A Hidden Gem in the City

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Signal Hill Eco Farm is literally a hidden gem, a farm-to-table experience in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. This wonderful hidden place is just about 20 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu town. It’s a place I called 'You're in the city yet you don't feel like you're in it'.


The Entrance

The Eco-farm Location

The family-run farm-cum-restaurant actually just about 1 KM from the city but in order to get there, you need to drive up and down the Signal Hill. It’s a good place to escape from the city.
While waiting for food being served, we took the opportunity to walk around and explored the place. Mr Lee, the friendly owner of the eco farm are very keen to answer questions about the farm.
The Restaurant view




Kale veggie planted in the garden.


The veggie Garden

What I like about this eco farm’s restaurant is that it served a fresh organic vegetables. Few minutes before you ordered your vegetables, they were still rooted to the ground in the garden which is located just next to the restaurant.


Nice food prepared fresh produce directly from their own farm especially the chicken, duck and fish. Signal Hill Eco Farm’s signature dishes is the corn-fed chicken. It is freshly slaughtered and cleaned about an hour before serving. Then it was cooked in boiling water and seasoned with their own secret recipe.


I tried their signature juice called Kale juice. It's cost about RM10.00, a bit pricey but according to the owner, it’s plenty of antioxidants and Non-GMO (means that the food is made without ingredients that were derived from genetically engineered organisms).


At first when the drink served, I kept thinking that this juice is the veggie I saw in the garden earlier. Eww… veggie is not for drinks!

It’s this greeny things that look like a slime but don't judge the book by its cover... trust me it’s very delicious and taste like pineapple juice. According to Mr Lee, this juice have the ability to lower down your blood pressure. No wonder, I felt kinda dizzy after drinking the juice…must be my blood pressure.


Overall the food served was delicious, good and fresh. The portion sizes and the quality of the cooking were outstanding. The service was nice, with Mr. Lee being the friendly neighbourhood uncle.

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"It is freshly slaughtered and cleaned about an hour before serving."

I do find it fascinating that so many people turn their noses up at drinking blended vegetables, but have no problem with the needless slaughter of innocent animals to eat. The cultural killing of some animals over others is baffling. Why chickens and ducks and not cats or fluffy dogs? Don't they all feel pain and have a desire to be free from a life destined for consumption?

I would have thought leaves, pods and root vegetables to be far more palatable than blood, veins and muscles. It makes me cringe with disgust just trying to type it out. EW.

Did you see many vegan offerings at the eco-farm (considering that the production of plants is far more sustainable than the production of animal products)? That would be super interesting to find out.

If you're interested, here's what societal transformation looks like at Shift Eatery.

All the best,


Thanks.. I'll take a look at it later.


To each their own palate.

Humans are omnivores and life is all about experiencing the new and peculiar.. I have no problem with either blended Kale or the fresh meat (Maybe because of my upbringing that makes me okay with eating literally anything).

Sa nampak tu sayur jus pun sa ewww. Terer la ko buli minum @verasj. But cam best the place to jalan2. Will go there one day.


Surprisingly sadap tu...dia campur pineapple. My kawan frm KL trus beli tu sayur. But expensivelah...1kg rm50..

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I actually the sign leading to the farm as i walked to Signal Hill in my last visit to Kota Kinabalu!!!!!

If i had known i'd rather go to farm instead of the Signal Hill thing!!!

That Kale Juice though, as a person with indigestion for the past few weeks now I definitely could use some green juice.

Thanks for telling your story!!!