ETF will also lauch these cryptocurrency

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As we all know we have seen market showing its bullish trend may be this is the effect of ETF news when ETF will launch we can see huge growth in bitcoin and in other cryptocurrency too but there are is some other news which may all of you did not know that bitcoin is not only currency which are introducing in ETF these cryptocurrency also inroducing in ETF this is because these cryptocurrency hold almost 90% of crypto market which we can see in below data


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#Why introducing ETF will Skyrocket crptomarket ?

When ETF will successfully applied to these 10 coins which are listed above big investers have to purchase these cryptocurrecy in bulk so that their user will trade easily and this thing will skyrocket the price of bitcoin and all cryptocurrency hopefully.

#What is ETF?

ETF is a exchange traded fund in other words after ETF comes in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency bitcoin will simply act like as any share which we basically trade on share market once ETF get approval of bitcoin it will add on any international exchange to start trading in high volume exchanges must have bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in bulk so to do that exchanges will buy bitcoin in bulk and this buying will skyrocket the price of bitcoin and traders who trade on exchanged can trade easily.

#When ETF will come in action?

We heard some news that ETF will come in action in september 2018 but after september it will also take lots of time to set all the things running smoothly simply we can say it can take 6 to 8 months or may be it will fully come in action in 2019.

#Will it affect altcoins?

As we have news today there are more 9 cryptocurrency which will launch in ETF .Now the problem is when these 10 coins will start trading on ETF platform price of these 10 coins will skyrocket aand all investers and whales will mostly trade in these coins and volume of other altcoins will be negligible so people who are holding there coins for long term may be suffer from this but as we know every coin has limited availibilty so this thing will balance whole market people who will not able to buy these 10 coins will go for another so it is good in my perception.


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ETF introducing in cryptocurrency is good or bad?

As everybody is saying ETF introducing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency will be good and mostly there is some reasons such as -

Bitcoins will accept by whole world.

Bitcoins will get exposure.

People will start believing in cryptomarket who are not believing right now.

Big investers and whales will come in our market.

As we all know price will boom.

Now the bad things which can happen after ETF introduce in cryptocurrency

Now we know that they are approving only 10 coins for ETF but we have almost 1700 coins and tokens so the
problem is when ETF will come in action most of the people will only trade in these 10 coins because there
volume will be very high and profit too for sure but what about other altcoins rest of them .

These altcoins wil be also give us profit as we know we have limited coins available in market .Like we have only
17,169,637 bitcoins right now not everybody will be able to purchase it because it is limited so people will find
alternative and alternative is rest of the altcoins in this way every cryptocurrency will get exposure.

But in worst case scenario if bitcoins and rest 9 crypto did not get that much exposure then it will be bad far our
markst just my perception rest of the thing will only clear after ETF will come in action so cross your fingers and
pray to good that everything will go well .

That's it for today thank you.

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What did you think about ETF share your view in comment

For detailed and further news news source


it wil happen bitcoin wil moon same for steem

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What in the fuckity fuck is this shit?

ETF is a exchange traded fund in other words after ETF comes in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency bitcoin will simply act like as any share which we basically trade on share market once ETF get approval of bitcoin it will add on any international exchange to start trading in high volume exchanges must have bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in bulk so to do that exchanges will buy bitcoin in bulk and this buying will skyrocket the price of bitcoin and traders who trade on exchanged can trade easily.

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Give the author a break. the English may have been poor but the there are some pretty good take points in the article.

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Hopefully it will not be just bitcoin... many other cryptos will follow.

Hope so.

Such will be the sky.

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Where is your ETF now? On the moon already? What a pathetic display, the crypto sphere is stagnant like a pool piss.

@nameless-berk for your kind information Winklevoss twins bitcoin ETF rejected by SEC not cboe and i am talking here about cboe here is reference for you

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its a good news for investor & traders

I am not trader i am crypto lover.

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These coins will moon when the Bulls come, and this might call 'em.

I'm ready for the next bull run!!


