Ethereum is rocking it! News, Charts and More!

in ethereum •  2 years ago

OKCoin will add ETH on 1st June.

OKC is top China Exchange for Crypto

They currently have better volume on Litecoin than Bitcoin.

They also have International Version

ETH Surpassed BTC Volumes

Most Expensive ETH by Volume

Korea is kicking up the price.


Most ETH icos were not worth it vs raising price of ETH. Only 5 out of like 30 made it. Some ICOs run now.. Think of it before buying!

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Great post and analysis well written. You should stop by the steemspeak discord some time


Thank you guys. That's now only funny story. You wont believe me if I told you what I've experienced in crypto world: MtGox,, BitFunder. I even bought this account for 0.1 BTC it is no surprise that I became a troll :).


I think everyone who has dabbled with crypto currencies for a few years has at least one painful story like that. I sold all my ETH at 16 or 17 dollar a piece after the developers did the hard fork to steal back money from the DAO hacker, I really thought ETH would die because of that. Well, turns out it didn't die. While I could have made thousands of dollars selling my ETH now compared to the few hundred dollars I got back then, I still think it was the right choice at the time (and I made good use of the money).

I think that is the best way to think about it. I didn't make that choice in a vacuum, there was a reason I sold, I thought long about it. I also once owned 35 Bitcoin and sold them for about $100 (Spent would be the better word here than sold, I actually used Bitcoin to buy stuff, I didn't use it as an investment). Quite painful to realize how much money I'd have now if I I had held on to them. But again, at the time, the decision to spend the Bitcoin made sense, so it was kind of bad luck and not a mistake that I could have prevented, it only looks that way in hindsight, so it's nothing to keep fretting about forever.

Berating yourself only makes sense if you actually had access to information that would have changed your decision and didn't make use of that information. Otherwise, you made the best possible choice with the data you had on hand and that's not a mistake, even when it turns out you were wrong.

I've got one story like that too though, one that truly was a really stupid mistake. I sold 100 LTC for $1. In total, not per LTC. Selling for $1 is just stupid. I obviously didn't need $1 so badly that I had to sell, I could have just held on to them, there is no excuse for that particular bit of stupidity :)


Thanks for sharing your stories. It's nearly impossible to avoid all FOMO in this volatile crypto investing environment, right?

I think the best a person can do is to define their own principles (i.e. risk tolerance, goals, etc), and then act in a reasonably conservative manner. For me, that means paying off debt before making major crypto investments, which is PAINFUL man. but hopefully it pays off in the long run.


Couldn't agree more :) Risk tolerance is really important. Too many people invest more money than they can afford to loose because there is always this idea of "I'll get rich!". And yes, that can happen. But you might not want to bet your life savings on that. Personally, I only ever spent small amounts on crypto currencies. I bought 34 Ethereum for $10 for example in the Ethereum pre-sale. Then sold them for $500 (and could have made $8000 if I had sold them right now). Did the same with Storj, MaidSafe and a few others and by only spending $10 on each, I made thousands without any real risk.

So you really don't need to invest huge sums if you're an early bird. And new crypto coins are created all the time so you can always still be an early bird. I go for coins that actually add something new and useful to the table, like Ethereum, like Steem. Things that aren't just a cryptocurrency, but make use of the blockchain for something that adds value behind the coin so to speak.


Time to invest in steeme now that its cheap and DO NOT SELL IT!


Nobody knows the futute - remember the guy who bought pizza for 10k BTC :)


And the thing is - without these early transactions, bitcoin never would've gone anywhere. People have to buy and sell at low prices for a while to facilitate the massive growth.


Yeah well I pretty much shot myself with Bitcoin back in the old days. About ETH, I'm holding a couple around. I though DASH was going to be the big player but ETH eventually caught up and surpassed it.

I kind of agree with @heymattsokol about early transactions and such, but still, lack of sight not having even kept a few BTC here and there. When I have some new coin and sell them, I ussually sell all but two or three which I keep.


my brother bought bitcoin for 11$ and pushed me for 12 months to have a closer look into crypto. Thanks to him I bought ETH for 6$ and 9$ and LTC for 1,5$. Still holding . . . . . LOVE CRYPTO


there you go!


but current usage data can been checked - and you will be surprised to discover how little is the number of people actually holding some ETH or BTC.

-2020 - ETH is $10 000 - BITCOIN $100 000 - more on


don't feel bad!! come on man. we all sold stupid shit too early. get back on the horse!

I bought an Ethereum t-shirt for 15 ETH - now worth over $3000... OUCH!


Hope its a nice tshirt then!

I bought 8.77 ETH at $11.30 back in February for shits and giggles. Then I sold over half at $30/ETH to lock in my profits. This was a big thousand dollar mistake possibly more.


Still you did profit nothing wrong with that!

Now the best is UBQ traded in Bittrex - real competitor of ETH. Price only ~$1. First ICO - APX. Jump to the UBQ Train! :)

OK. I am locked and loaded on the ETH space ship. I am looking forward to Huobi traders finally able to buy it in China. Clearly people anticipating this as well as the BAT ICO is fueling the recent rise, but official ETH trading on Huobi, as I understand it, won't start for another 66 minutes exactly. Can anyone please tell me what the hell is OMNI and why the 200% rise. I want to get in, but I am clueless to this crypto. Sorry if it's off topic, but I would hate for it to shoot up 1000% today and I just sit and watch, when maybe it's a legit alt. Great post @kingscrown, following you and upvoting.
Best Regards

I think Augur REP price will hits +5x once opening announces.


Check BAT that had ICO today too


The BAT ICO sold out in under one minute and raised over $50 million. That's a crazy fast sellout.

