AdEx Crowdfunding is in 2 days! Ad Network on Blockchain

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Most people missed BAT crowdsale due to network getting full, gas limits and such. It was a rage, people got really mad on this one.

Now we have AdEx, guys who are doing ad network on blockchain as Ethereum contract but with big difference - they already have first huge platform that will use this concept!

What is AdEx

So base on smart contracts and ethereum a transparent platform where publishers, advertisers or even daily people using the sites can see how fair everything is and how it all work.

Whos There ?

Another big reason to get into this is whos partners of this guys.

Bitmain - the biggest manufactuer of ASIC miners, WINGS succesful project on Ethereum that helps other good projects, Stremio a system for watching videos with 40 million download and BFG - huge crypto hedge fund.

WINGS Forecast

WINGS is a platform where people evaluate projects and based on good predictions earn money. WINGS is a technical partner of AdEx and started forecasting now.

So currently users predict that after ICO ends, all tokens will be worth 107 000 ETH.

How to Join

Get to and send ETH when time comes. Use myetherwallet preferably as usual with ICOs.
1 ETH will be 900 ADX

There is only 40 000 ETH to be raised here so on big player can take it all - be sure to be on time of the ICO.

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Starts tommorow and theres an update which will even out the math on forecast.

Because of the 40,000 ETH hard cap, not all of the 80% tokens are going to be sold in this token sale. The rest will be kept in an AdEx fund address, vested for 24 months with a 6 months cliff, and used within the AdEx dapps themselves to provide easy means of purchasing ADX for easy onboarding of new advertisers.

Did you say capped ICO!?!?

Also, AdEx is currently making use of the WINGS Bounty Management Application, which automates bounty tasks for easing and scaling community building and engagement. To participate in the AdEx bounties before the token sale starts head to

Adding my post for FundRequest Blockchain Crowdsale Information, Hope this helps you.

Hi John,
What is the purpose of a bounty?

Thank you,

This will automate bounty tasks for easing and scaling community building and engagement.

I was just going to ask about the bounty campaign and saw this comment. The companies that support this project really impressed me, will see how this goes :)

This sounds like a really interesting ICO. I work in Digital Marketing so any crypto in my industry really interests me! I was (and still am) really excited for BAT because I can see how much value it will add to all parties involved.

Thanks for bringing ADX to my attention, I'm going to do a quick deep-dive and see if it is worth adding to my portfolio. I certainly think it might be! My only issue is the ICO price (1 ETH = 900 ADX) means each token is approx $3.20. I'm always reluctant to participate in ICOs which value their tokens so highly. I'm considering waiting until it hits the exchange. Once the initial hype and P&D has died down I might be able to pick some up slightly cheaper!

Thanks for the info my friend :) if you ever wanna talk crypto hit me up, I always love a good chat and could discuss coins for hours: @jhcooper7

each token is $.32 plus there's a 30% discount in the first day of token sale.

Agreed! I sweeped up some cheap BAT once it hit the exchanges!

registered and going to buy some Adex shares.

Thanks for info )

Intetesting and now I am seeing that google adchoices monoply will go as both publishers are advertisers gonna turn to AdEx along with crypto traders.

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Looks like BAT (basic attention token) will have competition :)

BAt is for brave browser which aims to block bad ads and pay users with BAT token by showing their own ads.

Now, thats what I call "good content'
Thanks for sharing @kingscrown upvoted and resteemed

Why does iot seem that when a popular ICO comes out exchanges go under maintenance, down, etc? The last 3 popular ICO clocked me out fo trading for hours...

Good informative article....


Thanks for the information about the ICO. Very interesting.

@kingscrown- What do you think of Ong Social. Their ICO is in a couple of weeks...

will read on it, never heard

Looking into it, as well. I heard it integrates with steemit, right?

Nice one as usual, the info will help a lot. Keep it coming. Upvoted.

Thanks for sharing, but these ICOs are coming too fast, too furiouser.. mmhmmm

Totally! I think we've already seen the hugely damaging impact these ICOs have on the Ethereum network and it's in no way going to be limited to just that. Surely it will eventually damage the overall cryptocurrency market.

