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RE: ETF will also lauch these cryptocurrency

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slow down there, the SEC isn't even making their decision on the bitcoin ETF until September 23. Even if it gets approved it could take months to be set up and come online. After that we'll have to wait several months while the SEC makes there decision on other coins. Bitocin ETF by the end of 2018? Possible. Altcoin ETF? 2019 at the earliest.


But there is a screenshot with so many coins in the post..!!

It's taken this long to even get around to a bitcoin etf, wanna imagine how long it's going to take to get an etf for everything in the screenshot? Like I said, 2019 at the earliest. Mostly likely 2020-2021

You say that but this guy has a post with screenshot of so many coins's gotta be true. .

lol, your messing with me right?

You say I am messing with you but hyping up the ETF is the responsible thing to do , that's how we all get our Lambos.

...that's what I'm doing on my blog with my latest post, but I'm not giving people unrealistic expectations

alright , I will drop are right....ETFs for altcoin is not in near future.


Nah, I'd rather get something that made me passive income instead of a liability that took money out of my pocket every month in the form of insurance and gas. Hense..... I want my own duplex!

Tks for citing the source

You should also include the source in the main article as well.

i did bro you did not notice in the end of blog

hopefully in 2019

In my latest post I briefly touch on the subject

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