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FRIENDS, I've a double holiday: my Steemit anniversary and my Steemit birthday!

Is it the same? No, not exactly;)

The thing is I really have my first **anniversary but from the date of registration, not from the day when I really started to write my blog and take it seriously. It happened 3 months later.

But it's a registration anniversary now, the time when I first entered this magic world;)

But if I started my blog 3 months later, so for now I've been here for 9 months, and it's the same with pregnancy period, so ... my blog has just been born, and now it's the Birthday!;))

A crazy idea, I know;) After 9 months of waiting and developing, a new life appears, and I've made a parallel with my 9 months on Steemit;)

Our babies are parts of our souls, we try our best to grow and develop them. All that we do are our "babies" in some sense, because it's also parts of ourselves, right?
So I consider my blog as my creauture, a piece of me, just like a baby:)

So how did Steemit influence my life?

Actually, greatly!

  1. I become more friendly and open to communication, though it was rather hard for me, I'm a "closed" person according to my nature
  2. I try to refresh and revitalize my English skills that were lost because of lack of practice during many years
  3. and the most important I become more confident now, I started to believe in myself!

I registered here and didn't start my blog because I didn't believe I would be able to do it...

No English skills - how will I read, understand and reply?! How will I write? It will be funny and miserable for native speakers!

What can I add to the platform that is so popular in the world and has so many users? I will be lost and invisible here!

The platform exists for 2 years, and I just won't be able to find MY place here.

This is just some of my fears before coming here. But I came. After 3 motnhs I decided to try.

My first bright memory is connected with @canadian-coconut blog. I was looking through popular articles and saw a nickname that caught my attention. To tell you the truth, I just adore coconuts;) Smell, taste - everything;) So i couldn't pass by;)

From the first look I was impressed how deep and wise this person was! Linda's articles about vaccination touched my heart because I had the same opinion about it but I didn;t have a chance to speak loud about it in life - too much pressure and hate from people who are fans of medicine and vaccines.

I was impressed that a woman here could speak so free and loud about it, and many people supported her! I doubted long, I was shy, but at last I wrote my first comment to Linda's article...

I saw she had so many comments, she couldn't reply to all of them, and I even didn't hope. but a miracle!! She replied! I was so happy!! Somebody read my comment and replied!! So my English could be not perfect but understandable for others, and my opinion was noticed too!

It was my first impulse to start writing about themes that worried me or were interesting to me.

I know it can seem funny, but it really was so, and it had a huge meaning for me!

Sometimes even tiny things can change so much in our life.

It was just one from hundreds of comments for Linda, but she didn't ignore it, she found some minutes to reply, and she even didn't know My blog was "conceived" at that moment;)

I started to believe I could share my thoughts here and get understanding and supprot, and it would be so important to me.

I hope Linda is reading it now, you can't imagine how thankful I am to you!


From that time I found some interesting people here, whom I support, who support me, and whom I just deeply love and respect!

@markwhittam, @lyndsaybowes, @d-pend, @nainaztengra, @steeminganarchy, @kirkins, @kafkanarchy84, @svamiva, @master-set, @kotturin, @as-i-see-it, @galca, @celsius100, @cosmicvibration, @cranium, @kristinaljfom, @herverisson, @rusty-jernigan

There are not so many of them, but they all are just amazing!

it's better to have a few good friends than a crowd of those who are just fakes.


One more important achievement (my friends are my achievement and award here, yeah!) is my participation in @familyprotection community.

This theme is close to me because I've a logical fear for my family, and I'm happy being a part of this great mission.

Some people are surprised I donate more than rules of the community require. They say: "Don't you need money? Are you too rich?!!"

I don't waste my time for expalining because if they have such questions, they will hardly understand my motivation.

Of course, I do need money for solving my definite problems, I am NOT rich at all, BUT I've a call of my soul, I feel happy having a chance to help other people in their tragedies.

Sorry for being too verbose:)

Happy Birthday to my blog!;))



Happy Anniversary @taliakerch!
And thank-you for your kind words! I am happy to learn that I was such an important part of your success here on Steemit.

Thank YOU, Linda!!
For your support, attention and kindness!

I doubted for a long time if I should tell here these memories about my first"meeting" with your blog because it can seem artificial and far-fetched, like I try to be a toady.
Actually, I was already blamed by one of women here that I wasn't sincere, and I was chasing for whale's attention.
I was upset and offended, because it was far from the truth. Can't I contact and communicate with good and interesting persons just because they're whales, and people can take it as adulation?

And then I started to take it easy. I can't influence people's way of thinking, it's their own choice.
Only I know the truth, so why I should correlate my deeds according to their possible wrong opinions..

You really were my motivation to start, and you really make so much for me, so why can't I tell you about it?)

My gratitude is endless, Linda!