The gas price a friend paid was 2 ETH and still did not get into the ICO.

People should not have to pay a gas fee of 2 ETH.


REP is the only Ethereum-based coin I still hold more than a token amount of. ;-)

I think The Man will come 'a knocking at Vitalik's front door and next thing you know there will be a Ethereum hard fork into KYCoin . I'm going to watch that disaster from the sidelines even if I miss out on the short-mid term profits. Bad stuff like happens in the blink of an eye!

Just sold my ETH for a healthy 50% profit, lets just see if we can get another retracement so i can buy it bak a bit cheaper ;)

Eth will take over BTC in no time no doubt.


I could not agree more. I exchanged all of my bitcoin to Ett today after hearing about the volume news. Eth will surpass bitcoin this summer.

When I saw that Eth passes btc in volume today I was blew back for a minute. But I realized, this is how it is supposed to be. I love btc, always will, but there is so much development and growth for Eth that I believe that this is just the beginning.

Huobi is set to start trading Ethereum on Wednesday.

@kingscrown Another Great Post... glad I own ETH

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Excellent, this will be great for the ethereum economy. The value just keeps on increasing. Do you think this will have benefits for litecoin as well? If not, what do you think will happen for litecoin as far as value?

Ethereum classic is also now on right track and it will follow Ethereum .

Etherium having a solid foundation will just continue to rise. Good news for those who have it and continue to hold. Excellent updated. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted!

nice....resteem and upvote for you

Yes ETH will reach 0.5 BTC soon

Can't wait to jump in on ETH, hope a good buy oppurtunity comes up!

Great Post! Interesting facts to consider. Ethereum is getting a big thing!

Lot of useful info!!! Good job...

Great stuff and thanks for the update @kingscrown!

waw fantastic

I'm all in...

I have been hesitant myself investing in ICOs for this exact reason..

Nice, I've bought some.

One of these days i am going to have a nightmare with that .gif
and yes. ETH will end BTC alive by the end of the year.

Thanks for the post . ETH will be heading up. I personally do not believe that it will over take Bitcoin aren't they two completely different models anyway . , bitcoin has a strong chart and is ready to move to the next support level .


You never know.... ether is gaining momentum!

Great news. Glad I got into Ethereum about 2 months ago before the price started most of it's upwards momentum, just a shame I never knew about it last year.

In .Y opinion it had to happen sooner or later.
New tokens / smart contracts are easy to code on Ethereum, which means you need eth as funding for ICOs...
... So OKcoin move on Feb and etc totally makes sense if they want to keep or even gain market share.

love it @kingscrown, very informative share. ETH is swallowing up price real estate while BTC goes through growing pains. Guess we'll see what happens huh!

Feel like thats going to give Ether a quick surge and push it over $300, followed by some profit-taking which will cause another dip just like a week ago. Back on the rise after that though

I recently discovered that the Asian market is "Full-Steams Ahead" regarding crytocurrencies as of May 2017. Thanks for heads up on ETH!

thanks King

Ethereum Classic will also be listed in the BTCC exchange.

: )

Informative post ! Thank you for your effort !

Upvoted and Resteemed !

I've held ETH since it was 3.15 and gained 22 ETC after the fork. I'm glad to still be in possession of ETH, just wished I had more of it.

where'd you source this last ICO vs ETH chart from?

looks like a good source...


...Should have bought at $20. Now I guess the best thing to do is to go out and by as much as I can. Thanks for the info

It's crazy. I've been watching ETH. A lot of people didn't have any faith in it. Beyond the Sky is the limit. Great post.

sweet! this is great news for ETH

Why no links? Hows the website from the last screenshot called again?

Ethereum continues to grow steadily.

All good momentum for Ethereum. I own ETH and LTC. ETH $500 by July end.

wish I have ETH

Sold most of my ETH after the hard fork. Fortunately I kept a few and I will guard them with my life :D.
I bought DAO and recieved ETC for that after the hack. I almost sold them, but decided to keep them anyway.
I could have done a lot better with Ether, but I am happy it made me at least some profit.

Great post my friend @kingscrown..this is very interesting and informative! Good job..

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Great post. Very informative!

Yeah buddy nice post and following. Unfortunately i'm going to add a vote to change this 666 to 667. Follow me for some crypto trades.

Ether is my largest crypto holding, love it going forward. I am trying to play this paradigm from all angles, now even crypto stocks are emerging.
Here is a play to consider, I think this Bitcoin related stock will be significantly higher, it already is since I penned this quick report as a Bitcoin stock speculation. Would sincerely love to hear your input. I tried to warn people of the risks, while at the same time point out the potential as these cryptos keep exploding higher, as there really are very few 'crypto stocks' out there, this may prove a unique opportunity.

good article very detailed. loved it.

Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely look out for Etherium in my wallet, when it is cheaper. :)

Lovin it! I have been considering an investment in Ethereum in order to diversify my crypto portfolio a bit. One concern I have is that Ethereum may not stay ahead of other platforms that utilize Turing software. Definitely having some indecision regarding whether or not to invest in it or just put more $ into Bitcoin. Ethereum seems to be such a bargain, will most likely open a position.

Ethereum rises and this is good for the ecosystem because the value of the whole market rises and attracts more attention from investors.
Ethereum rises and this is good for the ecosystem because the value of the whole market rises and attracts more attention from investors.

Go Ether Go! woo

I sell over 5000 Eth last year ... and i don´t know why :(

A Hong Kong exchange ANXPRO is also going to add Ethereum soon, I think more and more exchange are going to add ETH.


Really thinking about buying some ETH in the near future.
Do you believe it's the top Crypto? Should I avoid bitcoin? Love to hear your opinion.