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Happy Anniversary @taliakerch!
And thank-you for your kind words! I am happy to learn that I was such an important part of your success here on Steemit.


Thank YOU, Linda!!
For your support, attention and kindness!

I doubted for a long time if I should tell here these memories about my first"meeting" with your blog because it can seem artificial and far-fetched, like I try to be a toady.
Actually, I was already blamed by one of women here that I wasn't sincere, and I was chasing for whale's attention.
I was upset and offended, because it was far from the truth. Can't I contact and communicate with good and interesting persons just because they're whales, and people can take it as adulation?

And then I started to take it easy. I can't influence people's way of thinking, it's their own choice.
Only I know the truth, so why I should correlate my deeds according to their possible wrong opinions..

You really were my motivation to start, and you really make so much for me, so why can't I tell you about it?)

My gratitude is endless, Linda!

Hey @canadian-coconut! How's it going?

May I ask why you stopped posting? 3 months is a long time ago...

Hope you're doing well dear! Cheers!

I have been focusing on Curating instead. I do a lot of reading and voting, and I leave some comments.
But yes, I really should do some more posts soon. Thanks for asking!

Thank you for your answer! Glad to see you're doing alright.

Looking forward to the next one, don't take too long!:)

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