Happy Saturday!!

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Hey babycakes! It’s me...... 🤪 I’m back! 😎


How have you guys been doing? Me??Well.. uhm.. tehee.

Just relaxing..

Pampering myself while hubby is on dada duty with the dorks.

And just watching my kdramas... oh life! 🥰 hehehe


Gotta wake up now... laundry is waiting..


Have to do the groceries! Why can’t dads do this again? Lol


Been cooking...


The ham from thanksgiving.


Eggs and my homemade longganisa for breakfast..


Fried shrimp with avocados 🥑 my hubby’s favorite meal for dinner.


I’m so full.. I can’t carry myself anymore! 😅 I wonder how many pounds have I gained since my hubby came back.. been more lazy.. more time in the couch watching tv.. my daily routine is messed up! Lol I have to stop this and get back up.. i feel like my body is getting heavier!!!




I have to do this!! Seriously!! It ain’t that hard. Gotta motivate myself..

By the way... I have been learning driving... oohh so proud of myself. Hubby got me a car.. nothing fancy but i love it!


It’s not yellow... hehehe wish it was! So yeah I tried driving in our street then one time there was a truck at the back of me, I panicked and I just hit the break in the middle of the street!!! The truck was honking at me!!! Huhuhu I didn’t really hear what the person was saying but he was mad! Lol it was very traumatic! Most people here are grumpy hehehe anyway, I didn’t give up I am still practicing driving. Uhhhh but I’m still scared..


Haaaaaays oh well life!


Happy Saturday everyone!!!! I am back!!! ❤️💕😎😉🤓


Mama dork.


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I have missed you so so much, Mama Dork! So glad to hear that you have been pampered and spoilt over the past few weeks. You deserve it!!! Oh... Those dishes😋, they look super tasty are there still leftovers?😋😉. Glad to hear that you are finally out learning to drive, congrats on your new car...

Hey @dreemsteem, I think you will love to see what @twodorks have been up to😊❤

Afiiiii cat!!! I’m back!! Hehehe so happy to get tags from all of you hehehe.. did @dreemsteem put you all to tag me in comments???? I ve been getting tags hahahah out of no where... i feel loved 🥰 I’m done being lazy hahahhaa.. how are you @audreybits???

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Hahahah! We are doing a kind of hyperinsane tag and we all thought we should call you out from wherever you are hiding. It's actually that time of the year to get lazy, so, its allowed😄

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Lmao well hey babycakes!

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Such an adorable blog. Glad you get to spend some me_time. And of course the gym part is necessary too. Haha, reminding myself as well. Lol..

And look at the food you cook!!! So tasty. Your hubby and children are blessed.

Sending love to you.


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Hahahahaha yana la ak kumita hini.. bonga ka dai pagkahaba haba siya hahahaha at kinarir mo.. congrats! Hahahahahahaaha

And of cors welcome back baby cakes!! Glad to see you slowly creeping in too.. you must have sensed that I am as well back in the limelight.. hahahahahaha 😉😊

Natawa ak han damo im hugasan! Hahahahajaha bagat tood

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