I'm on The State of Steem Forum #8 tonight talking about the Steem.DAO

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When I said yes to @pennsif the other day to come on The State of Steem Forum tonight I sort of forgot what day it was.

February 14th, Valentine's day.

I know Bianca likes these things a lot...oops.

Luckily, she understood the importance of why I couldn't make it so we had valentine's day yesterday with a nice meal and it was fun.

@pensiff asked me to come on and ask some question to @blocktrades and @ned about the upcoming Steem.DAO.

I think I'm one of the only witnesses that has a bit more of a critical stance on the whole project.

Like I said before, I don't mind that it's being build. It's non of my businesses and a deal between @blocktrades and Steemit Inc.

But once it is build, the proposals on the Steem.DAO need a way of funding.

The route that's been taken now is donations only and then later the Steem.DAO will be used to decide which funding method will be implemented (Probably inflation, most likely author rewards.)

A way of reasoning that makes no sense to me. Building a platform first and then later decide where the money for proposals is going to come from.

These are questions that should be answered first not 2 months from now when it's finished. Especially if they require a hard fork.

Any inflationary changes requires a Hard Fork. Hard Fork requires consensus from witnesses. Witnesses get voted in by the community.

Because this Hard Fork most likely will directly affect the community it therefor also makes sense that the whole community understands why this project is needed and why it's valuable to Steem and why they should part with a % of their author rewards.

What value will the Steem.DAO provide to Steem that can't be provided today?

I'm on Steem every single day and there is an insane amount of development going on without a DAO.

I have been asking around if anyone could provide me with a proposal of something that can only be done by a DAO.

I have not gotten answers yet.

So I think it's nice that @pennsif invited me and I get the chance to ask these questions directly.

I'm hoping I get all my doubts taken away because i wish nothing but the best for Steem.

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Hey @exyle, glad to read that you'll be on air tonight! I've listened to and read with interest your thoughts on the worker proposal program.

I have quite a bit of experience seeing it used with Bitshares with varying degrees of success.

as you state if it's used to build a DAP why do we need it when things are being built without it? For example TokenBB has a chance o be awesome!

If it's used to work on the blockchain like for example RocksDB that changes things as Steem Inc doesn't need as much staff on payroll.

Those are some very good questions and I thank you for having the guts to be the one to ask them. I think some of the "management" has been pretty mercurial lately and some people are afraid of questioning them for fear of retribution. Those are questions that need to be asked and answered though. I look forward to hearing more about where this ends up heading.


Self-censorship on steemit is very real. That's why we have so many flattery comments and honest counter viewpoints so hard to come by.

Can steemit outperform Facebook?

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

With @blocktrades latest update, I hope that @Steem.DOA will be an amazing project

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say! @exyle

I'm so tired of steem inflation being the solution to everything.

Look exyle I'm no expert with the last great change we lost some steemians. And I'm afraid that little by little the steem you get with posting is little to nothing. I mean I heared max 20% less reward.... and I'm a Dutch man I know how it is to be ..... Look at our btw now that's one of the things and rent and house prizes going through the roof and the stealing of the success taxes from the government from us... we all except it... mak als een lammetje...

I know that everyone is working around the clock to work at steem I know that it must be paid someway... nothing is for free even the sun shining isn't free. Milieu belasting.

But I think we going to overshoot everything by zeroing that pool.

Why not making a real a really real face book app... with a business model like Facebook I see different apps but it isn't face book I'm no programmer well I did basic. Little html and php but that's no app making with the security etc..

Also why are drug wars and steem monsters browser based and no app? I'm just curious. Why? I also asked it at a good friend who is a developer for uch years and he is making apps now. I didn't get an answer yet.

I don't want to be negative I'm also bit negative but I'm on your side too. Also with another reason. The one with the largest steem will get the biggest vote this kind of voting is like this you have 80% ownership of a company you have meetings and plans beautiful plans in your vision ok you have 80% it's your company. You struggle with ideas the meetings they say okok that's not good this why is that going wrong....

You propose a voting system a good idea the one with the most stock has the biggest vote. To run this system all employees gets 20% less salary. What will happen to that company? Be honest what will happen? Some say yeah but it is good for the flow of the company this and that okok we will do it another way the system comes and we vote the whole company can vote where the funding comes from.

But still you have that 80% and a few 5% at the top.

And like you I'm a witness too and you know what? I'm glad I stepped in with cheap vpsses because in a year time I missed 5 blocks I got 5 blocks in a year time so if I would have bought it somewhere else it costs like 100 euro times two times 12 so 2400 euro's now it costs only 600 euro a year. It runs but doesn't produce blocks and it has 10 cores while only 1 or 2 cores are needed I think so I'm glad I didn't buy that expensive package. 🙈 this weekend I go on the witness chat asking why I miss blocks when the server log shows me it is running.

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I’ll be on! 😎

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