I am disappointed

in ethereum •  2 years ago 

Are Ethereum and other Blockchain technologies garbage?

I wonder why a fucking cat game named CryptoKitties, a game that everyone is talking about right now on the crypto world congested a FUCKING 40 BILLION DOLLAR MARKET CAP NETWORK. What the fuck?

If a simple cat game can do that, I assume that Ethereum and all the coins with similar technology will die soon.

I simply cannot understand, everyone is hyped, the coins of the future, bla bla bla, not even a fucking cat game could be transposed into reality. Only theories and ideas rule the crypto market these days. It seems that IOTA is the only way to go...

I'm really looking forward to hearing your opinion.

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I mean have you seen the correlation between the internet and cats? Its almost pure symbiosis lol
Cryptokitties runs off the etheruem bloclchain. Etheruem features smart contracting which is why it stands out that you can make a GAME for this currency as a fun way to get people interested in it.

Also you have a link to source the 40 billion dollar congestion? I saw where the blockchain was congested from all the new users trading so much in such a short time, but no word on the amount that high.

whay are pissed man , thts just how poeple are.

waiting for more from you dragos0897! keep motivating!

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