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Crypto seems like a minefield of legalities...


EOS is build to take on the masses from the start..

ohhh this is big and important news and good to share it with us whats you think about his resign is this news effected on ethereum price or not @craig?
its important that hirai was one of six etherum developers

i like the services that you are discuss about.... interesting video brother....

nice for giving this new news but any way ethereum is a good coin and more attractive in these days because many new icos launching ethereum base toke
but maybe this news decrease price for some days
thanx @craig-grant for share always new and helpfull informations

Neo is ready to pass ETH in some months but at the same i think both coins are strong and could be add in the companies process easily. Regards

Extraordinary vid! Propy said on this video is a comparative start-up you made a video about (California). Moving region selection to blockchain is one of the essential reasons why blockchain is a desruptive tech. Additionally, with arrive enlistment, there's no other way than to have a sharp investment with the area gov't.

In case some started getting a charge out of crypto as a skip back on gov't substances you may despise even the littlest nuance of gov't in the photograph. Be that as it may, this, this is the way blockchain and crypto changes what's to come.

Ethereum might reduce in its worth as time goes by.

thank you hero ♥♥♥


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aaah maan leadership is not about Title or designation. its all about impact,inspiration and influence.I think life Is not about finding your self it is about creating your self.You should Focus on your Leadership man instead of This.You should helps the Community and please dn,t spoil your Respect By doing this....You,r a grear man i hope you will Do SuCh As we deserved good from you @berniesanders should finding a happy balance between works and friends....

wow awesome mode.