave me something for my content when Facebook and Instagram charged me just so others could see my work. I was explained by @mada what a decentralized community was, and that was enough to convert me for life. Months and months of posts at $0.10 payouts [...when Steemit was a ghost town for the most part] paid out [ the time] in 100% STEEM. The following spring it skyrocketed to $2.80. I really try to encourage people to post daily, prolifically and consistently for all the reasons we love Steemit, but these little bonuses are extra sweet when they happen.


Well said. If you post anyway, it's best to do it here and not waste content and creativity on Instagram or Facebook. Too bad I did discover Steemit a little bit too late but anyways it opened many doors and my view towards the cryptospace.


Accumulating is the best strategy nowadays.
Steem on

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I remember those dark ages very well. Even today all those STEEM tokens earned back then if kept would have been worth 8x as much today.

I really try to encourage people to post daily, prolifically and consistently for all the reasons we love Steemit, but these little bonuses are extra sweet when they happen.

Never stop posting is what I would recommend too. And yes, they sure are!


Very inspirational comment and yes always be consistent everyday @kommienezuspadt

Does it prove bidbots do drown the pool?


The bots take from the pool according to their stake. Some call it drowing others a business model. It depends how you look at it.

But bid bots were also reset to 0% so most were disabled for 5 days as well. All of it helped to adding to the reward pool.

Yeah, I've been noticing that the value of a 100% upvote has been increasing slowly, even while Steem continues its downward trend. Now I better understand why that was happening... thanks @exyle!


Same for me. I was wondering how my upvote kept going up without STEEM going up. I regularly track both.

This is really good for those of us who were able to post throughout and chose to.

I've never been turned off by the idea that STEEM is low in price. What difference does it make when you're just powering up anyway? I've never withdrawn any STEEM from the platform and don't plan to until I've been on here for a year. So for me it's all been extra accumulation, because rewards were also easier to come by just in these months in which people have not wanted to post for low immeidate dollar value of rewards.

Thanks for sharing good news.

The great thing is that to add to the large pool, Steem at its prices is getting more distributed. Whereas a $2-3 post would have only yielded o 1 Steem in the last in rewards, it is now providing 2-3 Steem. That logic is what has motivated me to post everyday and engage actively in comments to take advantage of this opportunity that may not last long!

Thanks for this useful information! I'm happy I stayed. Most are in for the money as always. Let's see how bright the future is and what it's gonna hold for us:)

Yes I've been wondering that too, from all the money coming in, well that's good

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I read about this earlier today. Good news to make us for the four days inactivity on the chain.

Give me the moooneeey :D lol. Pssst its mentalhealthguru lol

Yay for those of us who post.

I didn’t post for the first two days but I sure did upvote and comment. Looking forward to the rewards.

Yay steem!!

Also, there seems to be less of us posting and getting back into the rhythm.

Thanks again Mark! For being the bearer of great news!! Enjoy 😊

Ohh! yes it's time to get something extra for doing regular posting.
It's true reward for the consistent player like you dear sir.

God bless you dear sir.

Very interesting. I had noticed that my anticipated payouts were going up but wasn't sure why.

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That is great news to all those who kept posting and believing in this platform. Congratulations to everyone,enjoy the extra rewards😁

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Oh nice. I hope some of those rewards get to my blog. I have been posting since I could without draining my mana or credit.

I should get posting too, just in case there's still some left after a while. Need to catch all the drops of charity before it finishes.

Well, at least there are some benefits to sticking through the rough times

Nice explanation! Should we expect an inflation of posts now that the word is out? :)

Oh boy, that's why I love consistency (well, when it's not a stupid one)!

wonderful news bring joy to the heart. Thanks for the update :)

Equilibrium should be reached across the board.
Really good to see a little bump when you stick around.
Keep on postin’

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@exyle - thanks for the explanation. I totally agree with you. Not to be negative but could one additional factor be the fact that some planktons and others are no longer posting or are posting less and as a result there are less people in the reward pool as well? If there are less people then there is more to go around and the value of everyone's SP will be then be worth more.

yes it looks like a long time for us after hard fork lol

Awesome write up. I am not sure I fully understand all of the technicalities of it, but it is still very exciting. It's always amazing to see how things happen on Steemit. It's like I am learning something new every day!

Those are good news, an excellent reward although temporary for those that kept posting.

As I mentioned on one of your previous posts, I had troubles posting during that time, so I decided to let the changes settle down, so I might be out of this small boost. But it definitely is an interesting event.

Anyways it's good to see everything back to normal with a lot less spam, although now you can comment faster :D


I am also glad everything is back to normal and working very well. I do love the comment time of 3 seconds. It's a time saver for me.

Yeah lol when I saw theth were going up I was like 😄🎉😏

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Great news for steemians this is time to keep steeming on :D

Mark @exyle I did not stop posting no matter what was happening during the HardFork.............

I made a livestream today speaking on the rising reward pool. We watched it cross 900k live!!!


Nice! It's still going up 919,055 STEEM now!


At this rate we will be at 1 Million Steem in the reward pool!!!

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I do expect it to drop fast once the 'extra' rewards will be given in 3 days. Maybe we just reach a million before that. Let's see!

Wouldn't that just be 3 extra days? Because posts from last week are still being paid out

Oops. I'm going to miss the benefits of that then @exyle as I've only just got back to posting after my holiday.

Never mind. I thoroughly enjoyed my first time off for nine months! 😊