Digital Art Contest Round 3 and Winner announcement for Round 2. New Theme: "The Wonders of Winter."

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Digital Art Contest Round 3 and Winner announcement for Round 2. New Theme:
"The Wonders of Winter."

Floral Banner logo-collage.jpg

The time has come again to announce the winner of last weeks Digital Art Contest.
Theme: "Awesome Autumn Art." And just like the week before that, the participants made my task of choosing a winner extremely difficult. But I couldn't go past this gorgeous entry of @roxy-cat's

Roxys pic.jpg

Her image of a church placed beside the path of this golden forest with the sun streaming through the trees is glorious. It is a great example of what can be achieved when you use a little imagination and artistic flare combined. This is a picture that I would hang on my wall.


BUT......Because these next two people had very special entries as well, I have decided to give @redheadpei and @melinda010100 0.500 SBD each, for their great efforts.
@redheadpei, I loved how you provided us with a beautiful autumn evening, complete with a tree covered in crimson leaves. Your image included interesting silhouettes of a couple gazing up at the night sky and I was enchanted with your creation.

Red head pei .jpg

And what I love about your image Melinda, is how resplendent this forest looked with its warm and inviting hues of autumn. I wanted to walk through that forest and admire every colourful detail.

Melindas autumn image .jpg


And a big THANK YOU to all of you who submitted fabulous, unique entries. I hope you will enjoy this weeks contest too.
For this week, I thought I would continue a seasonal theme, and for all of you sweltering during the heat of summer, perhaps some snow, ice or rain might help to cool you down a little.
So for this week the theme will be,
"The Wonders of Winter."

I am using this bunny rabbit as my subject this week. You are welcome to download it and use it as your template or chose another of your own photos to apply a winter effect.

Bunny 2.jpg

If you missed last weeks tutorial you can refer to it here if you need to. It takes you through the steps of applying a digital effect to your original photo. This is the link for the tutorial.

Click Here:

Here are two examples of using Please note: I would normally remove the watermark but am running behind schedule with this post.

bunny crystal ball.jpg

Bunny in snow ball .jpg

And here is an image using another editing site. If you are looking for variety, I suggest you google, "Winter Photo Editing Effects" and you will be surprised with what is available. I realize a bunny rabbit might not make the best subject for a winter theme. Might I suggest a cabin in the woods or a strand of trees or something similar?

Bunny in northern_lights.jpg

Now, it's your turn to have fun. Here Are The Rules For This Contest.

1. Any photos you use to apply digital effects to MUST be your own original photos and taken by yourself.

2. Only two entries per contest. Include both in the same post to make judging easier AND your original template photo.

3. Include #digitalartcontest as your first tag.

4. Create a post featuring your entry/entries and attach the link to your post and a copy of your photo/photos in the comments section of this blog.

5. Upvote this post.

6. Resteem this post. The success of this contest will be dependant on the activity and involvement of yourselves and others as they learn of its existence.

7. Entries close when this post expires.

In the interests of being fair to all participants, your entries will be disqualified if these rules are not adhered to.

There will be one winning prize of 1 SBD per contest. This prize will increase if there is enough interest in the contest and naturally I will introduce 2nd and 3rd prizes as soon as it is viable for me to do so.


4 bird collage.jpg

followupvoteresteem black 1).png


Congratulations to the winners.
I will think this week

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Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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I was so surprised to see prize money from you in my wallet! Thank you so much for adding a runner up category and choosing my photo! That is very generous of you! Congrats to @roxy-cat and @redheadpei. Next week's category will be fun.

You are very welcome @melinda010100 It was such a hard job and I don’t think it is going to get any easier. I am really enjoying doing this contest and I’m pleased to hear you are liking the sound of the current one. Thanks so much for entering. 🌺

Thanks Trudy for such a fun contest and your lovely comments. Congrats to @roxy-cat and @melinda010100. I’m humbled to have my picture included in the wins. 😊 ❤️

It was my pleasure @redheadpei I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I thank you very much for your great entries.

Congratulations @roxy-cat, @redheadpei and @melinda010100.
Your work is so inspiring!
Thanks @trudeehunter for this awesome challenge. I love the new theme. 😀❤

Hello @nelinoeva I'm glad to hear you are happy about the next challenge. Can't wait to see your next entry. Have a wonderful week.

Thank you so much, Trudee!!! This is so unexpected. There were many good entries last week and being the winner makes me feel great.
Congratulations to @melinda010100 and @redheadpei! is my pleasure @roxy-cat Your entry was beautiful and a well deserved winner. Enjoy your creative week ahead.

Congratulations to the winners!

All great selections! Love all three! Congratulations @roxy-cat, @redheadpei and @melinda010100!! Thanks @trudeehunter for this fun contest!! Here is my entry:


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Congrats to the winners, great selection, @trudeehunter! Let's see if i can make it this week! Cheers, sweetie! Resteemed!

Thanks so much for the resteem @nolasco I look forward with much anticipaton to your entry my friend.

Me to, my dear friend! I've missed the last edition by distraction. I had the photos but, somehow, I just saw your post and it was too late. Let's see if I organize myself a bit better this time.

It happens to me all the time in steemit @nolasco What I want to get done and what I actually acheive ate two different things.Hopefully you will find time to submit an entry this week.But if not......there's always next week.

Yes, sweetie! I'm fascinated by this "game" I hope I have time this week!

Congratulations @ roxy-cat , @redheadpei y @ melinda010100

Thank you, dear friend

They are all brilliant artistry.

I completely agree with you @sunscape Thanks very much for your welcome visit and suppprt. 🌺

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