It wouldn't be too hard for one of these ICOs to be a complete scam. Someone could raise a few million off the back of a completely fake whitepaper and nothing but promotion.

shows the weakness of the ethereum network, compared with say Steem (graphene)

And agreed you could mix whitepaper with a lot of gas to make millions. So the good projects have something to show before actually asking for public investment, not just an idea.
Two perfect examples are: Numeraire and Ong Social

it seems like every day there's another ICO. Gotta pick the good ones.

As far as I know, there are only a handful of big ad-networks. What would be advantage of decentralization in this context that would make AdEx a viable competitor to Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc?

I haven't looked into ADX yet so I can't give a full list of reasons, but Google were just fined $2.7 billion by the European Commission for some pretty shady business with their Shopping Service. Hopefully decentralising the network will avoid instances like this!

Also, just like the rest of crypto it would bring much needed privacy to our lives. If your a user of gmail, Google sweep your emails and let companies target you based on keywords you've used in your emails. This isn't the only thing they do along these lines either! I think there is numerous good reasons why a decentralised ad network would appeal to people.

Sure, I can see why it would appeal to people who value their privacy. However, they are not the customers on an Ad-Exchange. Marketers are and publishers are.

There's loads of advertention networks online. What you see is that the ones that offer the most data are able to ask more per click or per 1000 impressions. Publishers like earning money, so of course they choose the network that pays the most. Take Facebook for example. The ammount of targeting you can do on your ads is ridiculous. And that is what appeals to marketers.

So if privacy is the selling point of a decentralized Ad-Exchange, I'm not conviced it will be a success. And even if it would turn out to be a great selling point, what's stopping normal centralized Ad Networks from providing privacy?

Now there could be an obvious advantage that is staring me in the face, so if anyone could point me towards other advantages of a decentralized Ad-Exchange I would be most grateful.

Thanks for the heads up. Your article makes me want to know more about Wings. I'm skeptical if AdEx can compete with Google who has a monopoly on the market.

There has been at least two interesting ICO's since BAT - SNT (Status) and PAY (TenX). And yesterday EOS started. Did you not find these to be as significant?

BAT is similar to ADX, SNT was hard to get on, PAY is good, and EOS still runs but surely good to enter (made a post about it)

Did you see that a member on Reddit created a smart contract to buy people into hot ICOs? He processed 3200 ETH (yes a million dollars) into his SNT buyin program. He then also held a dutch auction for the SNT token after the sale closed, and before the token hit the exchanges, netting him a nice profit. Check out my first post I published yesterday if you are interested.

how do we get on when the big players are always one step ahead to make sure they scoop everything?

thanks man I'm just hearing about this it seems very interesting and I'm defiantly gonna look more into it!

Thank you Kings, Yes this is real opportunity for everyone get in.
Ad on:
AdEx is a blockchain-based ad exchange aiming at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape and address its significant problems: advertising fraud, privacy and consent to receiving sponsored messages, etc. AdEx is completely transparent and built on top of Ethereum smart contracts.

The token is based on Ethereum what about their entire operation of ad network?

Thank you,

Thanks a bunch @kingscrown I can't believe that I let this one slip by me till now. Followed.

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I have a great feeling that this project will successfully make it to the mainstream market. nice post.

I so want to learn how to mine and eventually get funding to mine cryptocurrency, thanks for the share.

advertising is becoming decentralized and so will all other technologies!! ⚡

I feel like it's still not too late..

Thats a good content

Thanks for sharing @kingscrown upvoted and resteemed

Thank you, i will have a lookout for this one, and see if i can make it within the 24 sec's duration of this ICO.

I have registered in order to support you!

Gonna have to get me due diligence going on. Thanks for the info!!

Very informative thank you!

thank you for showing us how to join, very informative

Excellent article post! I'm now following you and hope you have more like this one.

Wish I had $$ to invest in this one. The ad industry is a total joke. Bunch of big brands swallowing up all the inventory & scammers spamming with affiliate offers & malware.

Great info, learned a lot! Thanks!

Thank you for sharing this, it helps a lot and I was one of those who missed out on the bat coin sale.

I bought it on bittrex for 7-8000 satoshis and going to hold for a while.

But this new one you just showed looks promising,

You just got yourself a new follower.

