March 19th. The internet is not free - What is the cost to you and me

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I have to start taking notes. Just jot down thoughts that come up throughout the day or just tid bits of information.

Tid bit
DNA results identify Aaron Kosminski as Jack The Ripper.

I am not going to go into who, what or where Jack was. Google can answer that. I have Googled things about steemit and Google was no help. Google can tell me all about Jack, and mostly nothing about Steem. How is that possible.

I have not been feeling well the past couple days. Pain and the drugs to help control the pain offers its own issues. Just an FYI so bare with me.

I got some chart sales done by @abh12345. I like the charts and pies that @abh12345 provides. You have seen me here use the pie’s in a blog before.

Tid bit @abh12345 and @paulag make up the witness @steemcommunity. They host the Redfish League, Minnow League and Engagement League

Choose your league.

We have all heard about the fork and the addition of “RC”. The internet is not free. Every time we post , vote, comment or anything else that we add to the blockchain we pay with our “RC”. If we provide a service to people should we not be compensation for the service. To compound the issue there is an additional charge to produce the information from the bockchain.

We don’t think of the cost to others for the services that they provide us. ENGAGE tokens on @Steem-engine is one way to say thank you. A vote or comment are what we generally provide. But they might not be enough to cover the cost.

Look around at the people you engage with. The ones who sponsor the leagues above. The ones who judge and sponsor the payitforward curation contest they spend their steem for others to grow. They do not ask for anything. You do not see the words “vote,resteem and comment required” anywhere.

I have to call this post. I have an appointment at the hospital at 11am. They want to discuss some things. I need to get my head cleared. LOL that of course will depend on the pain level.



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It will take a while before Steem becomes a valid alternative for most people. First, a couple of issues need to be addressed:

  1. The barrier between Crypto and Fiat has to be removed;
  2. The community has to take charge and put a stop to the actions of a few nefarious whales that bring nothing but hatred and destruction to the platform;
  3. The community has to deal with a few scammers that keep making stupid comments and using a wide group of alt accounts to upvote their own crap;
  4. Most whales have to grow a pair of balls and stop defending the above mentioned creatures.

If all of that happens, Steem will be a huge success.

If nothing of that happens, Steem will forever remain an obscure platform, with some great people... but won't ever reach mainstream adoption. We will probably be eaten by the competition.

I guess now it's up to the whales to clearly state what they want. At the moment, it seems like the second option is what almost all of them want.


All thoes issue will have to be address and fixed that is for sure.

Great steemwrite, Thats a freewrite about Steem, just Made it up and I like it. I know steemit is absent in WIKIPEDIA , austrianguy was the one asking for someone to step in to do a page and make it so we are visible.
We Will talk later, good luck at the doc, hows mrs wolf?


She is yelling at me so she must be feeling better. Hahahahaha ha

She is taking meds so that is helping. She is tired. Doing a little better each day.


We mrs are so alike


Yep 👍 makes me laugh. Uncanny


En prepared for the FACE


I am immune to the face. Built up over time. It makes me smile 😊 and a chance to make things right.
When it comes to domestic things men just do dumb things. LOL

So sorry about the pain levels. Pain sucks for sure. I actually enjoyed this ramble, except for the pain issue. And yes, @abh12345 has some amazing charts. I love his charts!


His charts are instructional and informative. Most of the time I don’t understand them or their full meaning. I jump on the chance to get his charts every time he does one :)

😭😭😭😭 you're in pain, but the hair keep growing and now another mouth show up... ooppps let me check😬 ..aarrghhh it's not the head but the face and the beards😶 .. hang on there @wolfhart, don't let the pain takes control of you...I really wish the doctors would do something to stop the pain but None is better than God, so.. I asked My Allah to give you more strength and less pain for days ahead too.

You're so funny recently... I think that pills makes you "fly high"


Hahahaha. Yes they make me “fly high” and laugh a lot. The pain will never take control. To much faith and hope for that. We are doing good. We are blessed
We need to look at delegate the gold monster card I have to you.


Aahhh.. let's do that @wolfhart 😉 I need to know how to use AOL in life team. And we'll talk about the cost of those delegated cards later. Now.. take care of yourself.. you still have few weeks to go to getting better and enjoy the breeze of spring at the lake too


And ok
And about that OK
I think we covered everything. Hahaha

Great one here. And already i am seeing a full grown white beard


Yea it is comming in. I will have to cut it here shortly. Right now I have been just letting it grow

Thanks for the plug @wolfhart, I'm glad you produce a post around the charts - covers the cost of the ENGAGE quite well too :)


I lost my train of thought. And had to stop end it. I don’t think I covered it good enough. But its a start and can further the conversation
I still have to send you some ENGAGE tokens. : )

I hope they have a sollution for you - it is hard living with pain - I know how that feels - good luck :)


More pain pills is their solution. When you have small cell cancer they give you pain pills like candy. Its alll good. : ). I don’t take them that often. Only as needed. This week I need them. The bone infusion hurts.

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