Bethesda Terrace Central park

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Bethesda Terrace Central park

Back to Central Park for this post where I share with you some shots of the Bethesda Terrace area, Starting with what is called the lower passage

1 Bethesda Terrace2.jpg

Sony A7iii 21mm F8 1/60 Sec ISO 3200
Click here to view larger

Now if I wasnt to lazy to carry a tripod with me intot he city most days, this would be a good spot to use it, but even with 3200 ISO this is a shot I am fairly happy with.
Bethesda Terrace is located at the end of the mall midway in the park around 72nd Street.
An interesting thing I didn't know till preparing this post and looking up info about this area, is that the tiles, on the ceiling in the lower passage shown in the first shot which is my favorite feature of this area. here is the info I found on Wikipedia

The Minton encaustic tiles of the ceiling of the arcade between the flanking stairs, designed by Mould,[12] were removed in the 1980s renovation because the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission deemed the tiles too costly to restore. Instead, the Commission approved the commission of a ceiling mural in its place.[13] Mayor Ed Koch declared in June 1987 that the tiles would be restored. Nevertheless, the tiles sat in storage for more than 20 years until the Conservancy received a private donation for their restoration. The Conservancy embarked on a $7 million restoration effort to return the Minton tiles in 2004. A team of seven conservation technicians cleaned and repaired more than 14,000 original tiles by hand. Only three panels of replica tiles were needed to replace those that had been damaged beyond repair. For those recreations, the Conservancy decided to commission Maw and Company, Minton's successor in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The tiles were reinstalled in 2007

This next shot is turning around from the first shot looking over the lower terrace with the Fountain in front of us

1 Bethesda Terrace3.jpg

Sony A7iii 21mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

This next shot is showing the two levels of Bethesda Terrace and was completed in 1864

1 Bethesda Terrace4.jpg

Sony A7iii 21mm F8 1/60 Sec ISO 160
Click here to view larger

And one last shot from the top level of the Terrace looking down at the fountain and lake

1 Bethesda Terrace.jpg

Sony A7iii 21mm F8 1/100 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.774221 lat -73.970885 long Bethesda Terrace Central Park NYC d3scr

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Thanks for the resteem appreciated

what picturesque photos! wow!
I even don't know what is bnetter - nature or architecture
just amazing..

Thanks so kind of you and this spot does have a vert nickel balance of nature and manmmade I agree :)

Unbelievable I never saw that restoration! Great first shot by the way. Now I must make sure I return to see MY childhood park once again. Your shots brought me great memories.

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Thanks its always nice when I her my photos trigger nice memories for someone, and if you ever think of something you would like me to get shots of for a pot, tilll you can get back here please feel free to let me know

Oh that would be awesome! I’ll keep it mind!

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Cool anytime 👍😎👍

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Placing the tiles back what an interesting piece of history. Restoration for future generations to witness art history for some time to come. Brilliant photography enabling one to see those panels above.

Tiers in gardens display a wonderful era, well preserved brick paving, gently leading down to the lake with what look to be stone walls, very old English/Roman feel to the architecture, something I would enjoy seeing.

Thanks i do love those tiles and I didnt know the history of them till preparing this piece it was so interesting o read and i am glad they restored and look after them as you say for future generations

And yes it does have a very old European feel to this part of the park

Thanks for your visit :)

Quite a ceiling.. Bet most native born New Yorker's don't even know it's there... :-)

Ohh yeah I know that is true when I shared a shot of it a few years ago on Farcebook I got so many asking me where this was, back then I used to travel a lot and they assumed it was in Europe somewhere and many of those that asked lived in NYC lOL

A very nice structure with lovely surrounding... the shots are amazingly captured... I won´t be able to shoot this nice if I don´t have a tripod ´coz my hands are always shaking.

Luckily two things help me, I have fairly steady hands and the camera i use has in body and in lens stabilization which really helps/:)

Amazing photos .. I am looking at the terrace shot and then the fountain, and it makes me feel like I am in a mystical place! For sure it is The yellows and golds of the terrace photo and the purple, pinks and greens of the fountain photo... and goodness, you talked to me about framing... this in these four photos was what you meant.
So beautiful !