I would Love a follow back :)

This is nice.

This is the first time I heard of AdEx. There seem to be a new CIO coming out everyday. Looking at BAT, it seem to be a slow mover nowadays.

nice post.made my day :)

don't forget to give a look to the white paper :

I found you on the web looking for a special item and i follow you now!

Ethereum is gonna make us a huge profit if we consider it today . Thanks for sharing the links.

This will be a very important ICO that everyone needs to look at. Thanks for sharing the great information and I hope everyone can get in!

Only 40k ETH? it will be a 2 seconds and sold.

Unless they change it, still 48 hours.. but... yes ;)

Thx for the heads up! I'm kind of feeling worn out from all these crowdfunds and ICOs and such

Good post...

I feel with them. I missed out too :/

I am still getting used to crypto. I have made some progress though...

Great information brother! I am headed over to check them out right now. I wonder if a person will even get a chance on this one? Only one way to tell.

The Last Sage

Nice very interesting post!

Thanks for this info I will have to look into this seems very interesting.
Thanks for sharing :0)

You always keep me informed. Without posts like this i'd miss most of the news in the cryptoland

Looks like every day new currencies are getting introduced!!! This era either fall drastically or raise like a mountain!!!

Oh what the heck. If I got into Scamcor I guess I am throwing some ETH to this one as well.

@kingscrown Slack invitation link on the adex web page is no longer active.

Will this reach major exchanges?

Interesting, easy read, thanks from a crypto-newbie! :)

Thanks for this opportunity. I will check it out. Keep helping the community. UPVOTE & RESTEEM.

Thanks for the post, another ICO I wish I had the money to be interested in!

I would like to know more technical details of the project, but seems they don't have it in the white paper. Just want to know, what's the big difference from other similar projects.

This is the first time i dont completely hate ads lol cant wait to see how it unfolds

advertising industry as it is now could definitely use some change...

I've heard about this token, seems very interesting, should one invest?

I'm still waiting on the projects where tokens can be earned as opposed to the fiat to crypto model.

Well I was going to try to buy into skin coin but seeing that ethereum is a flop right now this may be a better idea

@kingscrown In your 'About' you miss the 'o' for cryptocurrency : "Follow for cryptcurrency news and good curation". Love you articles, keep it up.

Wow good call haha, thanks

np! If you could take a look at my blogs and give criticism I'd appreciate it!

Brilliant, I will invest as well. The entire cryptocurrency sphere is very fascinating. I am an experienced online marketer with Facebook and Google PPC skills but this is an entirely new world ;)

I just started 7 days ago but would love to learn more about how to become successful with my articles. I try to post about a variety of subjects to find out what people find interesting. Do you have any idea how I can improve my articles? I am following you. If you want to support a beginner, I would appreciate you following me back and giving me some advice. Keep up the great quality of your content ;)

May as well give me your money...apell check this fake ass ico...idiot

Fuck my own spell check

Hört sich sehr interessant an, ich werde es aufgreifen


Danke für die Info, hört sich interessant an. Ich werde es aufgreifen

thanks for the information. lots of people supporting this.

You lost me right away... I'm just not very good at this yet...
No wonder I make pennies and you make

thank you for this info.



I exposed him, feel free to check !

Thanks for sharing this information! Keep up the good work!

Thank you for share this info mate! Looks really good.

not sure about this one

Thanks for info :)

wings are not trading well.

This is really interesting i own a digital marketing company definitely im in on the EdEx

thanks for sharing.i didnt know about ADEX

Ok, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities in my mind. I had not thought about the effects that blockchain would have on the ad industry. I know where things are going now. Thanks for this!

@imwatsi ~ I write poems

I want to participate in some ICO with a very small amount of coin. How can I choose one which may be fruitful? I am ever confused with the never ending ICO coming up everyday.

Thanks for your sharing. I'm interested in this project

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Thanks for sharing

This sound like a great opportunity for my first huge crowdsale participation! Thanks for sharing!

I HATE ADS... and probably all those not finished or even started projects as IPO getting hundreds of millions of dollars seems to me a clear sign of overvaludation or even a bubble like phenomenom

Just finished reading this post and clicked on the offering. It is already closed !

thanks for the info, much apriciated.

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