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Smart Sunglasses AR offers an exciting opportunity in industry, entertainment, corporate, training and education, with features that enhance comfort and productivity. Markets and momentum have dramatically shifted in favor of AR applications. Mobile games such as Pokémon Go ™ create instant consumer awareness of the power and market potential for AR.2 The AR market is forecasted to reach about $ 134 billion by 2021 according to Zion Market Research. North America is scheduled to become a major market, and is estimated to have a CAGR of almost 80% by 2020.

AR is a competitive space, and leading companies are trying to create mass-market smartglasses. However, so far other companies have produced a large and / or expensive AR display, limiting their mass appeal. Lucyd is not subject to the bureaucracy and internal constraints facing our giant technology competitors, and we think our agile and capable team allows us to move in space with a bit of friction.

Introducing Lucyd

Lucyd is a new augmented reality company dedicated to producing first class ergonomic and highly functional glasses in the world. In their main form, Lucyd smartglasses are planned as peripheral devices that allow users to interact with their smartphones more comfortably and effectively. Lucyd smartglasses will be powered by a basic operating system that optimizes existing smartphone applications for use in the AR interface.

Lucyd is built on both the AR 13 patent portfolio, and a leading AR expert and optical team. Lucyd launched the issuance of the crypto currency LCD token in Q4 2017. The purpose of this is to create the first AR-based crypto safeguards to secure the funds needed to build our first pre-production prototype. The LCD sign allows one to help develop and experience an AR revolution. Here you can learn more about the LCD Token Sale and the structure that makes Lucyd potentially an exciting new player in AR.

According to Greenlight Insights, the world AR market is expected to reach $ 36.4 billion by 2023, Lucyd is an opportunity to engage in this rapidly growing sector.

What Features Is Owned By Lucyd?

Lucyd has an exclusive license for 13 important patents that we believe solve many of the issues that currently disrupt the AR space. Some important features:

  • A flush, unibody design provides a customizable and customizable look. The existing AR devices are notorious for attracting unwanted attention.
  • All the circuits are contained inside the rod, so it looks and feels like normal glasses.
  • Can be equipped with a prescription lens.
  • Integrated LCD microdisplays with stereotyped lens with a long battery life and ergonomic shades.
  • Bluetooth connection to iPhone / Android experience of your favorite app on AR.
  • Built-in microphone and bone speaker for easy dialing and voice control.
  • Can be connected to Bluetooth peripherals such as speakers and keyboards.
  • Integrated front camera for taking photos / video.
  • Hands handsfree with special controls between eye-tracking options, voice control, and finger-tracking options.
  • High resolution, with a superb 120 ° arcade for AR graphics.

LCD Token

Lucyd offers a new token called LCD, which is an opportunity to help develop and experience the next big thing in AR. This is possible because Lucyd has exclusively licensed 13 synergistic patents that allow the creation of Lucyd Lens, a pair of mild smartglasses AR. With a strong IP, Lucyd Lens is in a strong position to be standard in a usable view.

Details of Token Sales

Pre-Sale Schedule Token : 17 - 30 October 2017
Token Sales Schedule : -
Purchase of Token : Ethereum
Price Token : 1 LCD = $ 0.15
Bonus : 40%
Total Supply Token : 100,000,000 LCD


Road Map

Details Information

Website :
Whitepaper :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Telegram :

Bitcointalk (Giebaymax) :;u=782329

My ETH Address : 0x51789F81CE815119e41aBB66704766A4Fa08289A


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