Hey @canadian-coconut! How's it going?

May I ask why you stopped posting? 3 months is a long time ago...

Hope you're doing well dear! Cheers!

I have been focusing on Curating instead. I do a lot of reading and voting, and I leave some comments.
But yes, I really should do some more posts soon. Thanks for asking!

Thank you for your answer! Glad to see you're doing alright.

Looking forward to the next one, don't take too long!:)

Happy birthday, anniversary, birthing day! I'm so grateful to be included in your circle of friends Natalia, and it's no surprise to me that Linda has influenced you so, she gives us all courage to speak our truths, and changes many Steemians' lives!

I still can't believe English is your second language, you speak it so fluently and convey your sense of humour across perfectly.

Thank you for being here! I'm so glad I found you!!

PS: I love that shirt!!!!!!! Especially the writing on the back xoxo!!

of course, you're in the circle, and you're an important part of it!;) though we know each other so little, but as I've said to you already, if aperson is Yours, time doesn't matter;)

Yes, Linda is like an angel, and not only for @familyprotection, but for the whole platform! She supports and motivates so many people. In this world there are so few of SUCH people...

Oh, no, you praise my English too much, I know it could be much better, I've eyes to see my fails in writing;) but as a rule, I'm writing and concentrate on the plot and sense and miss mistakes. The next day or some time later I reread and...facepalm! my Lord, WHAT has I written?!! But it's too late... My shame was read by my readers;(

But I try to be better;) your posts help me much because you use informal language, many slang expressions and often I can hardly understand what you mean;) but I see "alive" language, and it's important too. I was taught only a classical one, and it was many years ago, and I supposed I would feel lack of slang knowledge in communication, and here it is;)

Yes, the shirt is fine;)) and the writing too - I adore it;)
I hope our common trust will lead us to the top!;)

Thank you for sweet words!!

Aww, hey anytime you want a translation on any slang I am using, I would be HONOURED to explain what the saying meant! <3 <3 I'm glad you can still feel the humour, the aliveness in my writing even though some may be lost in translation.

I hope our common trust will lead us to the top!;)

I believe it will!

oh, are you sure you propose it?)) I can ask many questions, and you'll think "God, what's the hell this girl is talking about:)))

ok, the 1st question:)
what does <3 <3 mean?)
it's a smile?)

and one more - you get upvotes from the account friendsofgondor
what is it?
I asked there a question in the comments, but no reply..

and are you ok???
you don't post..
I hope you're fine just busy or lazy;)

It's my pleasure:

<3 is a heart

@friendsofgondor is a program which gives upvotes to people who were "Stewards of Gondor". A group of about 50 people who last year @fulltimegeek had delegated all of his steem power to.

I will be posting again soon, just needed to regroup after some stress.

Ask me more, anytime, I never grow tired of chatting with you Natalia!

aah a heart! yes, it's a heart, now I see;) cute)

aha... so I can't donate there and be a part of this project?

Some stress?:( oh.. I hope it's ok now!

and thank you for your kindness, SiSTAR:)
I remembered how you write it;)

btw, I've a strange connection with Canada;)
In Steemit world I've 3 friends from Canada (you, Linda and one young man), I don't have so many friends even from Russia here;))

I've a cousin, living in Canada for many years with her family, but I've never seen her, and we've never chatted even, I just know she exists;) I don't know why it happened so, just events in the life of my family..

maybe life compensate me this loss of my sister by giving me other great people from Canada?)

Oooh wow about your cousin, do you know where in Canada she lives?

And for friendsofgondor, no they don't add members unfortunately :(

I think I have followed you for the entire time you have posted. Your thoughts and feelings about many subjects mirror my own. I hope to continue our steemit journey as long as you will have me :) You are one of the good ones.

thank you so much!!
Yes, I see your support!;) and I like to have a journey together;)

Happy blockchain birthday! And oh yeah, nice shirt :)

haha, thank you!!)

Happy anniversary and happy birthday :)

eSteem Curators

Congratulations and salutations :)

thank you!!)

Поздравляю! И спасибо за список аккаунтов, нашёл несколько очень интересных людей!

правда? рада помочь! интересно, кто понравился?)
и да - будем знакомы!)

Приятно познакомиться =)
@d-pend - фантастический арт
@kirkins - техника гиф-фотографий
@kafkanarchy84 - репосты интерсных материалов

Мне вообще программерские и технические проекты интересны, ну и русскоязычное сообщество, на родном языке всё-таки проще общаться. Да и крымчан тут встретить приятно.

рад, что вы

рад, что вы

Happy birthday 🎂🎉

thank you, dear!!

Congratulations 👏🎈, it is not a crazy idea, it seems very good that people celebrate the good things that life has given them, like Steemit. Thanks to this platform we can socialize and learn more.

Happy steemit birthday gorgeous

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