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Thanks. So kind of you, MY morning posts are photos taken with my sony camera, like this one, my evening posts are taken with my iPhone

THis pace is hard to get bad photos it has so much charm, as for the framing for many photos a simple rule that helps people with framing is the rule of thirds, you could easily search it if what I say next doesn’t make sense

But in short the rule states that most people find photos more pleasing when the subject of or line of the subjects in the image is in one of the intersection points of lines it you divided the image both horizontally and vertically into thirds

I think for some and it was the case for me and from your photos II think for you its just something we do naturally

But that said Even though its called the rule of thirds I take it as a guideline, some things just dont suit the rule so if you want use it as a guide but trust your instincts as well

That is a neat place, it reminds me a bit of the Hearst Castle somehow. Those interior photos are tough to get in focus, thought it seems like the newer cameras do better in low lighting. I broke my tripod years ago and still have not found a real good reason to replace it. Maybe a monopod or walking stick with a camera attachment might be nice someday.

I haven’t bene to Hearst castle but I have sene photos of it so I see what you mean
This new camera does fairly well with lowLight, probably would hve bene better if i had my tripos with me, but I am too lazy or its to much of a pain to carry it in with me on the train each day and i often decide spur of the moment as I get tot he city where I am going to go each day
I tried a monopod but I just never felt right with it although I know others swear by them

Sorry this may be a silly question but what is trdo?

The question is not silly at all see:
Usually it gives rewards like a tipping coin but it seems somewhat intermittent. My guess is that there could be a bug in the script that prevents it from running properly. (At first, I thought I was just being dyslexic on the command but I doubt it)


Ok thanks for the info I am still not up to speed with all the tribes and tipping coins clearly

add to that waiting to see what HF21 will do to the platform its confusing at times

I love the first photo, that ceiling surely is very impressive, thanks for sharing all the info on the tiles!!

Thanks I do love this spot inthe park, I do have more shots of t i must edit and share at some stage

That terrace really is a beautiful area. I wish I had the opportunity to visit it when I was there. I don't recall ever seeing it though. So much stuff to pack into so few days!

Ohh yeah there is so much to see in the city its impossible to see it all ina few days for sure

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That looks like such a fun place to go photograph, so many opportunities for abstract with all the patterns! I got to say, the reflection of the arches in the puddles is really neat.

Thanks it is such a cool spot and i wondered if anyone would notice the arches reflected int he puddles ;)

Haha I did!! I have adhd, my brain is wired to see things most miss. It really made the picture for me.

I think I may have a bit of ADHD, my colleague who has tow sons with Autism and ADHD says for sure I do, but one thing I know for sure is I am very observant I always look at the details whether out and about looking at photos or watching movies

Yeah, if he says it, I would believe it... it has very specific traits that normal people don't have, not necessarily good or bad, just different.

Yes I do think Is is true, our Grandson although not biologically my Grandson has Autism/ADHD and i see traits in him that I can so relate to and perhaps its why I can understand his frustrations at times and get on well with hm :)

Lucky for him, he'll get to grow up with someone that "gets it". It will make it easier to manage and get thru the harder moments and teach some skill how to cope. My parents chose to not medicate so I always managed on my own but help to learn how to woulda been nice!

I think back when I was growing up there was no medications in some ways we were considered troubled or difficult kids but no one really understood why we are the way we are
I think its harder but working through it without medication is possibly better in the long run

Oh wow! Those tiles are beautiful... I would think I was in a palace or a museum or church! Thank you for sharing the shots! :)

Isnt it so cool and no this is an open area in the park

This is a treasure... :)
Apologies for this late reply

Thanks and no worries about the late reply do not worry about it

For ISO 3200, there is almost no grain. Very good.
The color of the pavement is interesting :-)

Ohh yeah with my previous camera I would never have tried that high an iso I have done test shots at iso 6400 and still the noise isn’t to bad on my previous camera I wouldn’t go over 800

I think that with such ISO my A7M2 will not cope. True, I didn’t break it. I try not to set above 1000.

I generally try to keep under 1000 but since I didn’t have my tripod I tried a little higher for this shot and it’s not to bad

I agree, the grain is almost invisible.

