Australasian Darter Birds

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Australasian Darter Birds

The Australasian Darter birds (Anhinga Novaehollandiae) are large, with long, snake like necks. They have sharp pointed bills and long, rounded tails and are sometimes called the 'Snakebird.' When swimming, only their necks are visible and they enjoy spreading their wings to dry when perched on rocks or in a tree.


They prefer freshwater wetlands, slightly brackish water or sheltered, saltwater coastal areas and they swim with their bodies submerged under water with only their flexible necks protruding above the water earning their nickname of snakebird.


Their long beaks become very effective spears when diving for fish and if the fish are small they will be swallowed underwater. Larger fish are bought to the surface, tossed in the air and devoured head first. They are graceful flyers but they do have a clumsy gait when walking.



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Great to them up close. Didn't know they were called "Snakebirds"

Thank you @snooway This lovely darter bird was enjoying himself at the edge of the Brisbane River when I took these photos.

Great photos! Our cormorans behave in the same way; no snakebirds here thow :)

Thank you @pardinus I'm glad you enjoyed viewing these images. I love cormorants too.

Nice shots, especially that last one! I'd love to see a photo of them swimming, with just the neck poking up. It's sort of like a submarine bird with a parascope head... lol

You've pictured them swimming correctly @fotosdenada It's quite a sight. I'm working on my video skills so one day I may be able to get them in action, and when I do, you'll be the first one I'll contact. (lol)

Thank you for the info on these birds i learnt something today :)

Well, that is very encouraging to hear @j85063 You've made my day.

Lovely shots of the bird, Trudee. Our cormorants have a similar long neck and can be seen going in the water with the long neck showing. 😊

I was lucky i was able to get close enough for this one.

What a beautiful, fluffy bird! And great shots :)

I know how you love soft fluffy animals @ewkaw I’m glad to oblige you with these images

I do I do :D
The bird is lovely even if it was so fluffy :)

Haha......It's a pity to see all those soft, fluffly feathers up close and not be able to pat them @ewkaw Better lock up your cat.......I'm coming to get him. (lol)

Hahaha what dunno which beast is safer to pet :D

True might get your hand bitten off if you tried to pat one of these darter birds with their long beaks. Not worth the risk.(lol)

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