The morning empty-stomach runs continue

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I've been reading a bit about the benefits of going for a run with nothing in your stomach and I don't know what to make of them. There is some science that suggests that if you have nothing in your stomach that running in the morning with an empty stomach will help burn fat. I have no idea if that is true or not and we are unlikely to get a real scientific result on this because , come on! It would be damn-near impossible to determine if that is a fact.

What I do know is that my morning runs tend to be more "motivated" if I have no food in my belly than if I have already had breakfast.


People always say to "do your own research" but honestly, if you search for the benefits of running with a full stomach and a search for running with an empty stomach you are going to come up with the same amounts of mostly BS stating that one is better than the other. I think that most people need to simply find what works for them.

I discovered it by accident but I found that I am more likely to continue running if I have nothing in my stomach than if I had a large feed beforehand.


Nobody but me is going to be impressed by this but I know me much better than other people do and I know for a fact that it is very difficult for me to get motivated to do 6k in a row for no reason other than "because." I have approached this lately by having the first thing I do in the morning is to get a cup of coffee, have a wee, then head out the door.

I have found that I am more energized to continue exercising than if I decided to do this after having a breakfast, lunch, or whatever else you want to consider to be part of your normal routine.

I am me, you are not me, so it is understandable if we end up having different results as far as this or anything else is concerned .


The splits speak for themselves. I slow down the longer that I go and unless you are training for a marathon I think this is something that all of us will experience. I start out with a slow pace but gradually I get slower as time goes on. As I have mentioned many times before I am NOT trying to break a land-speed record but am merely trying to keep my heart rate up for an hour.

When i finish, I have found that I am normally more productive in my day and often I feel motivated to do a gym weight session in the afternoon as well. I feel as though starting out my day with activity encourages me to incorporate more of that into my day as the day goes by.

Some of you that I follow on here actually ride your bike or run to work and while I realize that is not an option for everyone out there, this is a great way to live your life. Human ease-of-life has far outpaced evolution for perhaps the first time in human history and this might be why we look around and see so many fat people in our lives. Maybe starting the day out with some activity, on an empty stomach, might actually be the way that we are still meant to operate?

I am not trying to tell anyone else how to live their lives but if by chance you happen to feel lethargic all day, maybe try getting exercise first thing in the morning before you eat. If nothing else, you are going to feel as though you deserve that food that you were going to eat anyway.

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