It's taken this long to even get around to a bitcoin etf, wanna imagine how long it's going to take to get an etf for everything in the screenshot? Like I said, 2019 at the earliest. Mostly likely 2020-2021

You say that but this guy has a post with screenshot of so many coins's gotta be true. .

lol, your messing with me right?

You say I am messing with you but hyping up the ETF is the responsible thing to do , that's how we all get our Lambos.

...that's what I'm doing on my blog with my latest post, but I'm not giving people unrealistic expectations

alright , I will drop are right....ETFs for altcoin is not in near future.


Nah, I'd rather get something that made me passive income instead of a liability that took money out of my pocket every month in the form of insurance and gas. Hense..... I want my own duplex!

I understand..

Tks for citing the source

You should also include the source in the main article as well.

i did bro you did not notice in the end of blog

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