Believe it or not, I really like what you are standing here up for... Following you now too :-)

Just used way too many bid-bots.. Don't spend too much on them and stick to using one or two (if you still plan to use them), one per post even.

Welcome to #newsteem.

Get used to the DVs, they are now 'free', so people use them for many more reasons than just 'abuse', mostly for disagreement with rewards..

I don't agree with 'blind downvotes' though, where people just DV anything upvoted by a bot.. I think people need to judge the content before DVing.

Ha ha, thank you. I agree with it. I always questioned the ideas behind the voting bots too, and... I decided,
you can't beat them - join them :-)

So yep, cool movement, cool initiative, will try not to use upvote with my next post :-)
Though, with some of the boots, you can't see they were upvoted...

SFR defines Bid Bot Abuse as:

Compared to similar posts in the same category, the bought votes increase the rewards of the post above 50% of similar content.

There is not much of similar content. People posted their ref codes without not much of any usable content at all.

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