Ye sonly those that know what to look for probably notice it

why look for it in good photography :-)

Thanks Have a great day and weekend :)

The tiles are fantastic! I'm not sure i've seen that before. Most of this area is pretty well known in movies and things. It must be in something i've seen somewhere. Great shot without the tripod!

I know I should take my tripod when I go there but I am too lazy to carry it into the city especially since most days I only decide where to head as the train is getting into the city, but with the days getting shorter I will have to start taking it in soon, I do have a smaller lightweight one just for that LOL

Don't tell anyone but i don't even have one. I really ought to get a monopod. maybe one that looks like a stylish gentelman's walking stick haha. Could be useful for other "things" if necessary. ; )

My llips are sealed :) now the gentleman's cane that also works as a monopod that would be so cool I wonder if there is such a thing, if not we should invent it :)

they do make them I found this one LOL

and I just reealised that well not realised, but one of my tripods you can remove one leg and use it as a monopod so I really have no excuse LOL

That's a pretty cool one. I think i should make something like Gandalf's in Lord of the Rings or maybe something like an elegant ebony one. Haha, I'm in the wrong neighborhood to find the wood!

I do like the way you think, I do have a couple of walking sticks I collected in my travels and one made by a friend,that the handle broke off and he is going to make me a knew handle, when I see him on Monday if he hasnt done it I may ask him if he can make the handle a screw on one with a thread size the same as on my tripod so I could put my ball head on it, lets just hope he doesn't finish it this weekend ;)

Absolutely stellar shots of Central Park... You have made these shots reflect the true beauty of the area!

Although it holds so much fascination for me, most people cannot capture it quite so successfully! Have an awesome night!


thanks I am not so happy with these shots with the people in them and such, plus I know I can do it better, so one day I will take my tripod into the city with me and try again :)

In many ways, the people in them humanize them, otherwise, they are just another postcard. I already know you can do that!

thats a good point I think perhaps I often go too far trying to avoid people on photos but maybe thats something I can think about and work on not being so silly about wanting scenes with no people

I mean if you're going for the Postcard look it's perfect, but in everyday life there are people that run in and out and there are times where I go purposely when the street is crowded and I can feel that vibe. I love all of your photography and I'm not telling you that you're doing it wrong oh, I'm just saying that if there happens to be people in it embrace it and help make it part of the picture. I think the ones you did hear added value with people in them. Now that is just my opinion and you know that I know nothing and I just realized that I never showed up one time in Discord today oh my God! Fire me

Dont worry I did not take it you were telling me what to do but you made a good point and I will try to get a mix of clear shots and some with people in which make sit more real and what is there

Hell no I won't fire you, your the one keeping the group going, that would be like shooting myself in the foot LOL

Get back here!!! It is only midnight!

LOl the days where I saw midnight are well past, getting up at 4:15 makes that not an option, but that said I slept in this morning didnt get up till 5Am, and no Walk its still raining I hoped it would have stopped by now

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Thanks so much for the tip truly appreciated

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thanks Kindly :)

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Thanks Kindly I think this is the most I have made the Hit parade in one week

Thanks Kindly always nice to make the list ;)

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Magnificent images and interesting information @tattoodjay

Bethesda Terrace is very well preserved considering its age. (U & R )

Thanks Kindly appreciate the support and yes they have done such a good job looking after this place

wow this is stunning! I had no idea this kind of structure was in the park, it's incredible! Built in 1864, is that when the park was built?

Yes thats around when Central park was built I believe and isnt it such a grand place

I bet it's the best park in the world, of it's kind!

Well its the best one of its kind in NYC LOl I have seen people post walks in other parks in the world that are equally impressive

Oh ok, well I guess I'm not a park expert or else I'm biased!

Oh ok, well I
Guess I'm not a park expert
Or else I'm biased!

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I was being diplomatic I guess and didnt want to offend anyone, but of all the parks I have seen and I have seen a lot it is one of the most impressive ones I have seen and my favorite ;)

And you've seen parks in other countries I assume?

Ohh yes many of them, I have always loved walking so often walked through parks wherever i was

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