In case anyone was wondering what's happening to ETH & Augur

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It seems like someone has stolen's coins and is dumping them on the market currently. His Twitter is also hacked as you can see by his latest Tweets.

Jack Peterson tweeted this under an hour ago:

and the hacker responded with:

What a world we live in... Just wanted to tell all ETH & REP holders to hang on tight. Might be a good timing to purchase some after the hacker('s) are done dumping.

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Seems that ETH has been sinking for the last few weeks. I didn't even notice the bigger drops today. I have been too focused on STEEM rising!

that's crazy. Holy shit! I would hate to be that guy! Twitter allows 2FA on accounts, so I bet he didn't have that on his account.

Any idea how much was hacked?

Looks like 100k rep. Not sure about eth.

Yikes! I wouldn't be very happy if that happened to me.

These are images I found from Twitter and Reddit so I can't say how reliable they are, but that's what it looks like so far.


yeah, would really suck to lose your tokens due to a hack..

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In case anyone was wondering what's happening to ETH & Augur… /

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