EXXA Wallet Launch – Millionaires Maker Moment!

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Exxa Wallet Launch

EXXA Digital Wealth Network is a One-Stop Blockchain Wealth Management Platform, officially launched on 29th September
with a Big Inauguration Event at ONE 15 Marina,
in Sentosa Cove, Singapore.

Exxa was formed to help people achieve financial freedom and independence by leveraging
the game-changing potential of cryptocurrencies.

Exxa Launch, Grand Opening In Singapur

It is managed by a team of very powerful, experienced, reputable people with Danny Tang as a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Frankie Lee - Founder, Gregory Ang - Co-Founder, Chia Hock Meng Michael - Share Holder and SQ2 FINTECH PRIVATE LIMITED - Share Holder

exxathumb (2).png

It has a beautiful office located n the main area of Singapore
360 Orchard Road, # 06-07 International Building, Singapore 238869
Tel: +65 6235 8890 i +65 6235 8891

exxathumb (5).png

Exxa has 3 Features with the multi-currency crypto wallet being its main component.

EXXA Token Digital Assets Wallet is the Most Powerful Wealth-Building Secret in New Era of Digital Assets.

exxathumb (7).png

You can just store your cryptocurrency on it, but you can also do something way better! You can send your Bitcoins, Ethers, USDT or other coins in trust management. From this simple action, you will receive daily profit of 3-19% per month (if the deposit is up to 300 $ - 3% -9%, if the deposit is more than 300 $ - 6% -19%)!

But that's not all!You get profit in EXXA tokens, the price of which is constantly growing!
A similar project PlusToken made many $ millionaires... (In PlusToken, the price of the token increased from $ 0.4 to $ 300. Initial Plus Token investors have increased their capital by more than 600 times!)

EXXA took into account all the mistakes of the older brothers and made a much better product!

- Simplicity! Unlike analogs, registration takes 5 seconds; it is also not necessary to enter SMS in analogs, which many do not receive!

- There are trading reports, as well as evidence of working trading software. The counterparts did not have any reports and evidence…

- And there is an Open Guide, a direct connection with the admins.

Altogether, in front of you is an OPPORTUNITY LIKE NO OTHER! Do not miss it; the price of the token is now at the very start! The potential is bigger than HUMONGOUS!

The product is 100% FREE TO USE, Exxa purpose is to make the world of crypto accessible to everyone, but…

to earn from it, you need to deposit to your Exxa Wallet at least $10 worth of BTC, ETH, LTC or USDT.
And, if you want to be rewarded for inviting to Exxa other members and be paid for the network below you, you will need to hold in your Devo+ founds worth of $300 USD.
Please notice, all of your coins are accessible to you any moment, you can exchange them and withdraw any time.
(If you withdraw below $300 before 30 days, the commission will be 10%, if later - 1%)

Please read about the commission structure from HERE, and please notice that if your partner reaches your rank, you stop receiving an additional percentage from him. Unlike previous alike structures, there is compression here. And this is very good! You can outgrow your sponsor:-)

For Step by Step How to Register and Participate CLICK HERE

Load the application - https://exxa.net/ Your Referring Code: 96531078

exxathumb (6).png

After registration, please write to [email protected] with any questions. We are 100% dedicated to help you succeed! In Exxa Structure, Your Success is Our Success!

Additional Marketing and Training Material with one's own Referring Code will be available to everyone in our team,
all the way to infinity down :-)

If you've been dreaming of finding the perfect business online, you've just found it!

EXXA can change your life! Don't waste this chance!
All in all, this is a very simple business.
You keep your money in your Exxa wallet on your mobile phone, and collect for it your daily profits!

The following is taken from my just written entry on http://promoteadspaypro.com/extra/ExxaLaunch.html]

(It is my article, so there could not be a problem with copied content).

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bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

I was not active on steemit for some time, maybe the regulation has changed. What did I do to have my post flagged??

