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Welcome Swallows.

This is my entry for #featheredfriday hosted by my friend @keithboone
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The scientific name for Welcome Swallows is Hirundo neoxena.
They make a sound which is a blend of twittering and warbling and when alarmed, produce a sharp whistle.

Welcome Swallows are characterized by their attractive, metallic blue-black upper feathers, light grey feathers on their breast and belly and vibrant, rust coloured feathers on their forehead, throat and upper breast.


Their tails are long and forked and feature a row of white spots on individual feathers. Their outer tails are called streamers and these are a little shorter on female swallows. They have short bristles on either side of their mouths which enable them to guide their food (which is mostly insects) into their mouths as they fly; Often, at great speed.


These birds are sometimes mistaken for Swifts from the Apodidae family, but their wings are longer and more curved which create different flight patterns than the swallows.

Welcome swallows are found throughout Australia but are less common further north. They enjoy a variety of habitats but are seldom found in dense forest regions or in the drier inland areas. Their partial migratory patterns depend on the availability of food and their diet consists of a wide variety of insects.


Swallows are adept at catching their prey during flight, using considerable flying skills which are acrobatic in style. With the help of their short rictal bristles on the sides of their bills, prey is guided into the bird’s wide, open mouth. The bristles act as protection for their eyes as well. Welcome swallows will feed in large flocks when the supply of insects are plentiful.

Welcome Swallows breed readily and near humans and they build their nests with mud, and grass forming and are an open cup shape in appearance. Both the male and the female take part in nest building and they add a touch of luxury to them by lining them with feathers and fur. Female swallows are the sole egg incubators but both parents feed their young. It is not uncommon for two broods to be raised in one season.

For my digital art lovers.......this is for you. I hope you like it. If you'd like to view more of my digital art images. [Click here:](https://trudee-hunter.pixels.com/




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Howdy trudeehunter! Great shots of these little birds! Their call sounds very interesting too and of course your enhancements turn those photos into artwork!


You're very kind @janton Many thanks for your wonderful support. It is truly appreciated my friend.

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Thanks very much indeed @doitvoluntarily Greatly appreciated. 🌸 🌷 🌸

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Many thanks @esteemapp 🌹 🌻 🌹

Awesome pictures.
Best of luck.

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I love swallows. So pretty and fun to watch. Great photos and nice edit @trudeehunter


They are very cute birds aren't they? And very entertaining to watch. Thanks a lot for your visit and support. 🐤

I love your little swallows! I see them sometimes, but they are usually zipping around too quickly for me to get any photos. Yours are beautiful, and of course, I really love your digital art piece at the end of the post! Awesome work as always! Voted and resteemed :-)


Thanks so much Keith. Yes......they are very hypo little birds and I was lucky to get the images I did. They are only still for a matter of seconds. Glad you liked this post. Your support is always much appreciated. 🌸 🌷 🌸

Beautiful pictures I wish you all the best.


Thank you @shashiprabha That's very kind of you.

Your swallows are similar to my barn swallows! I have never heard of Welcome Swallows! What a wonderful name! Great photos!


I agree Melinda. It is a lovely name for them. Many thanks for dropping by my friend.

Good work Trudy, particularly like the isolation of the birds in your photo's. DId you capture these from home?


Thanks Terry. I captured these swallows at North lakes and was lucky enough to have the lake behind them (without any distractions in the background) as they perched on the wire fence along the board walk. Have you visited the lake yourself?


No not yet, I don't get over the north side much. However, maybe I will get over there and check it out.

Quite beautiful, they are! I have never heard of the Welcome Swallow, but, I love the blue of their feathers!

Wonderful shots!



I'm glad to introduce these cute birds to you Denise. Thanks so much for the wonderful tip and support. 🌸 🌷 🌸


Apologies for the quick response. Packing and well, you know!!!! Ye-haw! #Vacationishere!

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