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no it is not this is my first post which i had write my own but after your comment i improve this so thankyou for figuring this out really

What's the deadline for the ETF decision? It'll be awesome

There is some verbal confrontation about whether HB10 should be known as a cryptographic money ETF since it doesn't exchange on a controlled securities trade as ordinary ETFs do and can't be held in customary financier accounts.The Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF (BLCN) took after behind with $86 million in resources under administration.

this was announced by Bitwise Asset Management that they will consider 10 cryptocurrency in ETF as it holds 90 % of volume

I think cryptos have bottomed out now at around the 6k resistance zone. I say resistance since we were dropping to that point. good post i re steemed and upvoted

Well said @akrblogs that ETF is now a days hot topic in crypto market and because of this hype we are able to see hike in market after couple of months. ETF is something connected with secure investment that means there will no chances of loss and if it happens the that company will handle it. This is a very important factor which will bring millions of user to crypto as they will not have fear to invest in crypto due to its volatile nature. ETF was launched in Gold commodity in India and after that huge volume was seen in gold trading in India. Since this ETF is for US then we can see huge pump in the prices of cryptocurrency. Lets hope for the best and looking forward to see it happen. What's your view on this?

we cannot predict future but almost same as yours thak you

agree that future is completely unpredictable. We can only analyse things and plan out accordingly.

I love how they time to announce the #ETF decision delay news right when the price was at 0.618 fib level.

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I dont think ETF of Bitcoin will be ready within 24 months unless bitcoin totally under the supervision of SFC.

440 dollars for this post?

bro i know what are you saying post is short but i did not make this post to explain etf i make this post to tell poelple that there are more 9 other cryptocurrency which can be considered in etf and i simply make my point clear if you want to read more you can go to source of news i hope you will understand thanks and i know i have to learn lot of things from you guys so thank you.

this is really nice... would you say that it is safe to buy bitcoin with expected profits at this time then ?
some of us are curious at to how much more increase we should be expecting. thanks for sharing

@janortas this cryptomarket we cannot say how much up it will go but for wait for sometime to comedown bitcoin at lease 1000-1500$ than you can for sure

slow down there, the SEC isn't even making their decision on the bitcoin ETF until September 23. Even if it gets approved it could take months to be set up and come online. After that we'll have to wait several months while the SEC makes there decision on other coins. Bitocin ETF by the end of 2018? Possible. Altcoin ETF? 2019 at the earliest.

But there is a screenshot with so many coins in the post..!!

It's taken this long to even get around to a bitcoin etf, wanna imagine how long it's going to take to get an etf for everything in the screenshot? Like I said, 2019 at the earliest. Mostly likely 2020-2021

You say that but this guy has a post with screenshot of so many coins's gotta be true. .

lol, your messing with me right?

You say I am messing with you but hyping up the ETF is the responsible thing to do , that's how we all get our Lambos.

...that's what I'm doing on my blog with my latest post, but I'm not giving people unrealistic expectations

alright , I will drop are right....ETFs for altcoin is not in near future.


Tks for citing the source

You should also include the source in the main article as well.

i did bro you did not notice in the end of blog

hopefully in 2019

In my latest post I briefly touch on the subject

its time to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin!

ETF has already make hype in market. Most of people don't know that what is ETF but they know that ETF will make BTC to moon. So moon is not far right now

This is fantastic news. ETF will bring a lot money in.

Hi Hello akrblogs .... Nice blog bit is the best.... Coin of the world

Great article Akrblogs. The blockchain revolution is here. As a Financial Advider of 35 years, I can tell you, that FIAT currency is not worth the paper it's printed on.

Going on ETF platform, will bring HUGE investments into the market.

hola excelente informacion muchas gracias por comaprtir

@tjoseph1 I do not completely understand what you are saying but i think you are saying something nice about my effort so thank you

you think etf will approved this year?

@akrblogs When is this launching?, Me about it Tell a little bit, You have this website Good info sharing price is Also Good

We just only heared about Bitcoin other altcoins will not launched by ETF.
Their is only and only chance for Bitcoin

they annouce it today

ETF is so long Topic But Other hand Cryptos are creating BUZZ in stock Markets as well....

As I opened this post I was hit with a powerful stench. At first I thought my dog farted but no, my dog was on the other side of the house asleep. Then I realised the stench of your post managed to escape the virtual world and infect my office. I am forced to downvote you as I quickly rush to get my air freshener.


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Altcoin season will begin post ETF announcement :)

I heard the decision is delayed to september.

yes it is september 2018 but will completely come in action in 2019

But some news sites said that its not delayed for CBOE instead for others as few more companies also applied and SEC delayed for the approval proceedings for them. not sure which news is correct bro.
@akrblogs @bumshak

ETF best coin of the market

ETF is not coin read post brother


something that's a pain in the butt to buy. Just go on coinbase and get Litecoin or Etherium instead


Fine, if you want get all technical. However that changes nothing, you still have to go onto a shady exchange to get any


Last time I checked Litecoin has a bigger market cap than Dash.


