📷 USA trips ▶ set # 5 ▶ Los Angeles ( Santa Monica )

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Hi everybody! Come and Join me on my winter visit to Santa Monica! 👋 👋 👋

Since I had been living for a while on the East Coast (most of you might know that the city of my choice was NYC), but actually I never stopped thinking to travel back to LA, city I had visited few times before.
I flew to LA in late January. It was a really cold weather at that time in NYC, night temps dropped down to -7 Celcius, and it was snowing at the time I was boarding the airplane.
After having a short stopover in Kansas, I arrived early morning in Los Angeles. Sunny weather, silky cool air, and temperature about 22-24. It feels perfect.😊

So let me brief with few words, what I like in LA the most:

  • year round sunny hot weather and the long, broad, sandy beaches
  • the huge size of the city, big distances, typical American suburbia beyond the city
  • wide never ending highways, and crazy intersections with a lot of traffic jams
  • easy going people, relaxing city athmosphere. It is not the same hustle and bustle as in NYC. Sometimes it is good to change the rhythm of the city for a while, though I prefer busy type of cities 😊

The trip will be divided in few parts, as I want to show you separately Santa Monica, Hollywood, Maliby Beach etc.

Santa Monica beach is my favorite part of the city, and it stands high above all others. That is just my personal opinion of course.


Santa Monica

Some first hand info:

Santa Monica is a borough located in the very western part of the big LA, the beachfront borough and one of the top tourist destinations in the city. Well known as a destination, where the beach meats the nearby hills, and a favourite place for runners, bikers, roller-bladers.

A view from the park promenade towards the main pier. It was bustling with activity all day and night, so it is active place and an easy walk to or from the beach. Huge choice of food options!

It is just excellent for all ages!

That's me going down the road to the beach. I booked a room in Bayside Hotel, located right next to the beach. I highly recommend this hotel ( prices are very decent taking into account the upscale location ) and definetly will be back!


I had great time at this beach, next to Santa Monica Pier. I was there during the week, there were fewer tourists as I guess usually should be. It was super quiet, the water was cool, clean and clear. The beach was super clean as well. Most people coming here to the beach at that time was doing some sport activities, actually I did not see any sunbathers at that time.


First time when I came here it happened in mid summer, so the whole beach, pier was packed with people. Now the story was different, not that much crowded, but it's always a good time here. It’s lively, noisy ( especially this time I saw many groups of Chinese tourists ), lots to do with decent eats right on pier and various food within walking distance all over Santa Monica.
I highly recommend to everybody to spend a day in Santa Monica and see the Pier, have some snacks or dine here. Take a seat, and enjoy the food and the view towards the Pacific, or LA hills.


I took pics of many iconic cars, the red Chevrolet is my favorite. Maybe because of the bright color.

The day passed by fast. The last pic shows Ocean Ave. Next leg of my trip starts here and goes all the way up Ocean Ave. and later Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu beach. Friends, see you soon!

p.S: All pics were taken few years ago.

😊😊😊Thanks for stopping by, stay positive and have a great day!!!😊😊😊

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Stay tuned, more USA trips' sets are coming soon....

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Some excellent photos. The weather there looks amazing and would love to live in a climate where I had to worry more about suntan lotion than taking my umbrella with me.


Hi @socialmediaseo, because of the climate I preferred to stay in NYC, I like when there is a real season change. Winter, Fall and do on.

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@yanipetkov, a nice post with nice pictures!

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Thanks @cryptospa for the comment!

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Thank you very much @travelfeed!

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Cant wait to go to the US of A looks so cool


Yeap buddy, I wish you to have this chance and visit it. If you have time drive up all the way till S. Francisco. Take Pacific highway, it is a once in a lifetime experience.

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I can see you are having a great time. However, i prefer Hollywood to Santa Monica and I will be willing to read your review on it.


Hollywood will be my third leg of the journey in LA. Why I lean towards S.Monica is the ocean, the beach and the parks around. See you on my next US sets.

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You are happy to visit such beautiful state. I have been in US one time, but visited only Mimi as had some deals there. BTW, very nice photos
@fortunee via kryptonia


Thanks for stopping by. Miami will be feautured for sure on one of the next posts!

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Wow this is beautiful article friend. Am glad to learn about how life is in LA and NYC. Those re nice place one would always love to visit. Thanks sharing....@fisherman


Thanks @petercheng! Soon you will see some other great US cities in my posts.

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Thanks @steemitboard.I really appreciate it!

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Hello nice to see you again ;) that place it is really beautiful i really enjoy all your photos. Very nice post.


Hi buddy! You are always very welcome.

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Great pictures and the car reminded me of my first car black 1959 Chevy. Now that was many years ago.


Hehe, the old good cars:)

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Really amazing photos! Santa Monica is a fantastic beach for anything you wanna do... Beats the hell out of Venice lol via Kryptonia by @daytondoes.


Well said, its a great place!

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Good pictures, my friend! My favorite is the red car one. Greeting!


Hehe, yeap cool car!

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Have a save trip

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I'd love to extend my research work towards that diaspora

Nice pictures from Santa monica. With your trips I also feel like travelling around the world. And it is nice to see that you are promoting presearch. I am also using this platform for quite some. Good one. I will also start recommending that presearch in the future posts.


Hi my friend! Thanks for the comment. As for presearch excellent that you are been using it. Soon everybody will be in.

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Nice to see you in a different part of the world. I was looking at your Moscow parks last time I saw a kryptonia task. I lived in San Diego for many years and have been to Santa Monica many times. This post brings back memories.

I always enjoyed any visit to LA. It's a lot faster and more exciting than San Diego. I also worked at a remote location up the coast from here. Whenever I saw the ferris wheel it was time to get on my game about the traffic! They are not joking on the roads over there.


San Diego was always on my must visit list. Unfortunately didnt make it to this wonderful city. Now I am waiting for someone to post some pics of the city.
As far as I know the Marina area of S.Diego is more picturesque than S.Monica area or Long Beach Area, or I am wrong?

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The whole bay area of SD is very picturesque and nothing like Santa Monica. I like Long Beach because I like ports. SD has a huge Navy Base along the southeast and you can take boat tours to see it.

If you look for the tag #socalsteemit, you will find the people down there. My son @bxlphabet is still there and posts some shots. Here is the SD skyline from Coronado where we lived most of the time I was there. He does not post much of this because it is so common to him :)

San Diego Skyline from Coronado California color challenge friday sky blue bxlphabet.jpg

And here is a shot of Coronado he took this July 4th. They have fireworks on the bay so these people want their spots early. You can see part of the huge bridge to Coronado in the background. That water is so polluted! I pray for these people.

Crowds bay beach coronado july 4 2018 California bxlphabet.jpg


@fitinfun, I really like your comments and all info provided. I always learn many things from your comments.
Your son is lucky to have the chance living in such a vibrant seaside area of SD.
Harbor area and the skyline is a good combination. LA Long Beach is different.

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Bro you made a nice post with nice pictures,hope to read more of your post 'cause I find this interesting

It's @opeyemil on kriptonia


Thanks @opeyemil for your comment. Will try to keep posting some more US series

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Thanks a lot @steem-ua!

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Pretty palm trees

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