POE pumped by 100% But Dont Arbitrage from Okex!

in ethereum •  6 months ago

POE coin pumped today by 100% and good eyes could see, its cheap to buy it on OkEx and sell on our beloved Binance.

Sadly even though price difference was good, its impossible to do the withdrawal of Okex.

So the arb method is dead.


HitBTC i assume is similar case so trade this only on Binance

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The coin pumped but cant we take it out

Finally, cryptos are moving a bit higher.

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That pump on Thursday was much needed! I bought a lot at 5800 BTC and 400 ETH. Still looking for sub 5500 BTC to buy heavy! Thanks for sharing, following you. Cheers!

crucial information about Blockchain and cryptocurrency. I always visit fuk.io. It's very effective.

very good posting !!!!
If you can visit my profile, I'm grateful.

These days exchanges are not doing well. Small exchange are coming out of nothing.

@kingscrown what you think that bit coin is going pump or not?
Why market is so negative?

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When withdraw is available ?