The Litecoin foundation just bought a share of a german bank. Litecoin debit card coming. Does Dash have a bank?, but what they do have is a bunch of fomo investors. Just because a project has a cool website doesn't mean it has any real value, (heck, Dash isn't even listed on coinbase). Don't get burned, get Litecoin

Why isn't there a cryptocurrency ETF stock?

boom is coming soon

You have clearly justified with this article. I was hearing about ETF for a couple of days. But just come to know what it actually is.
Why the price of bitcoin is booming but altcoins are not increasing in price? Can you please mention the reason?
Thank You!

what exactly is ETF? been hearing of it, and can not seems to wrap my head around it....

in simple word it will now become similar like stock anybody can purchase and sell anytime it will listed on some international exchange to do that owner of exchanges who runs them they have to purchase bitcoin in bulk it will skyrocket its price so that further if any invester wants to buy or sell bitcoin they can easily do that i hope i make you understand.

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yes bro.. etf l.........

thank you for explaining this in simple way and making is easy for all of us , i am happy to learn ETF in simple way , thank you , many more things to learn from you , all the best

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whether it is stock trading or ctypto trading, i think all trading s are difficult. i always lose... sad

Amazing write up, one thing I want to undersatnd is that holding coin like ethereum classic would make me Lambo!

This remind anyone else of the bitcoin forks?

It will take much more time to get ETFs made for other cryptocurrencies aside from bitcoin. The main reason why the BTC ETF has gained more potential is due to the launch of futures contracts last year. This instrument helps traditional institutions gain access to the asset without actually buying it and that will help the development of the ETF and it creates the opportunity to accumulate correlation to the asset without having to be concerned about wallet security and/or custody. The only other potential asset to get an ETF right right would be Ethereum given its market cap and broad distribution but still unlikely because of the lack of a futures market which should be close to being launch as well.

This is pretty much good news for crytoinvester what you think @alrblogs

EFT macke price rise agen

it will everybody is hoping for same

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I don't have any idea about cryptocurrency but your article shows positive move.

they should include EOS.

@topsnav this is final list

Bitcoin is dominating the total crypto market and other coin seem to be not 100 present Independent.But that's already news from the past. Everybody seems to sell altcoins for XBT. I hope everything will be more balanced in the future and coins will be more independent from each other.

@bquiel the point you are making is everybody thinking about that because bitcoin is increasing but altcoins are not and not everybody cannot trade in bitcoins but these things will only clear when ETF will come in action right now we can just hope for good

This is very informative. Thank you for making a list of these 10 cryptos and sharing your thought about what ETF when applied will do.

in september 2018 but will come in action in 2019

Interesting, thanks!

this is great

I wonder when that ETF was filed, do you know? Also, I don't think the SEC will approve such thing without approving a BTC ETF. Once that's approved we could expect other crypto-related instruments to be taken into consideration. Thanks for the info!

in september they are saying

as you mentioned that finding alternatives but alternatives need time so mostly people are focusing on the #bitcoin

It's always about manipulation of price. Why didn't this happen in January with ATH. Don't you think that maybe the price was hyped because of something so good as this? NO. This type of news are better to have when the market has been successfully suppressed to convenient low levels for big investors so then they can justify their manipulation to the way back up.

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hmmm still gat me thinking tho

Unfortunately, this post was written by someone that more than likely didn't take the time to grammar check.
The underlying message is understood since this seems to be the call of the day in order to resuscitate some form of a bump in the crypto space.
We shall soon see...

Cryptocurrency ETFSS People's trust in the market cryptocurrency

Bitcoin shootsup because of ETF news is trending every where and yes Defenetly ETF will launch Bitcoin.

@inayatali hopefully we will see skyrocket in bitcoin price if it is launched

great news

Good information. Keep sharing... God bless you...!!

Who thinks #bitcoin ETF approval will look just like #Gold was a 3x gain from 600$ top in 1980 to 1800$ in 2000 and is currently around 1260$ oz.#ETF approval should 3x from bitcoins top so 60k. When was futures introduced on both of them? Top of first pump? Just a guess

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I think it's good news for many

We are going to the moon!!!

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Great article

Holy crap I need to get some more bitcoins and alt coins pronto!!!

Its just a waiting game but I am ready to hold for the long run.

Its just a waiting
Game but I am ready to
Hold for the long run.

                 - feelsomoon

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