Come sail with me to Paracas, Peru - Sea Lions, Islands of Birds and natural caves [FULL HD]

in exotic-travel •  last year

Relax, lean back, chill for a few minutes and just enjoy these beautiful scenes from Mother Nature with me!


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What a beautiful way to start my day!
I just watched and listened on the headphones as I lay in bed and imagined being there, the sound of the ocean and the creaking of the boat is better than any music.
Thankfully I go away in 4-5 weeks so I can enjoy the sun and the sounds you are currently enjoying.
Thanks for that @fyrstikken what a lovely way to start any day.
Enjoy yours mate.

very beautiful view ..there is lot of seals also....enjoy travelling,,,,

That is great nature...

Must have been a good experience and memory.

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How can you round the island sea-land, you have don't fear about this sea-land lion? i thinks it's so aggressive, but here you have focus as natural beauty of sea, when you focus the lion, i got afraid and strange to seeing this, think this Peru's place are so magnificent @fyrstikken

You must be really enjoying your travelling experience. It's like meditation....

When I watched this video it really hit me. To look at Mother Earth is indeed an overwhelming and magnificent experience. How can people miss such places when they visit Peru. Thanks for the great video sharing

Mother nature is full of wonderful power for us. Whenever I am not feeling good and take some me time alone through a walk, it always refreshes my heart and soul. I would like to share this beautiful quote with everyone through your wall:

Thanks for sharing the video @fyrstikken.

Steem On!

Such a beautiful place it is, specially to make your mind calm and peaceful environment.

Wonderful place @fyrstikken. and Excellent videos

i saw this video and it is a really nice places and i liked this places so beautiful places

Hmmmmm... natures are always a riddle. But they don't always bring a deserved pleasure, you just take it anyhow.

Island is beautiful, this beautiful form of nature, the sea, seeing the zodiac is truly unrivaled, it is very good to watch the video.

It's very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Hi@frrstikken am a over of art and tourism. I must say that I like your post and it am inspired.good job , thumbs up, keep up the good work

Video shows us the beauty of characterism was the best choice my friend

Fabulous wild seashore :)

Really beautiful

it really is amazing sea nature of the cliffs that towering up .. incredible.

@fyrstikken i want that seal :P

its really very nice post. i think everybody like it and they also learn from here.So thanks for sharing with us....

Scenary that so beautiful, sea that clear and have rock that unique, also have cave down there, maybe it were place person make love: p

I'm a sailor @fyrstikken that never tires of spending time on the water or watching videos like this. Fair winds and following seas!

Thanks for taking me with you! your video is so delightful! thanks to u I am now more relaxed. cheers @fyrstikken

Great Words to live by!!!!


I follow you

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What a peaceful and beautiful view ! Due to your post, my eyes could take a rest.. Thank you, @fyrstikken ~!!

Woooow that’s very amazing 😉 vedio
And nice view islands
Good luck my friend @fyrstikken

owo really Amazing @fyrstikken thanks for shareing

How nice !!!THose seals relax under the sun!!!Great place! Harmony with the nature!!! @fyrstikken nice video shall post some of my travel videos too))) cheers

Its really beautiful place to travel.
Nice post.thanks for share

Baby Sea Lions are probably my "exotic" favorite animal right after penguins. Must have been a great to see them in their natural habitat.


This is amazing ! My dream is to go to south america..... Perhaps one day !

Time to sit back relax and enjoy the show wow that's a great video

wow awesome Sea Lions.. such a lovely animals.. I have never saw them close (expects in zoos)and hope one day I will get a chance to see them in waters..

This place looks like heaven to me! What an amazing place to live! I love how close the sea lions let you get. They were just chilling, lol! There were so many birds there too. Great video!

Wow this place is so nice ..hoping so u ll enjoy ur journey /travel @fyrstikken

Peru is nice place . Stay safe and be happy always

Man, how beautiful and no noise other than Mother Nature herself along with the creaking of the boat! Give me a Hammock I say! Gotta tell ya' I felt like Sinbad on his fantastic voyage! Kool stuff brother! Enjoyed.

how creature ?


@fyrstikken if only I have so much SBD to afford that trip I would as I love discovering new places thanks for taking us there through steemit @fyrstikken

Wow! I would love to see sea lions in peru! I've only been to ecuador and the galapagos in south america. Got this nice shot of a marine iguana as a memory, but sea lions, now that'd be fun!


Wow!Excellent photography.You are really creative photographer. Please stay with photography. how the beautiful natural view is! Very color full also. this see world good to traveler.

Cold in winter, so lacks bright colors and warmth. Thank you for the video!

Awesome... I would like to go some day. Saving up my Steem

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This is breath taking and beautiful.

Wish I'd seen this sooner so I could vote. Really beautiful! So peaceful.

This is the best . This is a great way to cool the mind 🤙🤙🤙

How long have you been living in Peru? Very cool! I go down to Peru about once a year.

Just lead a group to Lima, Caral, The Andes (Cusco and Machu Picchu), and on an Amazon expedition.00000IMG_00000_BURST20180111114445_COVER.jpg

Thank you so much for your video. I really liked it a lot! 😍


Cool coves