The Genesis of Examination...

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(A short fictional story about examination)

Once in a nation there lived a man named Exami. Exami is well known for his inquisitiveness.

He had no job in particular than to go to the people in his nation to ask several questions.

When he was young, his mother once asked,

'Exami you're always fond of asking questions, is that your purpose on earth?'

He retorted with his usual wittiness.

'Mummy you're always at home, is that your purpose on earth?'

Exami is rather infamous for answering questions with questions, he's never been caught answering question the way is ought to be answered.

His wife had screamed and shrieked at him frequently with all frustration. And most times vowed almost with her last breath to pack-out of his house.

Surely, she's been verily fed up of his hyperactive questioning spirit.

But she's been forced back most times, not by Exami nor his family members. But his reputation— Exami's dignity. He's well known in almost the four corners of the nation, that most times he dines with kings, elites and the pundits.

There were some number of schools as of that time, but students have literally filled the schools to the brim.

Not because the student were that serious, but at that time, schools were merely a playing ground.

That was truly what schools were then, the best place to have fun.

Teachers only walk in to class at their leisure, most times even with different sort of games: ludo; drought; Ayo olopon etc

Students were always all agog for what the school holds for them, and most especially, what their playful and super amiable teachers have in store for them for the day.

Because at the end of the term, they'd all walk home ecstatically with 1st painstakingly written on the surface of their report cards.

This is not to prove that they were all geniuses, rather but to testify that their teachers never asked them questions.

The blame is not on the teachers' side, because that was the setting of schools then.

Exami who was a man, whose head is a fountain and hub of ideas, once was observing his quiet time, and whoop! An idea struck his mind.
Never had he procrastinated, pronto he went to the principal of the most reputable school in his nation.

'Sir, I have an idea'

'Would you care to share?' Enquired the principal.

'Of course! I would suggest we start questioning students to know if what they've been taught, has stick to their brain'

The principal fell in love with the idea instantly.

The idea was later passed to the ruler of that nation and he duly endorsed it.

Questions were set by Exami, through the aid of other teachers. They called the papers where the questions were printed 'EXAMI'S PAPER'

All students were made to answer questions from the exami's paper. It was funny after reviewing and marking their answers, a lot of students went home sadly with a low position While some went home with 1st,2nd and 3rd positions respectively.
Every students hence ceased to be the first.

The ideas was later embraced all over the world, and school started asking students questions, at almost the end of every term.

A lot of student who were not happy with this idea, remonstrated and most times with violence. But blind eyes were turned to their protests.

Exami's papers was later shortened to Exam papers. And for making his nation popular, the rulers of his nation decided to name the nation for him, hence they called it Exami nation.

Because the idea came from Exami nation, other nations choosed to call the questions Examination in a view to honoring the nation, and man to whom the idea is gotten.

That's how we have exam paper, and examination.😄😄

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