Believe it or not, I really like what you are standing here up for... Following you now too :-)

Just used way too many bid-bots.. Don't spend too much on them and stick to using one or two (if you still plan to use them), one per post even.

Welcome to #newsteem.

Get used to the DVs, they are now 'free', so people use them for many more reasons than just 'abuse', mostly for disagreement with rewards..

I don't agree with 'blind downvotes' though, where people just DV anything upvoted by a bot.. I think people need to judge the content before DVing.

Ha ha, thank you. I agree with it. I always questioned the ideas behind the voting bots too, and... I decided,
you can't beat them - join them :-)

So yep, cool movement, cool initiative, will try not to use upvote with my next post :-)
Though, with some of the boots, you can't see they were upvoted...

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Saya masih baru dalam dunia steem dan crypto
tetapi saya kira ini cukup menarik.

Terima kasih dan semoga berjaya pada Steemit :-)

Ok.. Trima kasih kembali. Semoga dimasa depan kita mendapat suatu hal yang baik
di steem..

Here is a video How to Deposit your Crypto to your wallet video:

Idk sounds like a ponzi to me

Posted using Partiko Android

It looks to you, from the surface. Go deeper, it is a real trading robot and great app, and even a greater opportunity :-) The people behind are too big to come with a ponzi and scam anyone...

The people behind are too big to come with a ponzi and scam anyone

Ponzi works especially well when it's organized by the big ones. You must have missed a lot in the history of scams in the last god-only-knows-how-many years (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ponzi_schemes). Even the "Ponzi" (yes, the guy who's name become the keyword for those kind of schemes) could easily be classified as a "big one" when his business was at the peak (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Ponzi#Securities_Exchange_Company)

Again, have you ever seen a Ponzi with the owners and shareholders names and a real address with the phone numbers??

Well, I have seen plenty of ponzis with people PRETENDING to be someone else

Posted using Partiko Android

I have a friend and online partner in Thailand, he checked the company with the branch there, it is a MAJOR one :-)
Check everything out too, before making assumptions.

You may be right, I'm just making assumptions :)

Posted using Partiko Android

My son always tells me not to make any assumptions... ;-)

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Thank you. Like I said, I wasn't here for ages...
Following you now, and will join the New Steem too.
I am surely up for what you guys are trying to do.
Left Steem cause I was exposed to some of the ugly things...
So yep, super happy re the new anti-bot and quality post movement :-)

Still hope that my post, though upvoted, you'll find it in the quality category.

The potential is bigger than HUMONGOUS!

And the bullshit is GINORMOUS!

Theirs or yours??????????????????????????????????

Both theirs and yours.

COOL!! You are still... reading :-)

I'm as shocked as you are.

;-) following you, kind of like your style... LOL

Me too!

Whoops, you are a fellow Canadian, too bad you are so blind... Anyway, thx for reading me :-) You must be a millionaire already ;-)


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A New Bitconnect?

Totally agree, same as cloudtoken 🤣

Yes, it is very much alike CloudToken, but there are some major differences too.

And, BTW, will you guys tell me what BitConnect and CloudToken have in common?
CloudToken and Exxa yes, but BitConnect (::)

Ponzi garbage 🤦🏼‍♂️

Posted using Partiko iOS

Be nice, you do not have to agree or like it, ro even read it, but spare your garbage comments...

I don’t have to be nice, it’s not about me agreeing or liking it. Take your shitty scam out of here.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Why don't you take your shitty comments out of here!!
You feel powerful here cause of the steem in your wallet??
This is why I left this platform, cause of people like you and the inability to mute their ugly mouths

By the way, I just muted you, so do not even try to comment, I would not see it. Others will though, but I hope they will know better...

Stop being a moron... have a nice power down 🤦🏼‍♂️

Posted using Partiko iOS

NO WAY!! Read about it again please :-)

BTW, I was never a member of BitConnect, always knew they are just a Ponzi.

