evolve, September 10th

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One could argue it evolutionary, life requires a healthy dose of skepticism if one is to not only survive, but thrive in the their environment. Therefore, it wasn’t just empty potato chip bags, filled with air, that grow personal trust issues. The perilous upbringing in the heart of an old city like Boston perchance, predisposes my leery eyes. Yet, these phenomena did not explain others’ unrelenting faith in their government. It is almost as if, every day citizens receive payment to look the other way, without questioning a single development. This writer does not wear a tin foil hat, but one could only wonder about the depth of the abyss which claimed Epstein, two shutdowns over immigration; issues far and wide that beg the question: “Who’s in charge here?” As individuals and economic agents, it’s possible people form a mindless mob, good for fads like Pokemon Go, that could only hold people’s Vine length attention span for as long as it could spin n’ fidget. Not your local artist, he is no lemming, asking ‘how high’, all with good reason. Power to the people. Our numbers make all the difference so long as we affect. Self-reinforcing effects generate extreme outcomes. Bitcoin reached an all-time high in December of 2017, because people like you and me bought the hype. If that’s not a recorded win for decentralization, so be it, once we compare the camps. This digital age obsoletes nearly every item imaginable, including cash, the king! What could beat a credit or debit card’s convenience? Here, the centralized bank offers a choice of 3% cash back on a series of categories. Gas, online shopping, dining, travel – so on and so forth. What’s the catch? Once a month, the opportunity to select one of six categories that reward the most, is yours – 3 percent off those purchases. 2% cash back for groceries, followed by 1% unlimited on all other purchases – What a deal! Or is it? Decentralization and its fruit seem fit for survival. Personally, this consumer locked away 50 tokens (approx. $160 USD) for an indefinite 2% cash back, rebated via more tokens. Savings and investment like a pen & paper economist, all in one digital function may rival out centralization… Referrals earn $50 in tokens for both parties? Well… Maybe this will tip the scales. Currently, a Premium Spotify membership, covered by the decentralized company, could be yours, with a rebate of 100%. In other words, free. It does not take a survivalist, economist, or biologist to see which option shines a bright future for posterity. Could you really blame this organism for adapting to their environment?

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but seriously, fuck the potato chip bags half filled with air. Maybe just another straw laid across the ole camel but they all add up.

Precisely. I can’t say ‘I’m not a consumer’, but truth be told — I treat a lot of people and their ambitions like a bag of chips. I try other snacks since they can leave you empty sometimes.

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Thank you for improving eSteem. I'm more enthused to use it than ever.

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