Hello. Currently there are a lot of curation groups and whales curating amazing content, there's no need to buy votes. The downvote you received is to discourage the buying of votes from bidbots. We kindly invite you to join us on the #NewSteem attitude, where good content receives votes and the organic content get the most attention. Buying votes hurts you, other authors and the Steem Ecosystem in general, please don't do it.

double entry...

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Thank You :-)

Everything about this screams scam. I’ll look deeper but nothing here gives me any confidence that this is as great an opportunity that you are claiming.

Posted using Partiko iOS

TY for reading, and yep, look deeper!! It surely is not...

BTW, check it up, I was the one here promoting CryptoTab
Many screamed scam and ponzi...

Today my CryptoTab 10 lev network has more than 78K members (most not active)
but still, some are mining and it is going and paying like a clock :-)


What I tried to say with the above, EXXA is NOT any scam!!

Everything about this screams ponzi. 10 lev network? Ponzi. Try to withdraw your funds. See how that goes.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Good One ha ha, I used the wallet more than few times already, why not, I just use it as I used Coinbase, and same, does not cost me anything besides the network fee.

From the Devo+Robo, I can withdraw my funds every second too, just click on the currency and click on deduct, and can take from there some or everything any time.

Yes, I heard about CloudToken issues, (hope those are not permanent though) but Exxa is NOT CloudToken! This is not 100% confirmed, but there are talks about private keys for all the main crypto, so that would quiet down all the ponzi names callers...

As to 10 levels deep, super, I love it, actually one has chances to earn to the infinity down, but wide is restricted to 16 ;-)

Forgot to add, it is not wise to judge the program by its level, L7Trade only rewarded for 1 st level and it proved to be the biggest resent scam. People lost there piles and piles of money. And you know what, i do not want to brag, but you kind of asked for it, I knew L7 does not doing any real arbitrage trading, I knew they are only a ponzi, I compared the buy and sell prices in some of the least known exchanges, they never agreed... I even joined them, but researched it more, and never invested there or promoted.

Gosh, just look at the management team, check online their credibility, do you really think those people can scam?? Look at the posts and pictures from the Grand Opening ceremony, check their office, etc, etc.
Not trying to convince you to join or something, just trying to stop that ponzi names calling :-)

This company here, registered as business in 2003, owns 25% of exxa shares:

And here you can see the names of the rest of Exxa shareholders:


Everything with them is an open book, this is why I believe it can't be just another ugly crypto ponzi...

Thanks for reading and commenting, it gives me a chance to give more info :-)

Sorry this is a scam!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Sorry is not needed, everyone is entitled to their own opinion,
But may I ask on what basis you came to the scam verdict?

You are delusional 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

Posted using Partiko iOS


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Please all of you calling it a Ponzi Scam, take a look here:

This account is closed and under investigation, someone out there cares...
I think this is something very positive.

BTW, I care too :-)

WOW. Estimated Steemit Account value $75,054.99, better not start with you LOL
Though, the lack of the picture on your profile makes one wondering...


Exxa Wallet is just another fake wallet scam like PlusToken. It will crash and burn soon as they all do. http://newhotprograms.com/exxa-wallet-scam-review-beware/

All, really?? CloudToken is doing quite well from what I know, and the newest BitCreek Wallet rocks big time and surely do real trading just like Exxa does:

We have received lot of queries about our trading bot and its performance.Instead of creating a video and post it time by time, our team has decided to create a page on our website where all our members will be able to see complete 1 week trading history of our bot.It will also show live trades going on in our accounts in all our integrated exchanges.Bitcreek will always do business as transparent as possible.Showing a simple video will not make sense than showing complete trading report for whole week and live.Page will be live in coming days,stay tuned for more updates.

And as to you Kevin and your copied reviews, everyone sees that those are just piggyback advertising for your own questionable opp ;-)

Guys, those new mobile wallets, get used to them, you will see more and more of them emerging. They are the newest kind of staking. And... like with everything online, some will be for real and some will be just scams.